Wednesday , December 2 2020
Home / News / Trump Defends Decision To Withdraw U.S. Troops From Northern Syria | NBC Nightly News

Trump Defends Decision To Withdraw U.S. Troops From Northern Syria | NBC Nightly News

President Trump tweeted today that the U.S. is “in no way” abandoning Kurdish forces in northern Syria, adding that “We are helping the Kurds financially/weapons!” The president currently faces bipartisan backlash for his abrupt decision to withdraw U.S. forces from the region, which cleared the way for a planned offensive by Turkey.
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Trump Defends Decision To Withdraw U.S. Troops From Northern Syria | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Turks are after Syrian oil fields

  2. OMG……. when we pulled out of Iraq we had a peak ***170,300*** service members there. There is a big difference between withdrawing ***170,300*** American troops in 2007, and ***50*** in 2019. These 50 individuals do NOTHING to effect the balance of power in Syria……. NOTHING. The only result to leave them there would be to have murdered 50 US service members when Turkey attacked the region. I think Graham is confusing Trump for Hillary, because this is something Hillary would do, and DID do in Benghazi.

  3. A lot of Kurdish men, women and children are going to die today. Remember that, America, as you go about your day. Turkish forces are rolling into northern Syria this morning – three days after Trump ordered our military to withdraw from the border and abandon our Kurdish allies. Three days after he spoke with the Turkish dictator Erdoğan. I want all my fellow Americans to remember this day. The day the United States turned its back on an ally and allowed for their slaughter. It's the goddamnest black day in the history of our country. We are led by a coward. We have become worthless as a people. I am ashamed and heartbroken.

  4. The Untied States of America has not declared war in the region.

  5. They want to occupy the buffer area so that later they can come back and take another slice as a buffer with then occupied buffer….until syria is ALL theirs. Like cooking a lobster from cold water.

  6. This will cost a blow to the trump admin.

  7. removing 500 US troops from Syria is not the end of the world

  8. turkey is our ally we dont need to be in the middle east not our country.

  9. How many more years do you all want us to fight wars in the Middle East?

  10. Trump couldn't have made this decision on his own without advisement, remember the uproar by the government war mongers and the media last time he wanted to withdraw, and he immediately revered himself. So what changed, well, the Turks have been threatening to invade to deal with the Kurd's, but the US govt, has been seeing Turkey a NATO ally buying Russian equipment like the S-400 and potential jets, so they can't further alienate them. So this sudden "withdrawal" gives them plausible deniability, to say hey it wasn't us that used the Kurds in Syria then left them at the mercy of the Turks, it was that guy Trump. Fact of the matter is we shouldn't be meddling in Syrian affairs anyhow, our presence is what caused this fight, and Trump's only right move is being criticized by what used to be the anti-war left, who are now on the same side as neo-cons like Lyndsey Graham and John Bolton.

  11. Turks attacking from the North IN A COORDINATED ATTACK WITH RUSSIANS FROM THE SOUTH!! NO WONDER TRUMP BACKSTABBED OUR KURDISH ALLIES (who are guarding 70,000 isis fighters and their families)—TRUMP IS AGAIN BACKING RUSSIA’S DESIRES!!!!!!!!

  12. USA itself is a mess. The road networks, and rail networks are breaking down because bridges and roads arent maintained properly. USA should focus their money on domestic infrastructure maintenance before its too late, instead of wasting billions trying to save the planet and everyone in it.

  13. Thou bring thou neighbor to thou table with a great feast feast upon it to seduce the mind.

  14. so glad turkey's president for life can start fun & just wars whenever he likes

  15. Looks like a wall to me, is it a wonder Trump endorses it? I think not. We need a global society. Peace

  16. I don't care for the Kurds, but rather the principal of not turning your back on those who had yours. This is beyond reprehensible bordering on evil.

  17. The Kurds (YPG/PKK) have been slaughtering Christians and committing ethnic cleansing in Syria! The Kurds (YPG/PKK) are an odd mix of Marxist Islamists and radical anarchists. Western powers and especially Israel have used these forces to destabilize portions of the Middle East.

    However, when it comes down to geopolitics, Turkey is a strategic "ally" who allows the United States to house their nuclear weapons on US military instillations within Turkey. The United States should have formed an alliance with the Iranians, now they are stuck with an Islamist dictatorship within Turkey who is armed to the teeth with 21st century weaponry and a radicalized population with colonial dreams.

  18. Orange Fatty got a deal,
    with the Turkish "big wheel",
    that betrayed the Kurds,
    and fed our cred to the birds,
    then dashed off for a "Happy Meal".

  19. US gonna take their allies with them? No just let them be slaughtered. "Gotta treat them good, gotta take care of isis."?

  20. Trump is not only a traitor to the 🇺🇸 but he has betrayed The Kurds and left them vulnerable.

  21. I, in my own great and unmatched wisdom..🤔Hmmm? "The Commander Of Cheese Strike again!' 😀😂🤣

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