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Trump doubles down on foreign investigations, Hong Kong bans masks | ABC News

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  1. Joe Biden, like all democrats,
    is a lying, corrupt, power-hungry, money-hungry TRAITOR!
    Throw them ALL out of office!

  2. Hong Kong Government is right to impose the anti-mask law to stop further violence and destruction of properties.

  3. And fake news networks like abc double down on their false narratives and defense of Biden's video confession.

  4. Trump & Rudy’s Preemptive Strike against the Biden’s had better work.

  5. So Americans so brainwashed that they don't see what the do yet ? Even programmed back in vinyl days of some one playing record backwards and noticing fools it's called programming not the devil quite blaming ours for you psychological battles you blind with WAKE UP. Its so simple NOTICE ⭐

  6. Five demands , not one less!!


  8. Freedom mean= can not speak mandarin, >>>>>freedom mean= you can not saying you are Chinese even you are in your country>>>> freedom mean= you have to cover up your face>>>>> freedom mean= you have to agree with me even I am a treason>>>> freedom mean= destroy public properties>>>> freedom mean= attacking your own race>>>> freedom mean singing other COUNTRY national anthem>>>> freedom mean= don not go out to the street without mask >>>>freedom mean= attacking the law enforcement>>>>>Freedom mean=set fire to the policeman>>>>> freedom mean=NO FREEDOM! Hong Kong already death! do no go to Hong Kong! tell your family leave Hong Kong ASAP!

  9. This whole mess is about the sniveling Democrats unable to cope with the crooked H.Clinton loss in 2016. Vindictive morons will not be able remove The President from office, the Senate will not listen to these miserable losers in the House. They are all peeing against wind. Trump will win in 2020.

  10. Fake news. Qanon . Canada with trump.

  11. Comic-Con is just Halloween for adults, haha. Nothing wrong with that.

  12. Trump gonna kick all you liberals in your slimy faces and then we will all laugh in your cry babies faces

  13. What happened to your russian hoax losers?

  14. Never thought I 'd feel sorry for the man.

  15. This is about corruption but Elizabeth Warren was to be investigated too? The whole corruption story falls apart.

  16. Sleepy Joe and his son appear violated the US Federal conflict of interest conduct issues and national security issues with China and Ukraine should be under investigation by the FBI for justice.

  17. Time to investigate the trumps and their connections to China

  18. When he said, "I could shoot someone and not lose voters"…how pathetic to find Trump supporters really don't care. About his crimes, his lies, his violation of the Constitution, his treasonous solicitations of foreign countries to win OUR elections. Trump's a crook and a shameless prostitute. "I'll take help from ANYONE to WIN!"

  19. Trump is the best POTUS ever!!!

  20. All the bluster from the gop that this pos president would never do such a thing and yet he did and continues to break the law

    When will we see a gop that honors our constitution and democracy

    When will they stand up for justice and honor

    Sad to see all these gop senators and congressmen made to look like the fools they have been

    This pos president is nothing less than a Putin Crony who continues to trample our constitution

    Has the gop learned nothing about from what Putin has done to his nation to Georgia Moldova and the Ukraine

    Is that where this gop is taking our nation down the road to fascism

    Someone must now ask Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey who’s in charge of our nation have they given charge to Putin

    Democrat states must now stop posting federal taxes to this corrupt federal government stop sending funds to a corrupt WH and treasury

    Have we officially been taken over by coup from the Putin backed gop where does our judicial branch side


  21. War is fake. Climate change is fake – look up people or at the radars you've been lied to your entire life. The church is a joke molesting children. The University system is a joke and modern science is rubbish anyway ancient text are hidden – church again. Text books from last 100 years need to be burned. News is fake. Constitution written when people had wooden teeth and handful of people. Humans rape Earth and terrorize the creatures. Americans are used as slaves by their government – food and water is poisoned to make them magnetic and mind controlled. No privacy at all. Freedom. Um, no. The President finally gets a moment to breathe and address issues and is instantly attacked again. People – WAKE UP. Time has LITERALLY run out. Earth is not ours better get act together fast. CTRL+ALT+DEL SCIENTISTS ARE TERRORIZED BY GOVERNMENT – they don't want to know. They want you as dumbed down as you can possibly be. Open. Your. Eyes. 👀🤯🐲🐉🌍🦋

  22. Abc news covers up for the democratic party and pushes lies. What happened to investigating reporters

  23. Lady, sit up straight. You have the worst posture on TV.


  25. Doubles down? Trump literally said he’s for a foreign entity to interfere with a us election

  26. Dump is even more pathetic than we initially believed. Quadrupling down on collusion with a foreign government in public doesn’t make it legal.

  27. Dear ABC News,
    Thank you for posting.
    Minute 0:54
    I'm overly done.
    Please queue the song:
    "We Didn't Start the Fire"
    By Billy Joel.
    Thank you,
    I love you and that's the end of that!
    Mish Again
    USA 🇺🇸
    #42 of 50
    Inside the largest real life jigsaw puzzle known to man
    (.. and woman).

  28. The cover up about Ukraine and democrat corruption continue buy the fake media

  29. Trump is the same guy who refuses to release his tax returns and personally has numerous business conflicts of interests yet he's so fixated on the son of his political rival that he's willing to pressure/illegally solicit help from foreign governments? Trump is a deranged and corrupt fool.

  30. cop officail reckless death is because of u itch suffer

  31. She was such a wonderful person then why didn't you the jury shit all over his life by letting his murderer off so easy I did more time for $10 worth of weed

  32. Putin is praising trump's duplicity. Of course, in Russia that is to be expected. Trump has no idea that we, the USA, have very different principles and ideas.

  33. Biden should sue the pants off the thug for deformation of character and take every cent he’s defrauded the from the taxpayers!

  34. So if there is 100% undeniable corruption and a family member is a politician ; im untouchable ? God damn.


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