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Trump faces possible second impeachment amid further arrests from Capitol chaos | Nightline

As authorities continue to search for others who stormed the Capitol, “Nightline” looks back on dozens of cases that invoked Trump by name in connection with violence, threats and assaults.



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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Give their last foray into this nonsense, you would think that Pelosi and Schumer think that imPEACHment is the act of planting fruit in Georgia.

  2. No one will be going to Biden’s inauguration.

  3. they were actors who were trained to put on a show. this is all theater. hundreds are not millions. this is all fake

  4. this was preplanned by the dems and antifa. the 25th clause was standing by as they were going to use it. it s all part of the cult of dem corruption

  5. Trump has structured his entire presidency like a TV show, including a big blow-out finale for the series ending

  6. Why would these be trump supporters if they knew it would put a bad name trump?

  7. Outside America cannot hear any true news most of the media are one side story, cannot complaints China, sooner will be the same.

  8. Lmao at your editing on Trump's speech and the lies you spew. The curtain has been pulled back, and you can't close it again, feelsbadman

  9. Its sad, but the war has just begun. They are literally coming to tie all crooked Politicians up. Next time they migh hold court right then and ther. That is what I am afraid of, but when you Lie, Steal, cheat and double bang, and they continue to get away with it, then it is what it is. These Politicians better start doing the right things.

  10. These were not all Trump supporter. ANTIFA? come on media LIARS

  11. Oooooo

  12. What has Trump done to his supporters??? This is fucking crazy!!

  13. If these protesters and rioters were black, it would be a completely different story.
    Racism is systemic and in the very DNA of law enforcement, and in the hearts and minds of so many Americans, but they just can't see it, it's tragic. It's because of this ingrained racism that BLM exists, and so it should, the fight (peacefully) which must go on with renewed vigor until the cancer of racism is eradicated.

  14. I’ll be forever thankful to President Donald Trump for all he has done for the world democracy,
    Forever grateful
    God bless you

  15. I'm totally against globalization and loosing my freedoms and privacy, sadly that's the way the country is going with this new government,, President Trump fell right in to there trap,, he did a check mate on him self.

  16. Long Live Israel! I am a Jew and cannot STAND the ADL! They are TRAITORS and God HATERS!

  17. Correction this hits the country where it hurts most taking away freedom of speech and censoring people because you don't like them ridiculous

  18. I would like to lay down some facts. President Trump won the 2020 election in a landslide. The evidence of FRAUD in the 2020 election is vast and replete. I am a-political, but I can clearly see that President Trump is a great leader who has stood up for traditional American values. I will never accept Joseph Biden as president because he lost, and committed the greatest crime in history. The censorship, and suppression of free speech is wrong no matter who does it and what their excuse is. I don't care if it's popular, I will speak up until the commies put a bullet in my head! I am responsible for my own safety. I will never take a vaccine, and I will never wear a mask unless I decide to do so. My firearms are used for my self defense and I shall never relinquish them! Donald Trump is our President. There is a God, and we are his intelligent creation! America is still the greatest nation on earth. I will always be thankful to the honorable men and women who fought and died for this nation. The US Constitution is the greatest document ever written by mankind! Just some facts. 😉

  19. Hi. When the government disobeys the constitution and the law and violates human rights such as fraudulent elections, the people have the right to overthrow that government.

  20. Antifa get your information correct I know people that were there and I know for a fact that there was buses full of antifa brought in to the Trump rally so get your f**** information right or stop doing the news altogether or is the news just about your personal f**** opinion and hell with the rest of us


  22. Lock em allllllllllll up. Sick n Gross. Really AMERICA. Oh hellllll noooooo. This is the worst everrrr. Dump n cronies is the cause n the beast must be accountable..impeach the treasonous lying racist corrupt moron Conspiracy theories cult leader n send to jail in Russia hopefully

  23. Can Congress really invoke Amendment # 25?

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