Trump holds first 2024 presidential campaign rally in Texas

Former President Donald Trump held the first formal rally of his 2024 presidential campaign in Waco, Texas as multiple federal and state prosecutors consider charges against him. NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard has the story.

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  1. Trump still bragging about acing the Montreal Cognitive test 😂😂😂😂😂😂 He aced a test that is made to see if someone has dementia, a 5 year old could ace this

  2. Are any of Trump's gullible supporters ready to follow him on the INDICTMENT TOUR… from New York to Georgia, to Washington D.C., and who knows where else. TOUR DATES added. Yes, follow your man Donald Trump (the worst President ever, and an embarrassment) for several indictments. Enjoy!

  3. Thank you God for sending me all these stupid idiots who keep sending me money. My world revolves around stupid idiots.
    Signed, Dump Trump. 🤪😵🤯

  4. Trump is a pretty ok president. The people that follow him are as dangerous as these liberal npc’s.

  5. 🇺🇲TRUMP 2024🇺🇲
    It's the only way to save our great nation!

  6. I hope they will shut down all beers, cigarettes & drugs factories & production lines & rest of the countries and expose spring break from this world


  8. What a demented, bilious oaf. May he rot.

  9. With all the illegal activity going on in Washington with our paid politicians why are they using such a petty form of prosecution for a former president when they can be spending money on much more serious issues facing the US

  10. Why isn't this criminal not behind bars yet? Merrick Garland, do your f'ing job!

  11. Waco lol the hub of america

  12. So the #1 cult leader held his first presidential candidate speech in Whacko Waco Texas on the 30th anniversary of the first raid on the Branch Dravidian compound. The tragic disastrous event happened April 19 on my birthday. I can’t understand why the town allowed a crazy dangerous cult leader and criminal defendant, private citizen to invite himself to disgrace the victims of this tragedy with his appearance. A few friends and myself called Waco “Whacko Waco” since the first raid. The AFT was called the ATF fumbling clusterfucks. #Stupid45 presidential speech and the City of Waco proved to be a Whacko Waco job.

  13. Trump is playing the entire population right Infront of everyone's eyes

  14. Es ist unglaublich, das der Mann, der den Sturm auf das Capitol verursacht hat, bei dem 5 unschuldige Menschen ihr Leben verloren haben, statt im Gefängnis zu sitzen, nun wieder von den Republikanern zum Präsidentschaftskanditaten auserkoren wurde.
    Amerika steht in der Welt nicht mehr für Freiheit, sondern für einen Staat mit mafiösen Strukturen.

  15. 2024❤ Republican Donald j trump

  16. NBC…."looming indictment". FY NBC there will not be anything of the sort.

  17. Here is a comment that isn’t a quote

    Your welcome

  18. Trump 2024🇺🇸👍 over 100 million people America ❤ TRUMP 2024***

  19. Why is the mainstream media so anti american ? Why does the mainstream media hate America? I'll bet these newscasters are totally different when they get home from work.

  20. TRUMP 2024❤️🤍💙👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏 TRUMP 2024❤️🤍💙👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏 TRUMP 2024❤️🤍💙👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏 TRUMP 2024❤️🤍💙👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

  21. God Bless the Man chooses by God and America against the evil minions if the progressive left misfits that will not stop their temper tantrum..medicate them

  22. Orange tub of goo goes bla bla bla again

  23. This is for the brainwashed left. Not true. Dems attack police and should never get help from 911. Maps are sending illegals to dem homes for help. Hope they help, they voted for it. #demsneverhelp

  24. Up big boss. Form jamaican🎉

  25. ..'time flies like an arrow..fruit flies like a banana' — groucho

  26. WACO as his first venue is very ironic and appropriate. He is too grandiose and incompetent to know why.

  27. We love you so much Trump we are going to get behind you

  28. Man, this place is bot central.

  29. As I look at where our country is….come election time, I know exactly who I am voting for!


  31. He said, "peacefully and patriotically?" 😂🤣🤣🤣