Tuesday , December 1 2020
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Trump holds first news conference since impeachment inquiry announcement | ABC News

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  1. Key word here is ILLEGAL means broke the law! My parents had to go through proper process, pay fees and wait the months to enter their new country. If ILLEGALS got in free then every immigrant that paid and waited should be refunded. Trump is right they broke the law. Kids should go with their illegal law breaking parents. I am allowed my opinion.

  2. President Trump: I absolutely feel for you having to deal with such foolishness from the Left and Democrats. WE definitely do pray for your success and for America to succeed. Thank you for your patience and long suffering. God Bless

  3. All of you are mad….. and Im sitting here saying Bravo….
    Bravo to investigating Joe Biden.
    All you fools keep over looking the Fact that Creepy ol Joe touches children and woman Inappropriately on nation television. No evidence like this was on trump. Just saying. Joe Cocaine. Yepppp thats right. He likes that booger sugar to.
    Look it up

  4. best employment we've ever had….. bullshit.. this is crazy

  5. this is bad get this guy out of government

  6. the media is now ostentatiously violating the rule of good journalism, making spiteful personal opinions. & they complain Trump's "down", anyone would be when the entire media is attacking him meanwhile hes fighting for America at all fronts

  7. all presidents made deals with countries. all of them traveled to meet other countries. thats what presidents do.

  8. I've been awake your the sheeple leader. Bumb!

  9. For one lib I don't own a couch . For two I know more about politics and religion then anyone. Ther both after the same agenda.

  10. I can not wrap my head around the below negative comments against Trump! You should actually hear yourself what you are saying! Trump is the one who stands before the lions gate( all the big media outlets owned by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and what not) letting them see into his Cards he is About to Play! He is the only one in the poitical field so far that is willing to reveal himself before the public.He is a strategist and he is a Business man and he is against corruption! So I assume that everyone against Trump loves the corruption going on in politics and legal System and what not! He is against it and he does what he says! One day you will all see how good Trump has done for you and your Country! Unless he decides differently….we will see!

  11. This must be obama and Hillary's fault right ?

  12. Jeezus! Using Venezuela as an example of socialism! In just three years he’s made a mess of the US, and he’s doing a great job of making the US the next Venezuela. It’s not socialism we need to be afraid of, it’s crooks like Maduro, Putin and the dumpster who are the real threat. He has the attributes of a despot of a banana republic.

  13. Wot? At 32:00 did he say that the WTO was an invention of China? Is this guy crazy?
    Look at those sycophants Pomp and Munch standing there like they have hernias.
    Bet it’s really interesting inside the Oval Office these days.

  14. He seems uncharacteristically subdued. Perhaps he’s feeling cornered. Caught red handed in an attempt to get a foreign power to help him personally in his effort to win re-election. Just like the first time, with Putin’s help. Bet things have changed inside the Oval Office. A lot of histrionics perhaps, wild accusations.
    Would love to see a video or even voice recording of what it’s like when he’s out of public view.
    We’ll see what happens, as he often quips.

  15. if theres evidence of Russia then why did they have to shift to another story lmao

  16. Donald Gump ramps up his war on the truth.

  17. Back in my day, we respected our president no matter who was in office and I believe that anyone who disrespects The President of the United States should be charged with treason and thrown in jail!!!!!! Especially other members of government that are supposed to be supporting him and doing their job instead of wasting all of our time trying to impeach!!!!

  18. What about the president of the Virgin Islands…?🤔Did you talk with him..?😜😜😜😜

  19. Move along folks. Nothing to see here. Go back to your families. Trump will be re-elected.

  20. Yes Trump.
    2+2=4 numeracy V/G Reading out loud your Atlas
    Geography V/G
    And extra marks for using Elvis tone today.

  21. The American voters understand one thing: Hunter Biden's $50,000 a month gas payoff is the face of corruption in Ukraine and will cost Vice President Biden his nomination.

  22. Can't wait for Pelosi ,Nadler, Hillary !Obama and all these crooked scum bags get fried for all there dirty shit all there lies against Trump . God protect this president and curse these foolish people who say all this nonsense against him. Make them get caught in there own demise.

  23. TRUMP DID NOTHING WRONG IN HIS CONVERSATION NOTTA ! NOTHING ! Now Biden that old Bas** is the real crook , stupid a**

  24. TRUMP 2020 F*** you Pelosi and all you crooked Democrats!

  25. Can’t wait to see the lie total with this speech.

  26. I’ve always thought that when Trump is low energy, it was due to a lack of cocaine. But now I’m thinking maybe he has to take downers like Xanax or Valium to deal with anxiety due to his criminality coming home to roost.

  27. rotfl at the Venezuelan reporter. SHE CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH WHY SEND HER HERE FOR INTERVIEW. jesus christ.

  28. Welfare is down, jobs are UP , the economy is boomin. Yeah let's get ride of Trump. What morons.

  29. Those satanic dimacrips should RESPECT THE ONE'S WHO HATE THEM AND KILL THEMSELVES!!! They want to impeach Trump but do nothing to the Clinton crime family foundation, or all of the people Obumer murdered.

  30. ALL DISTRACTIONS- trump petrified WHISTLEBLOWER will tell CONGRESS another story !!!!!!!

  31. Why is he talking so slow and low? Valium?

  32. For that matter, is it possible for him to complete a sentence without using unnecessary adjectives? He's clearly speaking to the <100 IQ club.

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