Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Trump Holds News Conference At White House | NBC News

President Trump hosts a news conference at the White House while Attorney General Barr faced intense scrutiny from House Democrats during a hearing on the federal response to protests and Florida continues to break coronavirus fatality records.
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Trump Holds News Conference At White House | NBC News


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  1. Trump my President one more time.

  2. That’s not Donald Trump it’s Adolf Hitler with a pumpkin on his head

  3. TRUMP. IS. 💉 DRUG. Dealer😜😜😒😛😁

  4. Trump HAS KNOW l Dear. WHAT. HE. IS. DONING AND HOW. TOO. DO. IT. IT. SO. SAID. HE. DOSE. NOT. ❤ ❤ CARE. …….😢😣😒😥😪😰

  5. Even Republicans must admit that Trump is completely out of his depth with the pandemic.

  6. This is the guy that listens to witch doctors instead of scientists? Well as long as you can tell the dif between a cobra a elephant and a frigen camel, i can sleep well at night. 6,000 + nucs,,, don't you get that warm fuzzy feeling?

  7. If you wanna do what's best for the people It's simple just Leave Because you are Bad news and Fake news and fake president

  8. And he says Biden can’t remember

  9. Also u could have saved many more lives.

  10. So he admits that he has a bad personality.

  11. Yeah but u gotta wait till clinical trials. He messed it up again.

  12. Why is he just doing all this things now? Owh elections coming.

  13. Had to stress places where his support is most. He said it twice, only those 2.

  14. Great content. Continue the great work 🤗 You will grow fast

  15. The same ones he was ready to sacrifice by opening up.

  16. The president has done a great job of trying to get American In shape with PPP and PPE I don't know how anybody could say in a different hes handled it better than any Democrat would have ever done go trump 2020

  17. Are these RACIST Hate Crimes?
    Here's what arms those crazy alabaster folks have!
    Black Guy Explains Why Blacks Will Lose A Race War

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