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Trump insists he did nothing wrong in phone call to Ukraine

The president seemed to acknowledge that he did consider withholding aid unless an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden went forward.



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  1. No, Donnie! You can't fool all of the people all of the time! Resign Office while you….


  3. If Slick Willy can be impeached for lying about a blowjob…. buh bye Don the Con

  4. Even though Trump is so fricking ignorant and stupid his supporters are no help to him…he will basically hang himself in his impeachment

  5. And it turns out once again he didn't. The media should be reminded of the tale about the boy who cried wolf

  6. What law was broken, EXACTLY?

  7. In my own understanding, Trump telling Ukraine president to talk with US AG shows Trump want an official investigation on Biden/son. If he wanted it for his opponent he wouldn't have ask him to talk with AG. But CNN and Democrats are just pure evil and practicing witch hunt again and again.

  8. Sad to say the democrats are having their bubble burst! They are the corrupt party,be patient all,it will come out just like the russian collusion delusion did.

  9. Let's impeach him over something that hasn't even been disclosed. Typical assumptions and corruption coming from the left! TRUMP 2020

  10. no evidence? there is a video of joe biden admitting he witheld money from ukraine until they fired a prsoecutor who happened to be investigating the company paying his son 50k a month.

  11. Wtf why can’t they just leave Ukraine alone

  12. A real whistleblower would come forward and explain to the world what he/she heard. The truth is there is no whistleblower. Just another pathetic attempt by radical wing politics to discredit The President of the United States.

  13. Omg. He's so evil. And not very smart. He basically held the money over their head as leverage. He's such a moron.

  14. Joe needs to be investigated!!🐁🐁🐁


  16. Nothing any other greedy money hungry businessman wouldn't do.

  17. Trump insists he is SaneπŸ˜’

  18. Machiavelian ways is the new trend worldwide 😳

  19. I mean, my God, the day after Mueller testified to Congress about whether the Trump campaign had colluded with one foreign power, Russia, the president got on the horn and encouraged another foreign power, Ukraine, to help with his reelection.

  20. It’s time to put Trump and his family in a slam and let the convicts run a broom up in them.


    Revelation 12: 7. And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels going out to the fight with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels made war,
    Revelation 12: 9. And the great dragon was forced down, the old snake, who is named the Evil One and Satan, by whom all the earth is turned from the right way; he was forced down to the earth, and his angels were forced down with him.

    And as the Lord told me that US means the dragon and Russia the Michael, so Russia will bring US dragon down, US is the dragon who are making wars, and Russia is tge Michael to bring down the dragon

  22. It's generally the "little things" that add-up and get you in the end. And the end is coming!

    (tick-tick-tick goes the impeachment bomb)

  23. Well he always bark to anyone either Hillary How about him???

  24. When the president is constantly insisting that he did nothing wrong, should be a sign for everyone that there’s something wrong.

  25. No shit Trump is an evil villain……that still doesn't excuse how BIDEN AND HIS FAMILY IS CORRUPT! Exploiting the public office Joe Biden has held.

  26. trump tries to get a foreign gov to smear biden, trump hides the evidence of that conspiracy; trump illegally denies the legal rights of the whistleblower to release the info , and yet biden is the disgrace and the crook??? ;lloollol right and now even ghouliani is not backing up trumpski lololol the most corrupt, law breaking , treacherous WH admin in history. period. lolol

  27. Biden and Trump are in the same Cake and people like to vote for this 2 guys great Job USA how lost we are

  28. Trump's going to have the Ukrainian President hide the truth, watch as the Ukraine gets a bigger pay day in a few months

  29. David, you got wrong story AGAIN!!! The real story is Biden stupid.

  30. All President Trump is trying to do is make sure that that Ukraine's do what they say they're going to do and also carrying about our safety purse only my opinion is that Donald Trump is doing the right thing he's trying to make America great and Rich like he said he would I don't feel President Trump deserves to be and any type of trouble sub X President Trump has a right to have some confidentiality about what he does at least he's not like crooked Hillary

  31. It would be nothing if he wasn't running for President again.

  32. Just authorize the release of the transcript and the whistle-blower report.

  33. "trump is beginning to look like my papa,"
    your "papa" was the like a lion beast.
    none heard, that "trump" was one of those guys to be burnt alive eternity?
    the devil!? we can tell that he is not one of those beasts to toss away first?
    Light :p

  34. Trump don't work…MADE IN USA.

  35. "Trump insists that he did nothing wrong in call to Ukraine" Yeah right, and I insist that I'm turning 35 for the fifth year in a row.

  36. Forget the transcripts, release the hounds!

  37. Let us hear the recording of the conversation. Transcript can be altered by his crooked lawyers.

  38. AndrewYang 2020 humanity first honestly first

  39. Fact; Trump stopped or threatened to stop the weapons that were going to the Ukraine so they could defend themselves from Russia. Fact; Trump used extortion to try an convince the President of Ukraine to investigate Biden's son. Fact; Wrong doing by Biden's son was FAKE NEWS that Trump fell for! Fact; Trump is a liar!

  40. Joe Biden does some creepy stuff to help his crooked offspring and Trump wants it known. Somehow they screw it around so Trump is in the wrong. There is evidence of Biden doing crooked stuff. That's a bald faced lie.

  41. Imagine if someone say this after your dog die. "I do not kill your dog, but even if i did, i will not be punished by law."

  42. Extortion is too big of a word/concept for him to comprehend y'all, we gotta remember that.

  43. Trump has no right to talk about being honest!!!

  44. Is abc looking for evidence ? Hellllll no !!!!! I'm told . The journalist said I'm told. I'm told ? I'm told ???? What the freak kind of journalism is that????? I'm told . Shish.

  45. I think CREEPY jr. Accepted millions from china and Ukraine . Plus. CREEPY Joe Biden sr.

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