Monday , November 23 2020
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Trump, Italian President hold joint press conference

President Trump participates in a joint press availability with Italian President Sergio Mattarella in the East Room.

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  1. Trump has got good at this press thing a year ago they were like wolf's now he plays them

  2. The press are not smart. They just are like kids that need to learn since they are poisoned by lies. Trump is awesome and knows what is best. God is with him!

  3. Middle East Holy wars may last until End Times…never end. Thank you Trump for getting troops out of there. People who love war don't care who die. Very sad! God bless Trump!

  4. First let me clarify, I'm a Independent voter, what I heard from Trumps speech today has made me reevaluate my decision about voting. I agree with Trump about our previous reckless border policies granted, the way it was handled was sloppy, but because of the large influx of immigrants and the lack of infrastructure to house them properly really wasn't Trumps fault, secondly, I agree with him that our presence and our financial support to fight and protect foreign countries has become ridiculous and too expensive both economically and the cost of lives of our military. If he pulls out of Afghanistan, he has my vote, let the Taliban rule and once again eliminate the poppy fields that they outlawed once before, thus making heroin to expensive and hard to find since they provide 90% of the worlds supply. I wish he would do something about healthcare for the self-employed, small business owners such as myself, I currently have no healthcare since I'm 60 and though I haven't any health issues that I'm aware of ( BP is good and cholesterol levels normal) it is a worry that as a american I shouldn't have. One thing I know for sure I never cared for Biden, even before the controversy and the DNC seems to wants a old school, spin it til they believe it politician in office and I'm not ready to go back to the way things were before, so I hope Trump keeps things moving forward and sometimes moving forward comes at a cost.

  5. It's hard to listen to common sense,but it's music to my ears Mr. President. Screw those who don't appreciate it.

  6. This Trump guy is such a fool, yikes

  7. United States and Italy make GOOD PIZZA !

  8. and you look at Trump, what a beauty!

  9. Christopher Columbus: steals your tobacco, then leaves

  10. The problem is "semi complicated"? But not when you are "smart" than it's just "complicated" ?! He is completly lost but his paradox brabble is amusing…

  11. Did Putin write his speech? History will be astonished how easy it was for Putin to get revenge for Obamas "russia is just a regional power" quote.


  13. Our great President Trump is definitely a doer… he does what he promised. Previous presidents have mostly been too much talk and too little action. Thank you Mr. President.

  14. It is not for Italy to say

  15. Be done with him presidemt

  16. Turkeys leader is islamic extremist

  17. Yep. Turkey could have let Syrains back. Dont answer the question stupid baiting press

  18. Tirley could have relawed the syria immigrants back to Syria but instead they did this


  20. TRUMP did not give.anyone a green light. AND if Turkey would habe invaded and killed small number of our members then they would blame that on president too. Stupid question

  21. Media asked for top secret information!!

  22. Obama and Hillary puppets paid highly by world order satanic and demonic!!!

  23. Italian man me toned world order!!!! That's very bad!!!

  24. The bad wa ts it, the good side doesnt. That simple

  25. I think all economies want to do well!! But corruption and lies have to stop. Attacking one another has to stop. Warring has to stop.

  26. It's not about civil, feeling or emotions! It's about values, morally right verses morally wrong in Gods eyes!!! Their all fighting against one another. A president can only try to correct the wrongs. The wrong people fight to keep wrongs. It's not about convenience, its about right and wrong!! Everything made backwards, ok to world. It's not ok with God!!!!! He makes very clear 10 commandments under grace!!!! Jesus offended many but truth is God salvation is God!! With Destruction judgement followes!!! God wish not so but he knows man and the evil that can overtake him by the one that rules the world. God says. It to follow the world and its lies and ways

  27. I love President Trump, if the UK doesn't leave Europe without a deal then I shall be begging your President to let me come live and work there x

  28. Who are you working for good or bad side!!! Right or wrong side!!! Heaven or hell side?

  29. Truth hurts. But teurh saves too. Thank you Mr. PRESIDENT!!!!

  30. And all imposters and enemies here on America soil

  31. Enemy speaks against good!!!!! Always they rather have corrupt evil controlling leaders

  32. Climate co trol but Obama didnt want it near him outside speaking or when flying

  33. Funny how Obama didnt want sku spraying above him and flew way above it

  34. The e.u wail fail its in the bible man trying to have clay merged with iron is a direct reference to countries trying to merge it'll never work

  35. all these warmonger journalists should be ashamed of themselves. i dont care how much money you jerks are paid. grab a rifle and go to syria yourselves. its about time you fight these wars youre oh so passionate about. go journalists

  36. The farmers are buying bigger tractors? FFS America how can you listen to the ramblings of this fool and still vote for him??

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