Monday , August 2 2021
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Trump, Macron discuss trade, Iran at G7 summit

President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron hold a joint press conference from the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France.

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  1. Would you like 3kw all day and night use the wind to cut dule shaft😕not so complex???????

  2. Come to Brazil Macron and you won't leave live, jerk!

  3. Pres. Trump is the BEST!!!

  4. China was one of the poorest country around 1970 and the United States help them to where they are

  5. President Trump is talking about planes loaded with cash going to Iran from Obama and the G7 countries all chipped in on that ransom money. They sure felt awkward when the President mention it. Hahahahaha !

  6. trudeau greatest canadian embarressment

  7. It would be really helpful if they lowered Macron's volume slightly while playing the English translator's audio. I find it difficult to follow with two people speaking over each other like that


  9. Russia should be included in this group.

  10. Trolls out in full force hahaha!

  11. Pemerintah,bilamana ada pernikahan tertuju kepada saya mohondibatalkan dikarnakan saya mempunyai anak&banyak yg nangis

  12. Under Trump administration, our economy is doing well with a creation of almost 6 million jobs, which greatly helped the unemployment rate fall to the lowest in 50 years. Our stock market is doing great and businesses are thriving. Setting aside his good life of a billionaire to Make America Great Again, Trump has brought pride back to America and energy back to the American people. Trump is the greatest president in modern times.

  13. Everybody that supports Iranian regime, they support at the same time religious dictatorship, executions, suppressing of women, terrorism,…
    Us and europe should only support Iranian voices of regime change that are rising in the streets of Iran, REGIME CHANGE IN IRAN BY THE PEOPLE OF IRAN.

  14. President Macron you try hard to bring criminal Mullah to the gate of civilization, isn’t it pity to step on your valuable culture and believes with the hope of receiving Iranian fuel half price, we Iranian revolutionary who are against such a regime believe you are terrorist who try to cooperate with terrorist for benefits.

  15. Mr Macron you may convince the criminal Iranian governors, but there is no guaranty they fulfill their promises, the Iranian government is a band of cut throughts who occupied our country Iran for 40 years, there is no way to be negotiable their desir is to export their nasty Velayate Faghih ideology to other countries and anyone objects should be beheaded.

    The president of Iran is only a poppet, he performs what the criminal leader dictates no way, if you believe there is going to be a negotiation should be done with the Iranian leader who has no understanding of 21st century living.

    We Iranian are so sad to hear that president Trump or Macron didn’t talk about the human rights in Iran where these criminals build a tower from the heads of their opponents.

  16. Sorry Dude Russia has oil and is becoming a manufacturing base as well as being a super power militarily. Putin is much sought after for his country’s help both militarily and economically. Macaroni on the other hand has purposefully killed off the economy of France and has caused the people of France to dis respect him and his globalist views.

  17. I've heard it said that the Iran Nuclear deal was never actually "signed" by Iran. If this is true, what's to discuss? The deal doesn't really exist.

  18. Hilarious. Trump literally gets cucked by Macron with the invitation to the Iran leader. Remember, the world isn't laughing at us, they are just laughing at Trump.

  19. Melania arrived dressed in bright yellow. Was it a tribute to the yellow vests? The "Green Deals" translated: Take the green from your pockets and put it in ours. I'm sure the G7 misses traitor 44 who always brought the check book. Piggy bank now cut off, they are all broke. Reporters ask about it w shaky voices and tears in their eyes. I don't know how our President puts up w such children.

  20. ‘Rump is an embarrassingly stupid, maybe learning impaired danger to us all.

  21. Fellow members of the G7 — Please accept our heartfelt apology for subjecting you to our presidential figure. This situation will be rectified shortly.
    — Citizens of the United Stated of America

  22. Great job Mr. President!

  23. I was really hoping Trump would have a yellow vest on him…Macron is a very distrustful person to it's own nation….Bless Pr't Trump….

  24. As usual trump is making America look like a country comprised of buffoons. What a disgrace this loser is. When will he go to prison where he belongs.

  25. So proud of you, President Trump. Love of country is a beautiful thing.

  26. Trump wants next year's G7 meeting to meet at his golf resort in Miami,

    Speaking as this year's meeting of world leaders wrapped up, he told
    reporters that "my people" had toured venues across the US before
    concluding his Doral hotel would be ideal.

    "It's not about me, it's about getting the right location," he said at a
    news conference on Monday.

    Critics accused Mr Trump of trying to profit from the summit.
    Trump made the remarks as he and the leaders of Canada, France, Germany,
    Italy, Japan and the UK ended their three-day meeting in Biarritz,

    Trump said Secret Service and "military people" were among his scouts
    who toured "all over the country and they came up and said this is where
    we'd like to be".

    "My people looked at 12 sites – all good, but some were two hours from
    an airport, some four hours – so far away," Mr Trump said. "Some didn't
    allow this, didn't allow that."

    When asked by a reporter on the propriety of picking his own property to
    host G7, Mr Trump said doing so would actually cost him money.

    "In my opinion, I'm not going to make any money," he said. "I don't care
    about making money… I think it just works out well."

    He insisted the idea was "not at all" to boost his own brand.

    Wouldn't it be great to have a president who focuses on his job rather
    than pimping his own corporate brand?

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