Thursday , January 20 2022
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Trump meets with security officials on Afghanistan peace efforts

Major Gen. Bob Scales (Ret.) discusses the Trump administration’s peace efforts with Afghanistan and North Korea’s recent missile test.

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  1. After 9/11, the US, including the civilized world pledged to root out Terrorist org Taliban & Quida. Now the US wants to negotiate with Taliban & allow them power, because of war fatigue. That's Taliban's victory – expect more attacks once they take over Afghanistan!

  2. Ain't no Taliban gonna Sue for peace, their gonna make like North Vietnam when we left that f#$+:n place!

  3. 13,000 cops in Chicago can't get a handle on all the Wakandan violence in that city, you'd have to be a fool to think you could change anything whatsoever in a big country full of 7th Century ingrates and inbreds…

  4. Why are we still in george w bush war after 18 years and 3 different presidents lets come home and spend the money fixing our nation

  5. Obama killed bin Laden why are we still there

  6. 3 back to back presidents had to deal with this war

  7. Why would he have a meeting in New Jersey, about a 'Peace Agreement' in Afghanistan?!

  8. It's Sad that Trump supporters DO NOT know the difference between good soil and bull droppings.

  9. Cám ơn Biên Nguyễn đã cho biết tin này!

  10. "GIỮ CHO NƯỚC MỸ VĨ ĐẠI!" KEEP AMERICA ALWAYS GREAT. (Tiếng nói của giới trẻ tỵ nạn Cộng Sản ViệtNam) 8/14/19.

  11. I love hearing “old General numb-nuts”, or “Corporal Punishment”, (or whatever the hell his name is) try to pretend on a television interview, like he has no idea that the U.S. is occupying Afghanistan to cultivate, produce, control, and export every ounce of their most valuable resources: the ever-lucrative opium poppy, and Lithium.
    That’s why the “opioid crisis” or “epidemic” is such a pathetic damned joke. The U.S. military works so very very hard to oversee the mass production and global distribution of black tar heroin….
    Almost as shameful and vile as our little “War on Drugs”.
    Give it a rest….the whole world already knows…..

  12. God bless our Military. Veterans. We love you all👍🙏🇺🇸❤

  13. Bring our beloved troops home President Trump. Another Parade🙏🇺🇸❤👍

  14. I thank God everyday, sometimes more for providing us with President Trump as our President. We are truly blessed to have him as well as our Country. The world admires him and I even see comments about them wanting our President for their own Country or someone like him. Wow! Peace through strength.

  15. History says no nation will ever tame the Kyber Pass. You can make as many agreements as you like. The moment American troops pull out, the Taliban will be back in full strength. They are probably playing "weak" right now to give the impression they are nearly finished.

  16. Now, the advice after all the crap….Lets get back to opium and follow the$$$$$$$$$$$$….The reality that ring true…..

  17. Hilarious the US calls other countries corrupt when America is the most corrupt than any one when corporations can pay politicians we dont have a government for the people the pharmaceutical companies charge americans 3,000% more on medication than any country on earth why? because our politicians let them tell me thats not corrupt

  18. Ah ha ha. Said it 18 years ago the arrogant USA thought that it could do what the Soviets couldn't. And the USSR was right next door.

  19. Cut the crap…..this guy walking the dog… Why do American and U.N. soldiers guard the poppy fields… ? Let me see the bar graphs on opium production for the last 30 years.. That will tell the story.

  20. Can't win in 20 years might as well retreat.

  21. Get out of Afghanistan now! We have no business there! Nobody cares about Afghanistan, except the deep state.

  22. Why are we fighting in Afghanistan?
    Who are we protecting, and why?
    What was the reason for going there in the beginning?

  23. The problems in Afghanistan started when Bush Jr. lost his focus on capturing Bin Laden and turned all of his attention on Iraq and Saddam Hussein. He dropped the ball and Obama and Trump were both stuck with trying to untangle the mess that Bush created.

  24. keep that al-cia-da 911 fairy tail going.

  25. We need to pull all of our troops out of Afghanistan let those people fight amongst themselves put them all on the no flight list and forget about it

  26. Leave. If we Have to return, we won’t touch the ground.

  27. America's DJ is America's Mainstay.

  28. It's really going to be great when the truth about Israel doing 911 fully comes out. So many American's now know the truth. Especially the Hero Firemen now speaking out about all the explosive evidence hidden by the Mueller FBI. – Can't wait!

  29. North Korea is trying to Provoke Trump ( possible China) to attack. Also Iran is Trying to Provoke Trump ( John Kerry the Treasonous ) to attack. So Possible the United States will Not Elect Trump

  30. A deal with the Tliban? I'm considering a start up business with satan.

  31. You don't do a deal. You bring our troops HOME to guard our borders that are so unguarded that we have millions of illegals who have been living and are now coming in through our borders illegally to live. This whole thing is a major lapse in judgment. IF WE ARE SO AFRAID that if we pull all of our troops out of Afghan, we will be attacked at a later date….well "THINK CORKY!" IF we have our borders protected….how much progress will our enemies maintain? NOTHING. We are not using our brains. Instead we have these Warring Generals who know nothing about peace and only about killing running these showboats we are involved in, in the Middle East….IF they had no oil we would not be there…..anywhere in the M.E. Face it, it's our own greed that has us there and NOT because of our National Security. Get real.

  32. They want a war so bad. Trump doesn’t

  33. Just to make things Straight. Taliban is not Afghanistan. Afghanistan has its own functioning government elected by its people. Afghanistan is currently in fight with the Talibans that are being produced in Pakistan. Talibans are a terrorist organisation and their main target is US.

  34. Give the Taliban back their farmland and STOP GROWING OPIUM!

  35. To all Muslims. Don't you want peace? Don't you want a nice and clean place? A house or bunker? But you choose the latter. Because of you radicals, the world is in a mess.

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