Wednesday , January 20 2021
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Trump Money Raised For Election Recount Going To Campaign Debt, New Political Committee

NBC News’ Danny Cevallos takes an in-depth look at the fine print in the Trump campaign’s fundraising emails to find exactly where some of the money raised for election recounts is going.
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Trump Money Raised For Election Recount Going To Campaign Debt, New Political Committee


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  1. The reason they want our county shut down is to destroy our “Country and Freedom” so the rich and powerful can do as they please, but not B accountable for anything they do wrong, this would include murder, plus anything else, I do not want “SOCIALISM” my ex is Chinese that worked for the Communist Government for 18 years, I visited many places in China that I cannot speak about, after six long trips to China I know what is coming, I believe the covid 19 virus was planned so they could use it as a tool to win the election, mail in voter fraud is well known, and putting in place dominion voting machines that have China software makes the point that our lives and freedom will “B NO MORE”

    If U own a plane that U will fly your family across the USA in, would U check one side R both sides of the plane, check both side without “prejudice” is the only way, and then verify who is telling the truth. The rich & demon rats R trying to gain control of “our” USA by controlling the news, and if U do not verify U R dead with your family “PERIOD”

    Let the “TRUMP PENCE” sound, and all Christians let your voice be “HEARD”

    These News sites will give U what the bought and paid 4 fake news does not want U 2 know:

    Newsmax –

    X22 Today's –

    OfficialACLJ –

    One America News –

  2. Raise your hand if you saw this coming down Pennsylvania Avenue.

  3. If you support this mad man, you deserve to have your money taken!

  4. Biden was taking money from hunter from berisma and was a leader for segregation in the 60’s and has a bunch of racist gaffs on stage does any of Biden’s donors even care?

  5. Biden and democrate owe President Trump and need to pay his debt.

  6. Monthly subscription lol Trumps not shy about grifting

  7. When is someone gonna tell Trump he was not elected Czar, King or Queen of America!??

  8. He doesn't care where the money is coming from. Just so his sucker followers keep sending it. January 20th can't come soon enough.

  9. Lol fools for donating to a con man …. sad honestly how gullible those people are … and yet they don’t see he has con them. Remember he doesn’t pay any one! He still owes from his inauguration!

  10. Oh shut up Biden lovers he deserves a re count

  11. You have to be a fool to donate money for the election recount. 
    Trump loves to use your money and not pay taxes like most people do.
    Recounts are over. Biden won! Get over it and move on.  
    Take the Senate back Georgia. Everyone get out and vote blue again like we did for Biden.

  12. Love Trump get the trump lighter 🔥

  13. How many recounts are we going to have in GA? You lost. Be a man, and concede like every president before you.

  14. No wonder they call them trump supporters they pay all of his bills 🙄 not to smart

  15. Trump supporters, give me a few million and I will certify that trump is a winner. I promise. Y’all can trust me.

  16. Who knows does this channel explain trumps so called fraud, by naming people in trumps campaign noooop.. so this is dis info, dont believe it and anybody calls me names then you follow what's going on without just screaming. And calling names.

  17. trump supporters are dumb asf u guys need help

  18. I don't care where it goes as long as we get through this fraud,the media is dark and on the side of the deep state, we should do every thing we can to expose the corrupt media and the extensive treason which has embarked on the American people, including this channel

  19. The Democratic party and the MSM has become the Domestic Enemy of our Constitution and our Nation and MUST be removed!

  20. Shame on Trump’s efforts to undermine our faith in America’s elections.

  21. If brains were gas, kelly loeffler, like trumpy, would not have enough to ride an ants mini bike half way around a BB. TRUMP COMMITTED ELECTION FRAUD IN TWO ELECTIONS Trump had the water pipe in State Farm Arena, busted, on election day, to stop ballot counting and demanded the election be called that day. Trumpette removed postal sorting machines before the election began to slow ballots from arriving on time because most were democratic voters' ballots. Trumpette also removed ballot boxes and polling locations in minority areas, largely democratic voters, in an effort to censor their ability to even cast a ballot, without transportation. Trumpy colluded with communist Russia in 2016 to rig that election, electronically and succeeded. Your very own republican SOS officials who wanted trumpy to win took an oath to uphold an election, unbiased and you want them to break that oath, under terroristic duress?! That is the definition of a coup. Trump committed fraud. Loeffler committed securities fraud and election fraud. Perdue committed securities fraud and election fraud. Dejoy committed election fraud. You republicans tried and failed at your coup attempt and now you must be arrested for treason and securities fraud!!!

  22. His committee wants to raise 495 million to save America……that is about how much his creditors are coming for in the next couple of years looks like the chump man party is going to bail the king of" Crap talk " out of financial ruins


  24. One America News Network – Breitbart – Sky News Australia – News Max – Project Veritas – The Gateway Pundit – The Liberty Daily!!!.

  25. This is what Trump about. This one reason he kicked up dust without proof. As long as his supporters believe it he get their money. Bottom line.

  26. NBC continues is pattern of Lies and Propaganda!!

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