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Trump: Not ready for deal with China

President Trump spoke to reporters before departing D.C. for a fundraiser in New York with Billionaire Investor Stephen Ross. Trump told the press that the U.S. has an open dialogue with China.

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  3. Don’t make any deal with China. Let them rot in poverty n hell. It’s right time to teach lesson what’s USA can do. You are chosen by god. Trump 2020. May god bless America.

  4. 美國的白色垃圾支援他

  5. Very true Mr the clever President Ever! Beware of China!

  6. We're not sick of WINNING yet!!🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. 🔴Start by bringing your business and your daughters business back the the country from China. Lead with example🔴

  8. 🔴China export everything to US and we only export agriculture products to them🤔 Who’s winning again? Manufacturing is not coming back. Stop dreaming about that. Capitalism abandoned this country a long time ago, it went to China, Brazil, mexico etc. The private companies that left nobody told them to leave, they did it because is more profitable. They don’t care about being American or so on. Wake up and start accepting they don’t owe you nothing. Want free markets, there you go.🙄🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  9. You guys here are idiots! hahahhahahahahhah! Chinese don't have elections…. at the best case scenario they have to wait 5 years. But we all know Trump is going to lose the next election. So you are paying higher taxes for nothing! If he was president longer… America will end up in bk like all his businesses!

  10. Trump the Childràpeist 🤐🖕 rupit Murdock pedofile 🤐🖕 Mitch pedofile,🤐🖕 repablicans voters all Nazis, white nationalist,,filf

  11. $138 BILLION of our tax dollars given to US farmers for Trumps FAILURE.

  12. Trump is the greatest America president. I really hope a brand new China could come earlier with freedom, democracy and respect. Come on trump, put more pressure on CCP. God bless you. Chinese people support you

  13. Trump can't cut a deal with China. They won't talk with him anymore. The White supremacists group in the White House has broken the USA.

  14. China will not negotiate with this make-and-break-promise president any more. He is a clown rather than a resident. Every time they reach a deal,trump will break it to ask more benefits. This is adaptable dynamic "art of negotiation". No one will trust trump anymore

  15. I love the way he lies to the american public…easy to win!!! Oh yeah!!! 🙂

  16. go Trump, do as need, I have a job and I can pay for my stuffs and things

  17. I am an importer from Los Angeles, I voted for Trump. Sorry, the fact is, we as an importer paid all the duty tax, NOT CHINA. Obviously, I regretted greatly to voted for him. I like some of his policies but unfortunately, some are a bit extreme.

  18. China has, & will continue, to undermine the US in as many ways as possible. We MUST stop their ABUSE!!!

  19. China and CCP are two different things.

  20. god bless trump, for years the world was doing better than the usa. but it was at our expense. and finally cuz of our savior, trump turned the tides and rightfully restored fairness to the usa trade system.

  21. people are hyporcrites ,

  22. Too many indian comments 😂🤣💩

  23. Americans are good at using double standards. Americans are foolish and shameless.

  24. We will be honored to witness the fall of America, and trump will be the sinner who brought America down.

  25. We're talking to China and talking to Nth Korea… and getting nowhere fast. Hand the Clown a Nobel Prize.. for getting nowhere.

  26. Most US companies are in China for the Chinese market and because China represents between 27 and 33 % of global growth. Most US companies are in China because it has a middle class that is larger than the population of the US and China is such a dynamic strong vibrant and innovative economy and American wish to be a part of that.

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