Thursday , January 20 2022
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Trump on Greenland, Sarah Sanders joins Fox News, and more | Week In Review

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  1. Sara Hucka-boo-boo joining Fox just gave Goebbles an erection in his grave !!!!!!

  2. ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our "embarrassment in chief"

  3. As I see it, Greenland is not a strong enough country Militarily (although it has a lot of land-mass) to protect itself from more powerful countries like China, Russia and in time and given the nature of greed and conquesting countries it is only a matter of time (not if) before Greenland will either have to surrender to a larger power or become a part of the USA and be protected by the USA. Often idealism, individuality-identity and sovereignty have to be comprised in order to survive and prosper. "Damned if you do and damned if you don't" However sometimes a political-marriage can be of a great benefit for both parties. We purchased Alaska from Russia and we also purchased the Philippines at onetime.

  4. Everyone has to show me respect while I run all over everyone…you see I am a narcissist and that is how it works in my world.

  5. american hypocrisy, lecturing against chinese/russian hegemony when the u.s. is the monster hegemony (even shamelessly throwing around offers to buy up sovereign nations and their territories). maybe the u.s. should sell alaska to china and california to mexico to relieve america's debt.

  6. I don’t think a president has ever got so much hate from its own allies before in human history until trump.

  7. This guy stands on the white house garden and makes a mockery of the history of America, and anyone who cannot see that is a blind fool, Trump lost the popular vote and he also lost how people View America

  8. Sarah Sanders on Fox News .. What A Surprise!!

  9. Trump guess what the majority of Americans Don care. That was directed at you.

  10. Does this guy accept the word NO. That's why he has so many people who accuse him of sexual misconduct.

  11. Trump is fronting for Russia. Putin and his mafia oligarchs, want Iceland.

  12. Fix the water in Flint and New Jersey first.;

  13. He did not get this idea.Ton Cotton added it to the small brain. Greenland was under Danish rule since year 900.

  14. That asteroid headed towards earth is wormwood. I was born in 1986 when it seemed the term 86' it, or the end. The globalisation WILL actually help. Though this is the final countdown

  15. I would think that American Progressives would want us to liberate Greenland as Greenland Inuit society traditionally places greater value on males than females. Obviously such patriarchal society needs to end. On the other hand they would support the indignous communites noted lack of respect for private property and commie like redistrubution of wealth. Then again as someone suggested, given their subsititance level diets if we opened a Chick-fil-A and a Five Guys they would welcome us as liberators.

  16. I love my great president Trump, best ever president, had a useless black gay boy for 8 years, he loves a tranny with rented ugly kids.

  17. Greenland doesn't want American gun massacres or shoddy, unaffordable healthcare

  18. Oh my God traitor Trump and Sarah Sanders are lying c**

  19. I love how Trump demands respect but doesn't give any.
    Apparently he doesn't get that…

  20. NY is a chit hole. Has con man Al paid those millions in taxes he owes? I'm sick of profit mongers downing our police.

  21. Trump should be the next one on the moon..!

  22. Sarah will be a great addition to Fox! That last two were losers.

  23. Nope…! Dude,,, she was DEFINITELY talking to you..! NOT America..
    everything you do and say is ABSURD.

  24. "Absurd" was the most PC thing she could think of. Other options included "dude are you tripping", "are you off your meds" and "get real"!

  25. Love me some Trump talk lol 😂 Trump 2024 and beyond please. Funniest man alive best Troll for the a holes 🕳

  26. Doesn’t this want to put your fingers in your mouth and gag, the morons

  27. Yes the first two on the moon will be the orang nazi and his tramp of a wife, she will do a strip tease for us

  28. Sarah Sanders on Fox News? Nooooo!

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