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Trump on Turkey-Syria conflict: ‘That has nothing to do with us’ l ABC News

The president spoke about the decision to removed U.S. troops during a photo-op with Italy’s president. READ MORE:

President Donald Trump on Wednesday again tried to distance himself and the U.S. from the unfolding fighting and humanitarian crisis in northeastern Syria, telling reporters in the Oval Office, “It’s not our border.”

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  1. Excellent decision to get the US men and women out of there!! Everyone should be cheering that the slaughter of our youth has been stopped in its tracks by this man! If Muslims wish to fight Muslims let them go at it as hard as they like.


  3. They have a confession criminal Mafia president 🖕

  4. is this the channel which spread fake propaganda videos about Turkey?

  5. Very eloquent speech and answers to questions😉

  6. Stay out of this conflicts. They are really not our cup of tea. It's their resentments, their culture, their problems.

  7. Women back looks like want to divorce from Trump

  8. lol The Soviet Union had close to 140,000,000 people and lost 15,000 in the wars with Afghanistan. Jesus Christ, he's right! That's the biggest downsize in human history! So, in turn, if we continue to war with them, we'll no longer be the United States of America, we'll just be known as the States of America!

  9. Hey ABC, why don't you dig up some footage from the movie Terminator and shows us what is going on over there?

  10. As much as i dislike Trump, he's the only President i can remember who is telling the truth about all of these catastrophic and wasteful wars. I understand that Trump lies about all of these miniscule issues, but he's telling the truth about war.

  11. Trump is paying his dues to Putin is all and in the meantime this country is done. We have no integrity, ethics or moral standing. Greatness is now defined by a lying racist greedy entitled white psychopath who wants badly to be a dictator. I hope he dies soon of something terrible and may he take with him the majority of criminal GOP.

  12. Brilliant he said the word this guy is a fucking moron always contradicting himself

  13. the world is greater than five Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

  14. Donald trump is old lol fucking stupid old man 😂😂😂😂😂

  15. We just have to see IF NATO Will release Robert Aschberg & George Scott favorite Soldiers Jaime Lopez & Jackie Arklöv from prison after THE new Pepsi challenge after Super Bowl. Two elitsoldiers from your beloved NATO europe back Up by Hollywood. THE Swedish Elite soldier down in Ukraine has so far not killed me with a knife but he works Hard behind His radio station with sleep disorders torture & electromagnentic waves. He has already Lost i wont comit suicide to please your Hollywood entertainment business he just had to kill me with a knife whats THE big deal?????


  17. Fat orange piece of shit with a dick sucker's lips.

  18. The most sensible president after a long time in White House.

  19. But where is the Mozzarella part??😭

  20. Did he just say that the Kurds are pulling out of turkey?! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️This fucker has absolutely not a slightest clue what he’s talking about! I guarantee you he can’t even tell you where Iraq, Syria, Turkey are located.

  21. ahahha lost so much money in afganistan that soviet union broke wtf)

  22. Well riddle me this. Why did the Dems and Obama-Clintons never protect Christians (as well as Kurds, Shiite and Yazidi) who were genocided long ago in Syria? Now I have to believe we must war against Turkey for the Kurds. But Turkey is a Nato ally. Shouldn't we not establish the precedence of warring against Nato allies? What do you think the consequences would be? Isn't the Left simply drumming the beat of war to destabilize the country, eviscerate support for our president, and wreck our economy for their own purposes?

  23. Fake news ABC, you know the people that posted a Kentucky gun range video, and said it was shocking news in Syria. And you wonder why we call you fake news.

  24. in prezent we have so much inteligent equipments for everything, and still using payed translators who write their toughts on a pice of paper….evolution…..

  25. Lady in the background an alien?

  26. Russia used to be called the Soviet Union, because they lost a lot of money in Afghanistan!…WTF…he must get his information from Bazooka Joe bubble gum!….Damn this dude is STUPID!

  27. Pure Idiot! knows nothing about foreign policy! This is what happens when you allow a kid into a Big Boys World!..

  28. I looked up “mozzarella” and this video came up. YouTube what are you doing??

  29. Everything to this idiot is money money

  30. Well. Don is a President. Hes an elected civilian. Thats the civilian viewpoint.
    The US had a platoon. In the middle of Syria.
    Surrounded by enemies.
    The security presence didnt back the political presence.
    However it made no impression on the 7 trillion dollar expense.

  31. Anyone notice the fact that all his bullshit is always from “somebody told me” or “i heard somewhere”?? Yet he never has a direct source, or a name. The best one “ I read it somehwere….”
    Motherfucker….. you don’t READ anything. You don’t even read your daily Press Briefings. Maybe if they wrote it in crayon….an ORANGE crayon….perhaps then maybe.

  32. This is what it sounds like when you have to write a 2000 word essay and you have nothing left to contribute to the content so you just pad it with nonsense

  33. Is this the one where he said America has been allies with Italy since ancient Rome lmao

  34. Yes it is u guys armed an enemie of your biggest allie in nato right next to its borders lol xD

  35. The Translator has quit her job the next day.

  36. Turkey very angry. They took 3.6 million Syrians back to their countries and are standing at the border of people with guns and unclear who they are.

  37. ABC uses fake Syria video.
    If you disagree with video. Be true liberal , conservative or independent and show facts and evidence.
    If you just give insults you're being ignorant leftist.

  38. This man has permanently stained the nation, with his treachery. Trump is the scum of the earth.

  39. Syria, has Putin's backing. Again, Donny proves he is Putin's punk.

  40. Donny is always about the dollars. He has lost so much money on his own. Now he will loose our tax dollars.

  41. With every fiber of my being I SO look forward to the day when they lock him up. That goes for Graham and McConnell too.

  42. WHERE WAS THE MEDIA? ISIS committed genocide on Christians, Shiites and
    Yazidis, killing 170,000 while The Bisexual Kenyan partied and did

  43. WHERE WAS THE MEDIA? ISIS committed genocide on Christians, Shiites and
    Yazidis, killing 170,000 while The Bisexual Kenyan partied and did

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