Sunday , January 17 2021
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Trump Repeats Baseless Voter Fraud Claims After Barr Says No Evidence | NBC Nightly News

President Trump repeated his unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud in a 46 minute video shot by the White House without press in the room. It comes one day after Attorney General Barr told the Associated Press he has “not seen fraud” on a scale that could have changed the election outcome.
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Trump Repeats Baseless Voter Fraud Claims After Barr Says No Evidence | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Barr didn't say no evidence get it right

  2. Baseless?? Lol…
    Fake news network. You idiots are nuts. There's LOTS OF EVIDENCE!

  3. NBC, your despicable tactics are not working anymore because we're on to you. I think it's time to apologize to Mr. Donald Trump. Who else wants to see these stations go bankrupt and close up shop so we can have true revival in the great U.S.A.?

  4. Listen, the MSM has no credibility left. You automatically label
    everything "false" and "baseless" because you are in denial about
    anything that helps President Trump. No amount of evidence of fraud will
    ever convince you because you are part of the fraud. I wonder if you
    will even report the story when Trump is declared the winner of this
    election. My guess is that you will lie to the people and tell them Joe
    Biden is in the White House when he's actually in his basement lamenting
    his losses.

  5. Google and you tube dictate what I can say on you tube about trump and watch, your all in on it with the press !!!!!!!!!! Democrats dont want Trump in so they can keep there scandalous ways going in this country making huge money on the working class !!!! Wake up Americans !!!!!

  6. Barr also said they were continueing to investigate.

  7. I see all the fake news are saying no fraud when they got loads of evidence fake news the lot of you let's hope trumps wins and he gets rid of you

  8. foter vraud, why would anyone commit it? What could anyone possibly gain by doing that?

  9. Good job barr ! China bought judge federal ! FBI and DOJ ,CIA ! american is crying ! China support joe biden win 4 more years 😁😁😁

  10. Funny, mainstream media reported on voter fraud and Smartmatic Venezuelan ties when it was in their interest to do so.

  11. Bagdad Bob is calling msm!! He wants his bull$h1ť back!! The video is cear as day. They pulled ballots out from under a table hidden after everyone left. They stopped the count bc of a leaky toilet and then started scanning votes at 1am unobserved!! Voter fraud!! Seeing is believing. It will be on the internet for all of history now. Good luck lying. This generation has had it and you will find out what you have created soon enough!!

  12. Baseless ? Hundreds of eye witnesses with signed affidavits and video of ballot stuffing is baseless ? Why so much hate for a man who did so much for America ? He didn't remove Merry Christmas, Obama did. He didn't build cages for children at the boarder, Obama did. He didn't release terrorist from gitmo, Obama did. You can cover up all you want but Americans see right through the bull

  13. Hello?! There's a reason television was originally called "programming". They only show you what they want you to see. The media has always been connected to the puppeteer's strings. I don't know why anyone would believe anything they say. They are the propaganda machine for the powers that be. AND THE FACT THAT THE MEDIA IS TRYING TO BURY TRUMP IS AN ENORMOUS RED FLAG AND IS PROOF THAT TRUMP IS A TARGET OF THE PUPPETEERS AND HAS THE SAME INTERESTS AS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND. I STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  14. So a video and DOMINION Tech's testimony still is being black labeled by propaganda MSM

  15. Don’t insult your viewers intelligence by telling us lies and bs as if we are children. This are the same fake news that was telling us that trump was working with Russia then that fell apart then it was Ukrainian that was also lies fake reporting fake journalist.

  16. Not baseless as the have hundreds of affidavits that is legally binding in court of law and video evidence of boxes counted continues after everyone is sent home!

    Also a judge has awarded the Trump legal team access to the fraudulent dominion machines that has been used in Venezuela to rig elections!
    This investigation could be Pandora box unless the machines have been wiped if so then why???? That in itself should stop this election as null and void.




  20. Sick of this press that has a secret agenda, HIDE evidence, disrupt freedom of speech and NOT REPORT important news

  21. A fool's why don't you go look up the evidence I guess they forgot the cameras were recording when they took out ballots that were hidden under a table and started scanning them after they told everybody to leave because Trump was winning the state.

    Just like he won all the other swings States

  22. World Wide Web dot heritage dot org now shows up-to-date voter fraud convictions.

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