Saturday , July 24 2021
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Trump, Republicans freeze Twitter ad buys amid McConnell campaign lockout

Republicans move away from Twitter after accusations of an anti-conservative bias.

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  1. Follow me on Parlar @YourdailyLlama

    I've been done with Twitter for quite sometime. This is another reason to switch to a platform that embraces our freedom of speech.


  3. Lol purplish August 9th and I just received the notification now on the 13th really hating Google

  4. Soon, we will not be able to tell what country we live in. This will be social media's fault and we will have no more. If this stops the hate, I am all for it: SHUT DOWN FAKE NEWS, KEEP YOUR GUNS

  5. I NEVER use twitter. I use youtube because I have no choice. I still use google, but I think there is a choice.

  6. Twitter Traitors. Fake network. Hey Twitter 🖕🏻and all of your commie friends.

  7. Leave the platform right now. Don't mess around we don't have much time left. They will always lie, they will always do something to make sure our voices are not heard. The only thing that might work would be an antitrust case. Or making them decide if they are publishers or platforms. And if they are platforms and violate our First Amendment, then fine/sue them big time. President Trump has already talked to them. They lied to him as they lied to Congress. They have no intention of being fair and they are not scared. Make them IRREVELENT.

  8. President Trump needs to quit Twitter and find another social platform that he can talk to us the American people.

  9. My God, what did we did we do before we had Twitter and cell phones? How did we survive for 235 years? I'm scared. If you want a real dose of reality live in California

  10. Fine Twitter's CEO taking them to court for a huge settlement. We need to stop the gains from ads from these fake news media companies. Conservatives should not have to leave twitter because of this.

  11. Twitter should be shut down period!

  12. Nobody cares what conservative idiots do.

  13. I'm not getting all my Fox notifications!

  14. Back in the early 1900s major energy conglomerates influence every election and today's computer leaders share the same thing.

  15. Break up all these social media companies. I laugh at all the talk about Russia influencing the election when these companies are the real enemy of the people.

  16. Do these guys not realize that's exactly what these leftist platforms want!? Money means nothing to them, they want their space clean of conservatives that's all. Facebook just took a $5 Billion fine hit and the stock didn't even move.

  17. I never call for the government to get involved with anything but in the case of social media bias they absolutely need to get involved

  18. Twitter should be sued and fined heavily.

  19. They should freeze Twitters assets


  21. Every Trump supporter should, if the have any,dump all Twitter stock .

  22. I closed my face book and Twitter 3 months ago Best thing I ever did

  23. well, considering that they unlocked it again and gave his account back, means your a bit behind on the news yea?

  24. If You don't like Twitter, You can leave… Take the free advice of your generalissimo…

  25. They think they are invincible but they aren't and they will have to get their act together or go the way of the dinasours.


  27. Make Blue check a slur. I already have and use it as such.

  28. Twitter are left wing bias company. They should be sanctioned.

  29. This is not a joke the president was hand picked by god remember in the last days think follow your heart the president has nothing to gain even when they try to crucifiy him he stood strong. God wii cover him for another four years

  30. Its clear social media are agenda seeking morons and DO NOT CARE that we know it. The question is WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT.

  31. 45% of their ad base walks away. Will they notice? No.

  32. Twitter overstepped their boundaries…….I am ready to go somewhere else…….you name the place President Trump!!!

  33. Dump them hard and now, let them go back to the bottom. Trump maketh, and Trump taketh away.

  34. This open hatred against conservatives should have been addressed long before 2016. I was kicked off twitter for questioning if Ilhan Omar's immigration was legal. No threats, no bad words just asking. We need and demand a competitive platform that is free of bias. Congress should enforce existing anti-monopoly legislation and close the loophole that allows twitter/youtube to call themselves private companies while clearly using thier platforms to promote liberal voices and supress conservative voices.These companies want to be private while pretending to be open public forums. We have testimony from employees that says these companies will use their enormous power to help elect liberals and defeat republicans, including our POTUS. Far more dangerous than foreign adversaries to election integrity.

  35. Find somewhere else to go. Middle America will be able to make a similar site on their windows 95. Lol

  36. You need to break them up into smalker Companies and everybody knows it! Why do we have laws against one Compsny taking over most if not all of the Market and then let them do it anyway? Do they think we're so stupid that we don't KNOW they were paid off to look the other way while they merged together?
    Fix it!

  37. Twitter, free speach…that is far too funny. You are free on Twitter to use any speach they tell you to use.

  38. Boycott Twitter but go to Soulcycle but boycott Nike and NFL! MAGA 2020!!!

  39. I've never had Twitter , never needed to , btw I seen one they these companies would become biased once they felt strong enough but you can only be fake for so long

  40. Repubs are cowards. They do very little when the Left beats the crap out of them and takes away their free speech rights.. Talk-Talk-Talk – whine & complain. That is the GOP strategy on handling Twitter & Soy Chick Jack Dorsey.. Man! GOP is full of weak people – easily bullied and spit on.

  41. Dont let the door hit ya on the way out Ronna Romney McDaniel. If you dont like it go somewhere else. These are private companies and if they want to block or restrict anything or anyone they are free to do so. Read the TOS. The government would be setting quite the example if they go after these companies. Republicans days of holding power are running out, so if you think its fine for Republicans to do…you should be equally fine with it when Democrats do it.

  42. Break up the big companies? I thought Republicans didn't like government interference.

  43. Twitter & Facebook are both complete jokes. I use neither. Conservative for LIFE. END OF STORY.

  44. They don't care. We need to have a Gov official inside these business that agree before any account deletions or lockouts. Kinda like the FDA in food companies.

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