Monday , January 18 2021
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Trump speaks at 'MAGA' rally in Michigan

President Trump delivers remarks at a ‘Make America Great Again Victory Rally’ in Grand Rapids, MI. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Stop the steal. Stop Antifa terror organization from Mafia Obama family with help from China. China is an evil ghastly ghastly satan state..

    If sleepy Biden and democrats wins China will own usa and the world.

    Stop the steal from Obama & Biden corruption crime family with China.

    NOW!…MR. TRUMP IS A HISTORICAL LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. EIGHT MORE YEARS for PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!! 4 to replace the first four these TREASONOUS TRAITORS cheated him out of!!!

  4. President Donald Trump worked so hard for our space program. President Obama and President George W. Bush did nothing for this program. They both put the space program on the back burner and left it there. Thank you President Trump.

  5. President Donald Trump did more for our space program in the last four years than President Obam

  6. Joe Biden, you are a real Big Liar, cheating and you big corruption and sold this country to CCP. Shamme on you after 47 yrs you has not done anything for your own. Country.

  7. It is Sorry that Michigan fell victim of the voter count fraud. Every person commenting how much they love their President and are going to vote for him has had their choice and voices made invalid! Along with so many others in the State.

  8. We love u President Trump

  9. The good ol days when michigan wasn't trying to screw Trump out if the Presidency…

    *(I Know it's not the people at this rally, or the people of Michigan)

  10. Time to fight tor America !!

  11. Theres no way Biden won ! BS my friends !!


  13. 正義之神呼喚正義者找回正義領袖(川普)

  14. We Love You Mr. President Now and Forever May the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob Bless you eternally

  15. It is impossible for Joe Biden to win this election, Here is why ending fracking is a ten million job killer. Second Amendment rights well no one in right mind would vote for Biden. He also said he would raise taxes, Is that what you voted for. Unemployment is low I. People with more money pockets Didn't vote for Biden. There is only one reason someone would vote foe Biden that is a blind haltered for Trump.

  16. He's horse. This is taking his last years. I love him.

  17. Haha. He lost the state of MI by over 100k votes.

  18. Трамп Любимый мы верим ,что ты Победил подкинули Почтой Байдону … Слава Трампу самому Умному Призиденту США .. Трамп всё делал для Американцев для лучшей жизни ….

  19. You fall asleep to one Trump rally, autoplay

  20. LOL!!!!!! what an idiot…he couldn't even hold michigan. That's how much he sucks.

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