Sunday , January 23 2022
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Trump stands firm with US farmers amid increased trade fears

FOX Business’ Edward Lawrence on President Trump’s comments about Hurricane Dorian, U.S.-China trade war, James Comey and the USMCA trade agreement.

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  1. Con Don aka Dumb Donald strikes again. He is the dumbest person to ever occupy the white White House. Shameful!!!!!

  2. Lets say Trump finished his second term, what will the farmers that lost their business do next? It's not like the next president will continue giving them money.

  3. I’ve seen lots of farmers tell pole how this trae war hurts them form multiple source.

  4. yeah he stands with, as in just a little behind the farmers stabbing them in the back.

  5. Trump needs to stand firm on the 2nd ammendment. This red flag bs needs to go.

  6. Always thank the farmer when you pray is what I was taught. Its an art that sustains the people.

  7. The farmers in America are one of the best examples of socialism

  8. Before Trump became president, 654 miles of the nearly 2,000-mile U.S. Mexico border had primary barriers. As of today, that hasn’t increased.

    To date, the administration has replaced about 60 miles of
    dilapidated barriers with new fencing. And a major component of Trump’s
    pledge — that Mexico would pay for the wall — hasn’t been part of the
    equation. U.S. taxpayers have paid the cost.

  9. US farmers spokesperson needs to be a little patient. Seems like he wants to find something to complain about about our pres. He needs to be fair, understanding and gracious toward Mr. Trump. Pres is taking care of our farmers.

  10. China has ordered soybeans for next year, mostly from Brazil. Brazil is burning forest because they just took the US farmers big customer…China. The last two years Trump has paid farmers $26 billion over two years to make up for the loss of Chinese sales. Tariffs are costing Americans $68 billion a year. Since Jan 2017 Trump’s debt, which he promised to fix, went up $2.4 trillion and will top $1 trillion more next year..without a recession. Trump’s debt is now growing faster than Obama’s.
    President Bankruptcy miscalculated again. China is not hurting…not one bit. China doesn’t want to make a deal…they don’t need to make a deal.

  11. Hey Trump where is my bailout checks?

  12. 3 years and Trump Has Done Nothing to the Criminal Pedophile Traitors 
    More Talk
    More MSM sedition 
    More BS
    the Traitors are Free 
    This Patriot is Over Trump

  13. When all these farmers lose their land, I wonder who will buy it up… Trump? Kushner? Hannity?

  14. What about the farm handout for next year and years thereafter.. ?? After all, the Chinese market is now lost forever.. !!!

  15. What TRADE TALKS, you and the dictator are not talking, giving welfare for something you MADE THIS is not winning, you said it would be easy, you said Mexico would build the wall and now you're doing a deal with them. Is this how the art of the deal works 😂 😂

  16. Trump stands with farmers.. Fox joins the deepstate.

  17. What do they want me to do
    They want me to hold up my hands to China ?
    I started this Easy To Win crisis
    I'm not backing down
    Even if America goes bunk I'm not backing down
    America have no choice they elected me
    Live with it folks
    Vote me 2020
    I'll lead America MAGA
    Even if America goes bunk I'm not backing down

    I'm not backing down

    Vote me 2020

    Believe me MAGAgaga

  18. How you gonna trade war with a country you're in trillion dollars debt to?

  19. We need to love and respect our farmers and ranchers. Without them we would be screwed.

  20. The central bankers love communism and groups like Antifa. They hate President Trump because he is taking them on. Farmers have suffered under past presidents, who in their globalist aspirations would not object using food (against us) as a weapon. They were not kind to farmers, and many lost family farms. The farmers have always stayed true to the real America and I want to stand by the farmers

  21. Trump stands firm with US farmers amid increased trade fears? He is throwing BILLIONS of US tax dollars at farmers to make up for his TRADE DEAL FAILURES. Thats called SOCIALISM.

    Trump Is the worst kind of Socialist
    His policies coddle fellow oligarchs while leaving ordinary people at the mercy of the free market. Out money he throws at farmers is to keep the Midwest votes, yet in the long run he is SCREWING them.

  22. You are ruining the country Mr Trump. You aŕe a disgrace

  23. Trump is the first Republican Socialist with his state aide to the farmers 😂.

  24. When Trump levied tariffs on Chinese goods being shipped here, the American companies that are importing those goods are the ones that have to pay the tariffs on them.

    Whoever says China is paying for the tariffs is either lying or doesn't know what they're talking about

  25. Trump doing great job I am long gold and btc Trump 2020 yeah baby

  26. President Trump, Please make America great again and free Hongkong from CCP!

  27. …if you look at the thumbnail picture for this segment, it looks like theres a white horse head behind POTUS , in the light beaming behind him…

  28. Trump is a SOCIALIST at heart.. bailing out farmers with taxpayers money. Tariffs are anti-free market.

  29. Stands firm????!!!! [Only] if it benifits himself!

  30. Vote for Trump in 2020 as he’s negotiating for jobs for US citizens. If trade deficits aren’t important than why are countries like China and Germany working so hard at keeping their trade surplus intact?

  31. Why do the farmers get a huge $28 billion from American taxpayers (2017 and 2018) in free welfare benefits for doing nothing? Stop whining and find other jobs.

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