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Trump will tune into the Democratic Debate

President Trump says he will watch the Democratic Debate featuring the top 10 candidates and reveal who he thinks is the toughest contender.

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  1. donald trump and the republicans refuse to stop the deaths because they cant afford their health care premiums and deductibles,they want to get rid of obama care and double the deaths,then they want to cut social security and medicare.they only care about protecting the top 1% from paying no federal taxes.donald trump is in the top 1%,so he will greatly benefit by screwing the middle class and the poor,we must vote him out and vote for bernie sanders and vote against all republicans,they hate us and dont care if we live or die

  2. These closet white supremacist trump supporters are talking a lot of shit for people who don’t have the attention span to watch a full debate. Go back to spreading conspiracies on Facebook.

  3. this fat Dingo … ,my ,my, will sleep 😴 well when Criminal is taken out , when is that going to happen, how come not in jail yet ……..k.c.

  4. Beto said "We're comin for you AR-15's" He never shoulda said that!

  5. The comments alone are gold. Most Trump bots can barely write a sentence in English, of course you'd sleep listening to someone speaking a coherent sentence. "COVEFF" isn't a real word.

  6. Things do not seem better down here in humanity, I think socialism will win soon in America. But, there end comes sooner if we just let it happen. I am not voting anymore, screw it.

  7. I want to see traitor trump debate…..cause now we know he will lie…and not know the answers to any question..and will just make up things to fool his weak and willing base of sycophants….he will not gain any support,only keep the bottom feeders he has already brainwashed.

  8. Trump> “I will bring new opportunities, bring peace…” candidate

  9. He'll do the old "I tried to watch but I fell asleep it was so boring" bit…

  10. Trump needed a good laugh tonite!!

  11. Cept at that rime he was speaking live in my city, Baltimore

  12. I’m glad we have a leader and not a typical beta politician who only says and does what’s pc

  13. I don't give a shit who Trump
    I didn't vote for him
    Because his a lying crook

  14. sadly, most trump supporters are older men in maybe 40 to 60 they will die, and the incoming generations are mostly infected liberals, i think we are looking into many democratic years 😭

  15. ttump looks like he smells like bacon, pork sausage and farts.

  16. ttump is getting fatter and fatter by the day. What a gross disgusting president.

  17. Click on the right! 🐘 You said it George! 👍

  18. Abc great job on having the debate on YouTube. Only channel going with the times 👍🏼

  19. Who cares the guys a buffoon. He knows Bernie would destroy him so he's gonna try to push the other candidates.

  20. Biden. The only one who can defeat trump

  21. He'll probably select the weakest candidate to feint the Dems into believing that one would actually put up a fight against him. That's politics.

  22. Trump is just watching tv all day

  23. Trump wants Americans to believe that socialism will kill Our Economy. His Republican allies are willing to support an ignorant autocrat who is driving America to racism.


  25. You mean "Trump will win" after the Democratic "debate"

  26. Trump is a FAT FUCKING PIG 🐖 affecting his faculties and a confounded liar….devious ,deceptive and illiterate on macro economics

  27. Fuck Trump voting for Warren classless immoral unprincipled , regurgitating rhetoric walking time BOMB 💣

  28. What a debate. A child groper and a socialist coward along with a bathroom stall stalker a fake native American a compromised prosecutor Democrats are done. Trump2020

  29. Yang is the only one who would stand a chance against Trump. This has been painful and embarrassing to watch.

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