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Trump's acting director of US citizenship and immigration services holds news conference | ABC News

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  1. I am in France and islam is taking over. I hoped Trump would inspire the
    rest of Europe but all Trump does is attack Mexicans, people who are
    Christian and from a Western culture, but then he wallows with the Saudi
    king. Saudi Arabia is the number one financer of mosques in Europe. I
    wish we had a Christian immigration from wherever, it wouldn't be a
    problem for our culture at all. As a matter of fact, hindus, buddhists,
    sikhs come they intergrate perfectly. Only Muslims create problems

  2. I am in France and islam is taking over. I hoped Trump would inspire the
    rest of Europe but all Trump does is attack Mexicans, people who are
    Christian and from a Western culture, but then he wallows with the Saudi
    king. Saudi Arabia is the number one financer of mosques in Europe. I
    wish we had a Christian immigration from wherever, it wouldn't be a
    problem for our culture at all. As a matter of fact, hindus, buddhists,
    sikhs come they intergrate perfectly. Only Muslims create problems

  3. Play on words to suit his narrative and agenda! Fork tongue! 😛

  4. You can go back 140 years but shit a brick at the mention of reparations. That was a long time ago.🥴

  5. So many people with their ignorant comments about immigrants on this video. You don't know shit yet spew complete bullshit against them "leeching" benefits, taking jobs etc. How about actually looking up the facts that the majority of "illegal" immigrants DO unlike Drumpf, pay their taxes that you ignorant asses benefit from with your foodstamps and welfare!

  6. Is this for people who legally are in the USA with green cards?

  7. is it going to be written in spanish.

  8. Everyone has got to vote blue. The audacity that he even blames congress when Mitch McConnell is the one sitting on all the bills.


  10. I'm so tired of this immigration bs. How many legislative hrs are to be spent on this issue. They can't vote so why are the ppl I put in office spending so much time on them? What about the actual voting citizen? How about working on behalf of those who CAN vote.

  11. Abc news is fake homosexual communist news

  12. The trump administration never misses an opportunity to be cruel and greedy!

  13. The majority of people on public assistance are White Americans not immigrants or Black Americans. Look up the facts people.

    Soon whites will become minorities in this country and the world. This laws are strategies for the racist to secure power and keep away the mixing of races.

    My prayers will continue to go to the families effected worldwide by the racist agendas. Please stay strong. At the end God always wins. 100% guaranteed.

  14. So… we're going to remove immigrants rights that have previously been made allowed simply because (in previous decades; morality and ethically, America did so… and STILL, the upper 1% get more tax breaks then America's middle class and America's working poor. Why do we not touch those disgustingly rich. There just feels like there's a failure in our representation; which we already know about. Most of our politicians spend half of their term on getting re-elected & raising funds for said next term (assuming they do get re-elected). I think school children should spend their first 5 years of school learning history and from middle school on up getting fully versed in political science, the Constitution, and the law & their rights under the current laws versus the original intent placed on the creation of our laws. How big would our prisons be if our children left high school, turned 18, and knew their rights? How much would we suddenly have in money if we chose to fund ONLY defense in our military for a year? No funding for anything that creates new weaponry, cyberattacks,etc. but instead that area of our government takes more of our taxes than any other country worldwide… and I'm not talking about touching funding for our veterans. What about if we recalled our military and spent more time and funding healing them physically, mentally, emotionally, AND spiritually if need be? But, never going to happen because there's a neverending war on terror that came with the worst perversion of our Constitution and its bedrock is cracked so much that Americans keep giving away our freedom & independence with the belief that the guise of "security" was worth the loss of our liberty. Where is our America… and has all the loss of privacy made us safer?!

  15. What an interesting statement for him to make. Undocumented immigrants do not nor have ever received Medicaid or other benefits unless it’s a dire emergency such as Er use, or food, etc to prevent death. Why media has never exposed this to educate I don’t understand. But this shows real stupidity for any official who should know better unless it’s to win votes for a false narrative. They are targeting green hard holders now then next step is deportation if they receive benefits which of course they will because physicians will provide care with integrity. Plus they aren’t allowing asylum. Are legal immigrants eligible for federal public benefit programs-“1996 federal welfare and immigration laws introduced an unprecedented new era of restrictionism. Prior to these laws’ enactment, lawful permanent residents of the U.S. generally were eligible for assistance in a manner similar to U.S. citizens. After these laws’ enactment, most lawfully residing immigrants were barred from receiving assistance under the major federal benefits programs for five years or longer. Even where eligibility for immigrants was preserved by the 1996 laws or restored by subsequent legislation, many immigrant families hesitate to enroll in critical health-care, job-training, nutrition, and cash-assistance programs due to fear and confusion caused by the laws’ chilling effects. As a result, the participation of immigrants in public benefits programs decreased sharply after passage of the 1996 laws, causing severe hardship for many low-income families who lacked the support available to other low-income families”. Nilc.org

  16. It’s about time this happens.

  17. these draconian food stamp cutbacks will definitely reduce la razan obesity.
    oh, pancho! OH, CISCO!

  18. Fucking nazi drumpf you son of a german whore do the usa and the world a favor and please jump off a building and take your hooker wife and kids with you. Also your mongrel eastern euro in laws. Fuck all drumpfs and drumpfs supporters

  19. See this shows that "illegal" mexicans come to our country to collect freebies. Wake up Americans, we are being used by these people, and we suffer. Our President is trying to help us, Americans, and STOP illegal mexicans from coming here and burden our country. Their was a time I had to go to food pantry's, driving a 21 year old car…and watching illegal mexicans driving a brand NEW TRUCK, dressing nice and collecting food for huge families….and they are laughing at us Americans. Ive seen this here were I live !!! Democratics have drowned our Country. It doesnt matter what our President does/says they are out for a witch hunt, BUT we need to stop them and back our President. These people are here "ILLEGALLY"…..breaking our laws, wanting hand outs….Americans need to WAKE-UP. If ILLEGAL mexicans can come here, break the law…..then why have laws (think about it) They come here ILLEGALLY, breaking our laws-Collecting FREE food n Health care-Taking Jobs-Sending Money back to their country(money made here in the USA)…..and ppl think this is ok????? And im an American, law bidding, no food stamps, no health care……..DANG !!!

  20. White people are evil. Imagine that? A thief, slave driver and murderer acting as if he did nothing wrong and the land is his. Whites not only do not come from this country…… They don't come from this hemisphere. White America is the trash that England threw out because they didn't want to obey the law. You can clearly see the difference between the temperament of the English vs. American white trash.

  21. This half cracked fellow does not trust his kind to do works on racism and must take rein at the helm – just wonder how bad his insanity to last? One sure thing is America in chaos going the ways of Rome of last days.

  22. We hath to kicked all the color people out of America, and hopefully they wont come back good luck with that. It's just a absolutely waste of time, the new administration will destroyed all those policy's on their first week in government

  23. I would not be surprised if Epstein had a backup plan to fake his own death in cahoots with high-profile government people.

  24. The rich is running from America to the poor countries.

  25. Another way trying to secure more years in the white house.
    And yet those who support Trump and his regime can not understand the terrible consequences to come . first they attack the illegal and chase them like the most wanted criminal in the world.
    Because of that our produce prices have gone over the roof.
    And now they go after the LEGAL
    That pays taxes on everything
    By denying benefits and now even taking away their LEGAL status?
    So what is next with these regime??

  26. all the people i know who immigrated here, did so by the law… it took decades to get brothers and sisters here… to relatives already citizens living here…. its the right way

  27. how about stopping H1B work permit and H4 . most problems will be solved . All have jobs and no need aid from government

  28. I can many false domestic violence clams in future.

  29. Legal migrants pay taxes too so they should get benefit just as everone else this pocily is a bizarre and targeted for people of colour

  30. Now I’m pissed! God damn freaks!

  31. Love you 4ever best heart for you 4ever <3

  32. We just can't give away all our public funds,.

  33. The rise and fall of America

  34. We got robots bartenders in Vegas MGM lol lol

  35. The U.S… a country built on the hard sweat of immigrants, was once like:

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    Now sadly, there are some out there who are like:

    “As long as I have my steel-belted radial tires, everyone else can go ** themselves off somewhere.”

    (sorry for the language)

    Sad times indeed.

    Demographically speaking, the U.S. has dropped below an average of two births per household and is following the same downward (slow) spiral as countries like Japan, for example. What’s kept America’s head above water for many years now are all the new, incoming immigrants and the kiddos they bring. I fear that policies we’ve been seeing over the last few years will plunge the U.S. even lower in the birth rate / ‘younger generations supporting older generations’ cycle…

    …and don’t give me the shtick about abortions affecting birth rate numbers… those numbers are minuscule.

    Anywho, the U.S. is walking a fine line now… we’d better watch out, so that things/the future doesn’t continue to get worse…..

  36. My God! Putting Cuccinelli in charge of anything to do with immigrants is like putting a wolf in charge of the hen house!

  37. I find it very ironic that liberals are for illegal Immigration, but illegal immigration is bad for the environment! Liberals are so stupid and support things that are bad for the environment

  38. I am ok with illegal immigration but legal no when you go true the legal system you pay taxes and I am talking about my wife and kid. But trump can start deporting his wife cause she came illegal to this country base on her visa a application witch she not eligible base on the criteria. But making legal immigration a luxury is just going to push people to come illegal or make people move out the country cause is just separating family. Were is Ms liberty and how are our rights as citizens being protected? I paid my taxes every week for what? But trump wants to attack legal immigration how about close the loophole he uses on his taxes and show his taxes? I can believe how many people follow this guy so blind there a reason why he hide his taxes so many issues with him that is just not wrigh. And don't get me wrong I like some off his policies but who is making them someone with a bunch off skeletons on his closet. He has filed for bankruptcy a few times on his lifetime? America is not a company wake up America

  39. This is excellent! Then there will be more money for those in real need, and encourage people to work for a living rather than collecting benefits for years and years.

  40. become a public charge under section 212(a)(4) of the Act, 8 U.S.C. 1182 (a)(4).

  41. the CIA just like the OSS after world war II it may be an agency that may have to dismantled they change the name but they still have the same characteristics

  42. Well said Iris Strange no other race stands up for African Americans..

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