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Trump's DACA battle is going to the Supreme Court

Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-TX) discusses how DACA will either be ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court or President Trump will have the authority to resend it by executive order.

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  1. I urge all law enforcement officials to crack down on illegal aliens driving without a license, this is a national epidemic and illegals are becoming a public risk on the roads. Some car insurance companies are selling policies to illegal aliens just for profit, they even have signs saying " no licencia, no problema" meaning no drivers license, no problem, these are incentives to illegal aliens to keep breaking the law in our country

  2. 700000 daca recipients pay 500$ every 2 years. not every daca ends the same year. 500 times 700000 = 350.000.000 million dollars.
    If anyone says they don't contribute anything to this country, is dumb as an anvil. They could even pay off an American debt in a long run, that the politicians and big corporations got this country into anyways. These money can be easily used for:
    space exploration
    or even creating jobs.
    Even if some politicians think it was illegal…it still wasn't a bad idea.

  3. Medical iui is companies refuse to do anything major even after therapy didnt work they refuse to completely fix

  4. Yes medical is being dictated to us instead of our insurers being added up without a fix


  6. Send em back! 🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️

  7. This guy looks like Gutfeld

  8. The supreme court will end DACA or our President can sign his own Executive order ending DACA.
    Nice 🙂
    Checkmate Obama

  9. Daca dreamers are old enough now to apply for legal citizenship.

  10. There won't be a Civil War again. It would just be several Patriots hunting criminal politicians and NWO Globalist

  11. You guys sounds like Chinese communist..

  12. When it comes to the rule of law in American that should be the only thing that gets voted on because that deals with national security and I should be more concerned about protecting the people of the United allowing immigrants to come over whenever watch out the legal documents no one should be able to enter our country without the approval how's the White House

  13. The thing I don't agree with his holding these people as prisoners at theyou should put them all on a bus when they come over and take them all right back to the Mexican and drop them off but Mexico take care of their own

  14. I think you're wrong myself because the people stand behind Trump and theit's already been proven but because the people have taken up collections to pay for the wall and the wall is being built now people want to stop the flow drugs coming into the Democratic party want some because they make money

  15. If these "dreamers" really wanted to stay here, they would have applied for citizenship. Americans are dreamers & this is our country. Americans come first.

  16. It’s time for the Obama ministration to apologize to all the people came here legally and paid quite a bit of money to get their families here it’s time that we look at those people and we say were here to help you but if you came here illegally seems like you get more help more things are given to you then if you came here legally

  17. Hey, look here. Don't blame USA. BLAME your parents for bringing you here illegally. Looks like there has been ample time to go through legalities!!! Don't blame the wrong people!!! Too Much is being blamed on us, as it is!!! *Elaine *

  18. Constitutionally we have a doctrine that has and will continue to show order to those willing to lend obidence to its inscription. We have come to form generations around it's generational transformation and at this point, I see no wrong in this generational meeting between the Constitutional and of The People. I bear belief in the Capitalism of the people (DACA) and that their investment is as American as any investment America has made in it's past.

  19. This isn't Trump's DACA battle Fox Snooze. This is America's battle.

  20. Still waiting for Ginsberg to croak!!!

  21. MAGA white people still searchin for unicorns ( ridiculous high pay for pushing a button ).

  22. DACA recipients have one of the strongest mentalities that are fueled by all the racism they get on a daily basis. That’s why you see more of them graduating with degrees and becoming successful in contrast to the majority of Americans would rather sit around with only a high school diploma. I remember when hard work used to be valued and respected in society. -DACA recipient

  23. I'm extremely disappointed the Supremes trashed our Constitution's Double Jeopardy Clause, but… I will probably listen to that oral argument (at least counsel, maybe skipping over the judges). Today is Tuesday, but it doesn't appear until at least a couple of days later, first on the Oyez website.

  24. DACA Dreamers = CACA Be@ners 🤢🤮

  25. Good I hope there's no more daca than we can figure out who's illegals here in this country

  26. All I have to say is Americans should come first. My kids have dreams too!

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