Saturday , July 31 2021
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Trump’s Denmark Remarks And Reversals On Background Checks, Tax Cuts | NBC Nightly News

President Trump said Wednesday that he had an “appetite for background checks,” then said our current system is already strong. He also, after previously saying he is thinking of a payroll tax, said “we don’t need” a tax cut and have a strong economy. Trump blasted the prime minister of Denmark, calling her remarks “nasty” after she ridiculed his desire to purchase Greenland.
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Trump’s Denmark Remarks And Reversals On Background Checks, Tax Cuts | NBC Nightly News


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  1. "Why should Americans be allowed to buy assualt weapons?" What a stupid f..king question. Because NBC reporters are unstable and we have to protect ourselves, that's why.


  3. And another thing i want to say i can't believe a news station has more dislikes than likes on youtube just goes to show how biased they are, and how much the lie.

  4. Mr. Trump is 100 percent right. Omar and Tlaib are dangerous anti- Jewish, anti- Israel radicals, and have taken over the Democratic party. Think before you vote.

  5. Ah, Denmark, 15,000 square miles, 6 million people; and a huge Scandinavian socialist superiority complex. Bet Sanders went there…..

  6. NBC, CNN, ABC and MSNBC are the real ENEMY of the TRUTH as they are the NAZI's of propaganda. More reasons why 69% of Americans stop watching them and are now watching Independent News Sources. Bottom line these idiots are a bunch of CLOWN JOKERS.. no one takes them serious anymore..

  7. NBC Peter Alexander: "Sir, do you believe you are the second coming of God?"
    President Trump said; he was chosen to fix the problem with China because NONE of the previous presidents had done it.

  8. I come on here to see if you guy's would edit out all thing's said about you guy's losing creditability. After seeing how chopped up this clip is I went on your channel to watch other "news" and boy was I disappointed. I never realized how easy it is to push a narrative through video editing. Everything you guy's do has an agenda and unfortunately it has nothing to do with providing unbiased news to the American people. He's right creditability is lost!

  9. If you look at the raw footage you would see this is just liberal propaganda i strongly encourage anyone watching this to watch the raw footage all of these remarks are false.

  10. Take to long download evening news slow people over there

  11. nbc is is lower than cnn and cnn is at the bottom hahahahahahaha. NBC= Never Believe Conmen

  12. NBC, you could not POSSIBLY conceive of the HATRED that the American people habor for you. And, just so you know straight up, it's because of YOUR actions, YOUR lies, YOUR manipulation of your X-viewership. You are disgusting, lying dogs. And you will get what you deserve……nothing.

  13. Donald Trump what a great President  He has done great things that others don't even  try  all before him are chicken s;;; ts               president trump best president of modern times

  14. My question is, where are all the Republican and Obama haters . Who blamed him for the deficits. Trumps deficit is 1 trillion dollars……..HYPOCRITES

  15. This dude is literally insane

  16. Grab Greenland by the Eskimo

  17. He flip flops like a beached tuna. He is the "chosen one"?😂71% of Jewish Americans vote for Democrats. So they're all uneducated or disloyal, according to Trump. We don't need to purchase any more territory when we have a huge national debt, homeless people and no national healthcare. Calgon, please take him and his minions away!

  18. …a tax cut would be a stupid idea, so are the tariffs, and wth was with picking on Jewish Americans??

  19. This network is sick and against the American people.

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