Monday , November 30 2020
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Turkey launches offensive against Kurds in Syria

President Trump called Turkey’s offensive in Syria a “bad idea” that the United States did not support.


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  1. Fuc k trump. Fuc k turkey too. F putin trumps boss. F assad and iran. Leave the people alone.

  2. The US didnt give Turkey the green light, pompeyo said . trump did . he should said that !!!! Wonder how much trump out of this one ??? 😔

  3. BAD decision by president Trump to backstab the Kurds. These days Karma take no time. Wait for ISIS to knock on your doorstep.

  4. When turk come… Anglo saxon shut up

  5. Trump is destroying our reputation and image around the world, his disregard for our European allies regarding the thousands of terrorists in Kurdish prisons, and his abandoning our closest ally in the region the Kurds is showing the world we are not reliable partners, if he spent less time tweeting and more time with his national security advisors maybe he would have a better understanding on whats going on.

  6. American cowards ran with their tails between their legs. Like they always do.

  7. I don't see this ending well for anyone…

  8. The Kurds were fighting ISIS, the U.S. was fighting ISIS. No ISIS…no fight. The Kurds were fighting Turkey. The U.S. was an ally with Turkey. I don't know what you people were expecting. Do I feel bad for the Kurds? YES! Am I surprised it played out this way. NOPE.

  9. US left millions of Vietnamese, Lao, and Cambodia who fought side by side against communist with Americans soldiers in Vietnam War; after Americans left, communists start slaying those ppl like animals. WHO CARES ABOUT THOSE PPL? No ones!

  10. This Turkish operation is beginning of Israel s end in next 10 years . This is why mainstream western media is barking so loud …

  11. Islamist extremists make excuses to strangle a new secular democracy in it's crib, as Republican Conservatives pretend remorse, it's the coalition of the hypocrites

  12. Oh glorious army! Oh great soldier,Come on gallant soldier, the sea of bastion smashers,Take the shield in one hand and the sword in the other, Let's advance through the border oh gallant soldier,May everything be victorious in this sea. On the tounge tekbir "Allah is greatest",Allah is greatest, Allah is greatest,May our army be ever victorious.

  13. Kurds and Turks should kill eachother. Kurds helped the Turks with the Armenian genocide. Kurds took the houses of Armenians in East Turkey(Occupied Armenia)

  14. When one man’s idiocy is tragically destroying millions of lives and people refuse to budge because of color affiliation. Should it really matter if you are blue or red? Get this idiot out before there’s more destruction.

  15. It will revive ISIS☠️☠️☠️

  16. Only because of #Bosphorus and #dardenells strait EU isn't taking any major action…n in last #shameTrump

  17. just blow up the isis prisons problem solved

  18. Remind me again ….
    What were alllllllll those twitler screeds about "loyalty"??

  19. The worst betrayel since pearl harbor !!


  21. Aamrica playing with muslim this is stop ok we wekup now look it how many days going in kashmeer people no one talk about that

  22. Go ahead Turkey 🇹🇷 ❤️

  23. Trump just abandoned & destroyed another reliable long-time US Allie here….

    and these Syrian Kurds will now never trust or help America again.

    the worst POTUS in history just continues to leave collateral damage strewn across the globe….

    as he corruptly & idiotically blunders through his job as POTUS, & stuffs US Tax dollars into his Hotels & Golf Courses.

  24. —-> Looks like Erdogan wants the oil in norther Syria and to eliminate secular democratic holdings of the Kurds.
    Turkey’s demand for a Syria buffer zone is about oil, not terror

  25. I want to kill whole Turkish population
    The most good thing happen in world war 1. I think whole Turkish genocide will be carried. But I think
    It will soon happen. I future we might not find turkey and Pakistan. Support from whole india

  26. God bless Kurds and long live Kurdistan YPG YPJ

  27. "They want to escape to Europe". That's Trump threatening Europe for not supporting him against Russian and Iran.

  28. Hi you tubers, don't forget trump has hotels recently build in turkey… Conflict of interest? Reason to pull out?

  29. US and it’s dumb friends created ISIS to mess up Syria and in the end armed the Kurdish people who have been living in northern Syria for hundreds of years to fight ISIS. Now his pulling out and leaving the Kurdish people to fight for there lives! Where ever America lands chaos follows!!!

  30. If the russia joins the group,
    WWIX on your way!!

  31. American Middle East policy is so bad… first you invade a country than you leave it without infrastructure and blame them for becoming terrorists….that’s not cool…you guys should have stood there until stability is bestowed….

  32. "How dare the US to have their military in the middle east. They don't police and own the world. The middle east is none of their business"
    Same people said,

    "How dare the US withdraw their military personnel. US leaving are cowards"

  33. Fuck you Trump, You lost my vote,
    Pedifle Joe 2020

  34. Kurdish commies versus jihadists. What’s the problem? Let them kill each other

  35. Is it unusual how fast turkey was armed and ready to attack? I mean it seems like they were on the roll before trump hung up the phone. Are all armies that prepped for action?

  36. Kurds are good ally ? So Turkey is not ? Turkey did not fight in Korea , US does not have a air base in Turkey ! Turkey has been a NATO member since 1945 and did what it had been told to do . And now Kurds are the ally … not Turkey ? When ever US needs something Turkey always did it without a question now not an ally ? Does not sound right to me .

  37. That's the same as the Vietnam war when the American left. The American left the Hmong people to fight on there own…

  38. this is like a bar fight, everyones just hitting someone…….the big boys Russia and Iran are just watching and eating their popcorn

  39. While everyone is worried about who's right and wrong, its heartbreaking to see children fleeing with their families in the middle of a war zone, bombs going off very near ,that scene is awful, may God keep those families.

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