Thursday , January 20 2022
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Twitter reinstates Mitch McConnell’s campaign account

Kaltbaum Capital Management President Gary Kaltbaum, columnist Liz Peek, MAXFunds founder Jonas Max Ferris and Forbes senior contributor Bruce Japsen react to Twitter unlocking Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell’s campaign account after GOP backlash.

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  1. This McConnell must be careful what he say about Russians because they want open big Russian Aluminum plant in his state of Kentucky if he wants big money he must be friendly to Russians and not upset my friend V.Putin President of Russian Federation !!!!!! 🇷🇺👍😀☺️😀👍🇷🇺

  2. FTR. The Krassensteins weren't banned because of their political ideology. They were banned because they were using bots to inflate their user numbers & those bot "likes" we're keeping them at the top of threads. Twitter just banned them because they were getting away with tricking Twitter.

    P.S. I know this because I'm the person that got them banned

  3. FTR. The Krassensteins weren't banned because of their political ideology. They were banned because they were using bots to inflate their user numbers & those bot "likes" we're keeping them at the top of threads. Twitter just banned them because they were getting away with tricking Twitter.

  4. Hey Moscow Mitch my friend V.Putin President of Russian Federation wants to give you another 40 million USD to operate a Russian Aluminum forging plant in your state of Kentucky we must talk before election in 2020 in case this Trump does not become President !!!! You have my # give me call soon !!!!!!!! 🇷🇺😀😁😀🇷🇺

  5. Tell me you tech geeks…WHY haven’t you all gotten together and created, launched a conservative (sensible) web site? Do you guys know how much support and money you would get!! You would have tens of millions on your side!! How about JUST DO IT!!!!!

  6. Do not "control" speech.
    Let everyone be responsible for what they do and say.

  7. As Hollywood movie stars have to watch their actions and speach. Social media, can no longer claim, private property and do as they please. Their political bias is BS!

  8. if the republicans think this is a win they are morons ….. this is simply " testing the water"

  9. Sen, Mitch McConnell Idi -Amin Dada Of America,Good night

  10. The best way to deal with Twitter is to shut it down and jail the entire executive administration crowd. Silicon Valley would start changing real fast.

  11. Standard Oil, AT&T, and The American Tobacco Company were also private businesses that were monopolies, but the government broke them up. Twitter, Facebook, and Google (Alphabet) are no different. They get people to become reliant on their platforms and then they pull the rug from under you when you don't agree with their ideology. They want to limit free speech and silent dissenters. Break those bastards up!


  13. Tweeter Has Done This To Thousands Of People On The Right…They Are Bias As Crap.

  14. People should call this shitter instead of Teitter. Just stop using it all you are doing is making this assholw more money.

  15. Twitter BLOWS
    Twitter woulda already been out the door if it wasn't for Trump, whom they despise, so they can keep up with the silicon hollyweirds & slime media.
    They wanna see who can make it to the HATE finish line first.

  16. “Private company can do what they want?” Not so fast!! This is the very thing that is wrong.

  17. Money is NOT important to Twitter compared to their political goals. Don’t be Fooled!!!!

  18. More bs from fox bought and paid for talking heads ….disgusting

  19. mitch was raised baptist, and so naturally he's evil. My parents were baptist, but I escaped. I hope all you poor kids being raised baptist can escape that evil religion.

  20. So cancel Twitter & only go to More neutral sites. Problem solved. Dont go where ur not wanted

  21. Free speech means FREE SPEACH, no twitter, FB, YouTube, no Government, not even GOD can take that away from me. so what does this man mean when he said, Twitter can do wherever they want, I don't agree. He saying, Twitter is above the law? They cant take my free speech away from me, NO

  22. Well the guy with the cake shop was a privet business to and yet the got sued for discrimination. So how come twitter gets to discriminate against sane people?

  23. Who agree to Twitter becoming a rule maker, they said they are an OPEN FREE platform, FULL OF RULES (they didn't said that)? who wants to be rule by none elected people, and who are they to tell people how to speak, how to communicate, what to say or not, YouTube is control by google, and we know how the story goes. We are not in North Korea, China or Middle east, where they have no free speech, free speech means FREE SPEECH. I think we should follow the money, who is paying them to go communist.

  24. Twitter should be fined every time they interrupt conservatives

  25. The first rule of all investigative work is “follow the money.”

  26. Twitter and Facebook or no more than left-wing political hacks


  28. They are not a Private Company that can do what they want. They fall under the FCC rules and Commerce Clause. As they are engaged in Commerce across State Lines.

  29. All these fake corrupt news media will be used by the future anti Christ to accomplish his agenda. One ought not to be surprised with this evil behavior. Scriptures are being fulfilled, don’t be blinded by the god of this world.

  30. Break up Twitter, Facebook and Google! Anti-American and true racist liberal groups!

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