Tuesday , January 18 2022
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U.S. Dept. Of Veterans Affairs Denying To Cover Bills For Emergency Care | NBC Nightly News

According to a new report by the VA’s Office of Inspector General, during just one six-month period, more than 17,000 veterans were slapped with $53.3 million in medical bills the government should have covered. The VA tells NBC News they are reviewing the claims in the report for possible payment to veterans.
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U.S. Dept. Of Veterans Affairs Denying To Cover Bills For Emergency Care | NBC Nightly News


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  1. The VA needs to be run by Veterans. So much corruption! When will it stop!?? 🙁

  2. This is Americans fault for not backing our Veterans.

  3. I can relate. Back in the early 2000s I had back to back major heart attacks. The nearest VA was over an hour away so I was ambulanced to local ER. VA denied the claim, and I was obligated to pay $58K for the heart operations plus all additional cost with no insurance at the time. It's rather disheartening when the VA says that if it's an emergency to go to nearest ER and they'll cover it, only to be declined coverage after the fact.

  4. I am a Vietnam veteran. I am curious as to how this woman is eligible. Unless she served in a combat zone or was wounded while on duty, I don't see how she is covered. Since when did the VA become socialized medicine for life for anyone who has ever served? That makes no sense.

  5. Has to be Pre-Approved. And after 3 months you'll get a response. Ambulance cost to private hospitals not covered and an Ambulance ride to the VA Hospitals are Never Authorized. VA is heavy on preventative care. Reading material and Vitamins is about all you get from them anymore. VA Hospital in Las Vegas..Only 6 years operating now has over 600 unfilled required positions. Staffed at 60%. Mostly administrative and security jobs. Lots of people but no one really delivering health care. Wait time for a MRI is 4 months. Most specialty service is sent out to local facilities with a 3 month wait to see them too. Hope it improves.

  6. Here is what's really sad about this. We keep expecting people to do the right thing. Yes the VA in principle should cover these Vets but the truth is greed and being sinners affects everyone. The VA Admn is a building, but its the corrupt who work in them causing the problems. Stop being shocked by these acts, we're sinners doing sinful things. Won't stop until Christ returns.

  7. This happened to my father and then he died.

  8. This happened to my husband. He had to have pacemaker and went to nearest hospital. Medicare paid part, but we were stuck with the remainder. Tried and tried and told computers not set up yet to handle this yet. That was 4 yrs ago.

  9. If you didn't fight in there fear mongering wars , you are nothing to the VA , unless you were hurt in combat spend so many days on war grounds . They say the combat veterans more important than you . Your just a toy soldier . The VA sucks big hairy balls . Veterans who didn't see combat but yet get sick are not eligible for any kind of benefits .

  10. This is why America is garbage denies veterans care u people deserve to be shot for treason!

  11. The money only goes to wars in the middle east and making more bombs

  12. Thank you for your service, and thank the biggest gangster of all time MAGA gang gang potus TRUMP

  13. When you're in the military THEY own you, the least they can do is take care of those that they enslaved.

  14. I’ve worried about that scenario happening to me but my VA PCP keeps reassuring me that there’s nothing to worry about. Now, I’m not so sure.

  15. VA better straighten out..that's all I got to say shame on them

  16. Same deal here.
    Denied. 2 years later, they send me a letter saying they may have incorrectly denied claim.
    Please call us, letter says.
    6 hours on hold so far! I asked my Congressman for help. Yeah right!
    Medical care ranges from great to complete failure. They try hard tho.
    Administratively, total goat rodeo.

  17. The Trump Administration Being MAGA ! Absolutely Incompetent & Impotent.

  18. Trump promised he would take care of Veterans just like he said he would take care of the farmers. How's that working?

  19. Trump's Veterans Administration is a sinkhole of corruption, incompetence and mendacity. This $53 million ripoff of veterans is the tip of the iceberg. Veterans don't count, the federales are only interested in funneling trillions of taxpayer dollars into military spending that profits money pit corporations like Lockheed-Martin, Boeing and BAE. After all, when the top Department of Defense supergrades leave their government jobs, they can expect a deferred kickback, a high paying job, at one of the defense contractors they've enriched. The veterans in this story can't help out these greedy DoD empty suits, so the veterans get nothing but the back of the bureaucratic hand.

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