Monday , January 18 2021
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U.S. Health Care Workers Prepare To Receive Covid-19 Vaccine | NBC Nightly News

Millions of U.S. health care workers are days away from receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. It comes as the nation saw its deadliest week since April.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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U.S. Health Care Workers Prepare To Receive Covid-19 Vaccine | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Lmao anyone getting I Am Legend vibes? XDDD

  2. To all those people out there saying "if you take the vaccine you're siding with satan" and the like, I want to say this: Do you think god wants us to ignore a way to stop millions more from dying? What would satan gain from saving countless innocent lives? If god guided these people on a path to help, to heal, and to save lives, why would he then turn around and say "don't accept their help. Let all the people who could be saved die." If you say that god will save us from this, he already is. God has put these scientists on the path to create this vaccine.

  3. My Dr said none of them are taking it

  4. What it looks like when you dont belive in God.

  5. This is a plandemic. Everything that is happening right now such as the Corona Virus has been planned by the Elites, the billionaires, and millionaires such as bill gates and much more, which are Satan worshippers. who run this world. They want to create a new world order out of chaos. They want to reduce the world population. It is on the United Nations Agenda 21, the Georgia Guidestones, and even on the one dollar bill. They had all of this planned out before it even happened. They want to have a digital currency where they implant mandatory chips into people. Through this chip they will be able to alter your DNA sequence, they will be able to control you. You will lose your God-given Freedoms to live free on this earth. you will no longer be human. They want to create a one-world currency, and a one-world government out of chaos. And for this to happen they want to crash the current economy and dollar, and they want to create chaos, in order to control us. Please Do Not Take The Corona Virus Vaccine that is Coming. I pray that the American people and people all over the world. wake up. Wake Up. If you know the ingredients inside that vaccine which will come with a chip containing nanotech which they will be able to alter your DNA Sequence, track you, and much more, you will never want that to enter your Body. as a human being. Forgive me if I offend you. I want people to wake up Wake up. I thank you for reading this comment Through. God Bless You in Yeshua Name.

  6. God bless Donald J Trump and his admin for making this possible! The quick distribution of a vaccine

  7. NBC funded by eugenicist Vax promoter Bill Gates, who also helped to fund the testing!!! What a surprise….Also funds the FDA thru Reagan-Udall…geez! 🙄 this propaganda is supposed to scare you into wanting an experimental mRNA vax..when cv19 has never been isolated!

  8. The hospital in my area is empty…I haven’t gotten sick and I don’t know anyone who had covid at all

  9. "No man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark"

  10. Of course none of our viewers can actually enter a hospital to validate what we're telling them…another case of Blind trust….

  11. Why can't this stop I an crying I will do anything for this to stop

  12. It’s probably killing NBC to report this vaccine story 😐
    IDIOTS 🙄

  13. This is so exciting! Also, I am so glad that healthcare workers are getting this first. They deserve it 1000 times over for all of their hard work. ❤❤❤

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  15. "Why this campaign of terror?"

    "Never outside war time have populations been subjected to such outrageous assault and battery by government propaganda machines."

  16. I wonder when they’re coming out with the vaccine for brainwashed Gullible idiots

  17. Something in my spirit don’t sit right with this time to choose a side The Lord or satan

  18. Now it becomes whether those in charge place WE THE PEOPLE ahead of them on this thing. I haven't seen it from a single one of the except ONE MAN in the past four years.

  19. an eye opening video Larry Dembrun

  20. Unfortunately 😔 taking the vaccine will enslave you forever….You will do anything for Your MASKERS Foolish Sheeple.

  21. c Very placid and confirming explanation that the COVID WW “pandemic” is BS (assuming it is a virus). Now it is mind boggling that the 2 interviewers and the doctor have no idea as to why there is a govts coalition on the issue!

  22. So, has anyone taken a drive by any hospitals? During the first phase a lot of people did and all was quiet and they posted their videos on YouTube, but now YouTube no longer allows this. We are only allowed to see and hear what they want.

  23. Yall can make a vaccine for covid but yall cant make a vaccine for cancer and aids

  24. Don’t trust the vaccine!!! 💉 ☠️

  25. A Lot Is Hidden From HUMANITY Including The Fact “Oxygen Therapies” Can Control COVID-19. HUMANITY DECEIVED. Starvations & Diseases by Design. For The Truth About COVID-19 & Other Diseases read, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker. We face three things in our lives, Religion, Government & Medicine. All Three Have Failed Humanity.
    “Science Destroys Our Civilization With It’s Man-Made Diseases & Supposed Cures With Its False Science”, exposed by Dr Strecker, Dr Eva Lee Snead, Dr William C. Douglas and a Host of others. Dr Francis Boyle say COVID-19 IS A BIOWEAPON.
    Being Strong Is The Only Choice We Have.


  27. Go ahead take the vaccine for this fake pandemic & prove you are a fool!!!

  28. Trump impeachment bs, two weeks after that pandemic starts, then stock market crash, shutdowns, mail voting bs, trump looses, and then vaccine released 3 days after voting results. It is not by chance this is happening like this folks.

  29. im waiting for the world to blow up

  30. Before the clip was taken: Let me put some water on my eyes and some extra added sad emotions so I can fool people,
    3….2….1 0:22

    After the clip was taken she started to do tiktok dances

  31. Iron Age – Hesiod finds himself in the Iron Age. During this age, humans live an existence of toil and misery. Children dishonor their parents, brother fights with brother and the social contract between guest and host (xenia) is forgotten. During this age, might makes right, and bad men use lies to be thought good. At the height of this age, humans no longer feel shame or indignation at wrongdoing; babies will be born with gray hair and the gods will have completely forsaken humanity: "there will be no help against evil."
    buckle up buckaroo's!!!

  32. Weird how the people who say this vaccine is dangerous for you are the same people who say burning fossil fuels has absolutely no negative effects on the enviroment

  33. I know this is off topic, but i had some mac and cheese. it was yummy 🤤

  34. Health care workers may receive different vaccine than the public. WHO knows

  35. For a disease with 99.98%survival rate,, do deadly that I have to be tested to see if I have it,, we get a vaccine made in record time even though the virus has never been isolated. It’s so safe that big tech has to censor doctors & scientists warning about risks from it. All pushed by a billionaire drop out software programmer with no healthcare background . This same individual bragged about how populations can be reduced by 15-20% w vaccines.

  36. Why vaccines are not needed….. There are many other options already ready and tested. Watch Doctors in USA Senate few days ago. We don't need to wait, STOP THIS NOW!

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