Tuesday , March 31 2020
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UAW president accused of embezzling membership dues: Report

Fox News’ Mike Tobin reports how United Automobile Workers leaders allegedly embezzled $1.5 million in union funds.

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  1. Oh please. Another Union boss stealing from it's workers. Just low class rats. UAW=corruption. Workers should refuse to pay these pigs.

  2. The life-cycle of left wing causes: Movement->Business Model->Racket

  3. Union's scam in manufacturing jobs of automotives and their back stories is exposing their backgrounds working ethics and business in foreign policies.

  4. Really is a shame on making money with Charles.

  5. just wondering why Buissnes fox dont report on Uruguay? just wondering… (is it cause its a succes socialist country, leagal 1 dollar weed? u know run by the state setting the prise limit on 1 dollar?) its called the switzerland of america…

  6. Auto workers for President Trump !

  7. Maintained long term skimming until the IRS heard they weren't getting their cut

  8. corrupt union bosses say it ain't so

  9. It's because Democrats are going to do what Democrats do.

  10. I'm shocked. Oh wait, no I'm not. Some of those Union leaders, are as corrupt as So Capone.

  11. OMG! Another left-winger screwing the wage earners, whilst the Democrat controlled government looks the other way. Why am I not at all surprised?

  12. They’re going to send him to the same resort as Jimmy Hoffa

  13. President Trump…Please drain this swamp!

  14. Union leaders should be investigate in CA. Brown and Obama taxed retired Union members. 10% Federal, 5% State, 5% County. My son has 33% taken out of his Union pension check.
    Who voted for this abuse ?
    Trump 2020

  15. If true = If it can be proved in a court of law

  16. Duh! News acts like they were in the dark about corruption.

  17. …and they can't find any of that in the Clinton circles…interesting

  18. They’ve been corrupt for decades…they’re broke and want taxpayers to bail them out. Abolish unions!

  19. “ imagine my shock” …

  20. Union bosses bought land and built massive golf courses "for their members" as vacation locations. Except their members never knew about it. And their members didn't golf. Nothing was done about that type of fleecing of employee funds. Hopefully we get prosecutions that lead to the entire collapse of this shitshow communist UAW.

  21. Is been that way from day one. Ask Jimmy Hoffa where is he anyway?

  22. $1.2 million. That is chicken fee.. Taxpayers get stiffed with Congress Salaries. Pensions Premium Medical etc.. Around $350,000.00 a year for each one. And all they can do is RussiaImpeach for the last 3 years. Add that up for 200 Congressman.. Cost the taxpayers $50 million a year….

  23. Union leadership embezzling dues! I'm shocked! 😂 Crush the UAW!

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