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UNBOXING BEAUTIFUL THINGS // Zimmerman, LoveShackFancy & Valentino | Fashion Mumblr

UNBOXING BEAUTIFUL THINGS // Zimmerman, LoveShackFancy & Valentino
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Self Portrait dress –
Zimmermann dress –
White Self Portrait dress –
Reformation set –
White Zimmermann dress –

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  1. All your dresses are beautiful and elegant
    The pants outfit is soooo elegant and beautiful

  2. The first Zimmerman dress is drop dead gorgeous!!! I might pass on the second one though

  3. everything you bought was ABSOLUTELY stunning omg😍😍if i could, i would buy everything you bought !! i honestly love your fashion sense, you’re kinda my style icon ngl😂the only one that i wasn’t sure about was the two piece set, everything else was absolutely gorgeous !

  4. No to the white Loveshackfancy dress. It’s too big for u n it’s not flattering. No to the white Zimmerman either bcos ur other Zimmerman’s are way more gorgeous!!! Love the new style of edits with the price on each dress. It’s really helpful. N the leopard print dress u got on really flatters ur figure. Oh btw, the white maxi with asymmetrical shoulder, looks absolutely stunning on u. Love ur videos Josie👌🏼👍🏼💃🏻

  5. Keep the first and the fives dresses only

  6. Hi Josie! I hope you dont mind but I totally agree with the Cambodia comments. If you’re going to Paris then wear these premium/designer clothes and accessories all you want. But with countries like Cambodia I think it would be sensible to be modest and not so fancy with what you’re wearing. Using the place as a backdrop to your pictures got me like “what are you thinking?” haha I mean I always see you as a sensible girl with all your sustainability awareness feeds and contents. Be there and appreciate the view and the culture instead. I know you’re more than just a vlogger, you are an “influencer” – influence your viewers to make a difference and not be indifferent. 💋

  7. Wow those are pricey. I'd be worried about getting them dirty especially while traveling. Fun to experiment with new brands and styles though!

  8. The third dress looks a bit like a nightgown. Just my opinion.

  9. 1st dress 👍, 2nd outfit is nice and not too young👌🏻, 3rd dress is a no👎doesn't fit right. Selfridges box: all dresses look amazing, pants and crop top are ok but not "wow". You are so classy, girly and warm i love it😍

  10. Josie first of all I love all your looks once again! Anything you wear flatters you! The only piece I would return is the last one.i believe you will get more use out of your other dresses.once again you are an inspiration!!!!

  11. Frankly, I’m surprised at your choices for Cambodia. Really think you should have sought advice from folk that have already visited for advice. The style isn’t appropriate- visually and culturally. Are you visiting the people and the country or using it as a photo shoot? I kinda feel a lot of this isn’t your signature – Zimmerman type prices of late- and the styles are not classic. I’m sure other loyal followers like myself will agree that you seem to be trying to fix something that ain’t broke of late. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. I love all these purchases but not exactly the white and black co ord.. its not my style either!

  13. I have to agree with some of the Cambodia comments. I was there a few months back and to be honest looking fashionable was the last thing on my mind. To be as comfortable & respectable as possible (to their culture) works best.

  14. Plzzz keep the maxi statement sleeve dress, it’s absolutely gorgeous

  15. Outfits looks nice. I say no to the 2 white dresses.

  16. I loved this video so much 😍 Beautiful and unusual clothes are the best ❤

  17. Hi sweetheart ! A little tip Think about when you travel abroud , You have two cover your shoulders ( in Temples) BUT I guess you know that already.Have a wonderful trip.

  18. Love your video. I think send the rainbow skittles dress back, the Rome pant set and the Swiss miss white at the end. You have other lovely things to wear. Hugs

  19. very lovely feminine dresses.I certainly don't have the opportunity to wear them but love seeing them

  20. Did u say Cambodia 🇰🇭?

  21. The last dress is just a bit confused – pirate bodice, regimental epaulettes… too much going on there – and you have loads of white embellished dresses. These looked like late evening impulse buys – all are similar to what you have in better colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. Keep the shoes, jettison the rest.

  22. You are so gorgeous!!! I love absolutely everything and you definitely deserve treating yourself! You work so hard and you can definitely see it in your videos and you definitely one of my favourite YouTubers!!!😍💕

  23. The pink 👗 look to kiddy. I love the white dress!

  24. Oh dear, I didn't like much at all. Shoes yes, no to all the white, no to the Roman outfit, too many no I don't think so. I am sorry Darling Girl. Smocked dress is a yes, and the black and white is a yes.

  25. Hi josie, I love everything apart from the white dress, the wow dress. Zimmerman dress is to die for lol. Love 💖 u. Xxxx

  26. Valentino Rockstds & Pintuck cotten dress are so your style! Love them xx

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