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UNBOXING MY FIRST CHANEL BAG! // Vintage Pre-Loved Classic Flap // Fashion Mumblr

UNBOXING MY FIRST CHANEL BAG! // Vintage Pre-Loved Classic Double Flap in Ivory Lambskin – second hand from XUPES.com
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Jumper – http://bit.ly/2PsfIXl
Necklace – https://rstyle.me/cz-n/dbb5ap2bzw
Earrings – http://bit.ly/2PkjXUR

Featured //

Chanel Bag gifted via Xupes – https://www.xupes.com/handbags/product-details/19948/chanel/ivory-quilted-lambskin-vintage-medium-classic-double-flap-bag.html


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  1. Def not practically brand new… lamb skin is puffy when you first get it. But looks beautiful! Xx

  2. Gorgeous bag and gorgeous color! I hope you enjoy it for many years! Love that you didn’t go basic black! Black is so harsh against lighter colors. Also everyone has black and it’s more fun to be different. You’re not afraid to live how you want and that’s fabulous! That color will look amazing with everything! Nothing better than lambskin too. It’s just stunning! Glad you follow your heart and plan to use it daily.

    Baby wipes are good for cleaning it (there’s a good YouTube video someone posted showing how they clean a beige lambskin Chanel with baby wipes) and if you get any bad color transfer, lightly circular rub area with a damp magic eraser. I have a pale lilac lambskin and I got color transfer out that way. You can test a hidden area first if you’re afraid.

  3. It looks fantastic!! Just proves that they don't make things how they use to back in the day.

  4. I’m getting into vintages bags now. Love this colour and hardware selections! Good choice 😊

  5. I would go for a vintage bag too. I love the stories behind the bag, daydreaming about the places it went and the person who used it. Especially with an old bag. And the colour is perfect, I would probably never buy another black bag as well. These light colours are perfect to me.

  6. Beautiful bag, I’m venturing into vintage Chanel as well. How is the lambskin holding up? I know you mentioned you’ll be wearing a lot. I’m just scared of vintage being delicate. Thanks in advance ☺️

  7. Soooo happy for you ! Beautiful bag 😍

  8. It's beautiful… almost as beautiful as u.

  9. I wish I could like this video twice. Beautiful bag. Congrats 🎉🍾. I am sooo happy for you.

  10. Beautiful bag! Looking forward to seeing you style it☺

  11. It’s amazingly gorgeous!! 😍😍😍 The classy, elegant quilted look is what sold me. I am not big for designer bags like Gucci, or Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, but Chanel screams my idea bag. I love everything about it & I hope to own one one day. 💖

  12. that bag is so gorgeous it took my breath away <3

  13. Love that you’re not going to baby your bag! It’s so beautiful and there’s no point in purchasing something so beautiful only to have it sit in the dust bag because the owner is too afraid to use it!! Enjoy your gorgeous purchase!!

  14. Wow! Congratulations of your purchase. How exciting you must be thrilled!!! You 100% deserve it. Best YouTuber EVER! Brill vid love it 🥰

  15. Thank you for the suggestion of the book about the science of buying – I ordered it immediately, a used copy, ( reduce reuse recycle repurpose refuse) and can't wait to start reading!

  16. Congrats, Josie! I think you made a wonderful choice! This bag is beautiful! And I think this bag will look great with everything ))) (especially with some knitted jumper dress).

  17. very nice!! would like to know about more websites on pre-loved luxury goods!

  18. Chanel is for rich, old women, and that is exactly how this bag looks like.
    It is boring and unsexy.

  19. Beautiful bag, take a look at “Chase Amies” channel on YouTube, her videos are mostly about designer bags, she also talks preloved and care tips. x

  20. Such a great site, will definitely keep it in mind

  21. Great piece! Love vintage Chanel bags!

  22. Wow that is such a good condition vintage bag! I’m hoping to find a vintage in condition like this hopefully

  23. Nice bag. Color is beautiful. Good for you.

  24. OOOO! VINTAGE! My favorites – items that have proven the test of time, so you know they will endure. Not to mention; it's the ultimate recycling. I love items with a history – it's like taking an old friend along with you.

  25. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!! 😍 Omg I freaked out, that is such a gorgeous bag lol

  26. Congratulations and excellent choice – she is beautiful! I don’t own a Chanel, but have bought a couple of pre-loved high end bags, it is a fabulous way to enjoy a beautiful statement piece.

  27. Even though you didn't buy the bag from a Chanel boutique I am confident that someone you know has. They offer a white buffing cloth that helps keep your lambskin bag from scratching. Is that a jumbo classic double flap?

  28. Congratulations on your Chanel she’s beautiful 😊 I have the Le Boy on my wishlist for Christmas 🎄

  29. CONGRATULATIONS HUN. She is so gorgeous!!!  Amazing you found one at her age too.  Wear her in great health and TFS XOXO

  30. It really is beautiful and will compliment your wardrobe, however Coco Chanel was not a nice person and collaborated with the Nazi party during WW2 I can't understand why people gush about Chanel.

  31. I love this bag SO much and it honestly suits you and your style so much ! I’ve never even thought twice about buying vintage but your bag made me see vintage Chanel in a new light!! I hope you’re enjoying your new bag ♥️♥️ lovely as always!

  32. I love Chanel Products, I love the bags and have most of the makeup—Congratulations on your first Chanel bag. 🙂

  33. Absolutely stunning!! It’s so lovely to see more influencers buying vintage. I will definitely be checking out that website. 😍

  34. Bi canta icin bu kadar konuşulur mu? 😱😱

  35. Lovely bag!
    I have 6 pre loved chanel bags
    My advice is to spray it with collonil water stop every few months. It stops colour transfer and protects if you get stuck in a shower.
    It doesnt harm the lambskin, i use it on all my chanel lamb and caviar

  36. What made you decide to shop at XUPES instead of other well known pre-loved sites like Fashionphile or the RealReal?

  37. The colour is so you! Such a stunning bag.

  38. The bag is beautiful !! So Happy for you 😍

  39. Oh…. DREAM….. perfect bag for you – classy and beautiful. Colour superb. I have got a hint for you….how about red satin skirt I have found one for you- satin red skirt from Hush.
    So happy for you 😀😀😀😀

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