Monday , January 25 2021
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Union gives de Blasio vote of 'no confidence', state to take control of schools

NYC Principals union give Mayor Bill de Blasio a vote of no confidence and ask New York State to take over schools.

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  3. Get rid off BOTH OF THEM. Cuomo and De Blasio is the virus for NYC.

  4. Is this sorry excuse for a Mayor on drugs? It seems all leftists in authority are in a big competition to be the biggest wack job in the nation. A dumb idea, one upped by an even dumber idea. What is going on? Many things they do is simply common sense terrible.

  5. New York urgently needs Conservatives & Republicans to take charge.

  6. There are almost no Republican office holders in the Big Apple. (Even if you want to, you can't blame the Republicans for the NYC fiasco. ) Nevertheless, Biden and his crew still don't understand how the NYC crisis is a Democrat problem. For that reason alone, Democrats deserve to be voted out of power for at least a decade.

  7. Mayor Wilhelm Von Duh Bozo should stand down, stand back & stand far away and resign. Then he can sit down at home.

  8. if the state takes control of the schools,,than all federal money needs to stop immediately,,,,

  9. Need to eliminate the FAILING

  10. Hope NY will vote smarter in 2020 and remove all anti american democrats that are ruining their state.

  11. GOP needs to remove the presidential term limits. If none of these other fools have a term limit why does the presidency have a term limit?

  12. Tenure for professors and teachers unions have ruined the public school system.

  13. When do the Dems start welding your door shut
    They said they would shut off your electric
    Next your food and your water
    Shut the demunist down now
    Good luck New York
    Our prayers are with you
    Oeo 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. They're finally going to take action against this idiot it's his last term as mayor he can't serve as a mayor again so he's just blowing the city up and ripping it off for as much money as he can get before he leaves

  15. de Blasio is a corrupt globalist, and needs to be prosecuted for the covid fraud, crimes against humanity & treason

  16. Deblasio sucks! Did anyone notice how dark that ladies face was? It was like a dark orange brown…wtf!

  17. I bet if the elections come again in NYC the School Union will vote for Mayor DiBlasio again.

  18. Notice now how the left media is blaming the president for getting covid because he doesn't wear a cloth muzzle? This is disgusting and it's time the truth comes out on masks they are not the law infact the law is being broken in every state w businesses mandating masks . They are breaking the law. People wake up and do not by onto this mask lie . Even fauci said months ago masks do not do a thing but cause a false sense of security then he back peddled . Again . Like he has done for months. It's time the truth is out and left media reporters stop this nonsense about masks

  19. NYC needs to call it and just say they're in a state of emergency 🤷‍♂️✅

  20. Oh everything can be done by computer It's what the democrat's wanted so what's the problem.🤔

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