Sunday , August 1 2021
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Unique Program Allows Incarcerated Moms To Keep Their Babies With Them | NBC Nightly News

NBC’s Kate Snow visits the Washington Corrections Center for Women, where moms who meet certain criteria are allowed to keep their babies with them behind bars. It’s one of a handful of prisons across the country with similar residential parenting programs. The director there says the program helps with essential bonding, and studies show moms who keep their children in prison are less likely to return.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Unique Program Allows Incarcerated Moms To Keep Their Babies With Them | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Wow possibility for good behavior early release too

  2. Why was a black woman and baby used as your main headline picture?! Racists !

  3. Very interesting, God is love!!!!

  4. where is the babies rights , who wants to live in a smelly prison.

  5. Well thats nice because 90% of inmates are only in Prison for Tax Code violations … A money thing Americans are killed and imprisoned for being poor and maybe not to smart.. Most of what you think are laws are not they are tax codes , your just clueless as to the control mechanisms that undermines the Constitution and Bill of Rights…We the people are the New Cash Cow ..

  6. Did that black woman say, “I think we need to stop imprisoning men and women the same.”? You do the same crime, you get the same punishment.

  7. and who is paying for the rugrats care…taxpayers??

  8. NBC news:
    I think your story about mothers in prison is a great step towards rehabilitation,
    I love this story.
    Great job…….

  9. It's non violent short term incarceration. Usually no longer than 18 months, very rarely past 3 years.This is a good thing. Other countries do this with great success. I can't believe the ignorant responses here by people. No kid will be in jail for a long time with mom. As They even stated the benefits of the program with data to back it up, and still the bs flows. Open up your minds ffs. Prisons are to punish, but also reform people so they can rejoin society at on point. I'm going to safely say it's mostly Republicans/ Trump supporters knocking this program.

  10. Caring, Compassion and Concern and everyone in the eyes of God need Hope in Jesus Name.

  11. Good idea! Growing up in a prison will sure make them kids real well in the head. Whats your next brainfart, liberals? Allowing people to marry animals?

  12. tell me why NBC had to announce the crime of only the black woman. This is what people mean when they say, built in bias. This is a wonderful program for children and women. Why can't we focus on that? The black woman in this segment represented the minority in the group. Why must her crime be announced and no one elses. Do better NBC. Do better!

  13. So these women can keep their kids after committing crimes, but the immigrants are separated from their children just for crossing the border?

  14. Such a good thing to do for these women but where do these kids go during lockdown? It doesn’t. Seem safe, but I’m happy they have this in the works

  15. Hey, does anyone remember when they did that furry interview thing a couple years back? Yeah, just watched it today. I might be a furry now

  16. Il say release them back to the jungle.. is not right to take them away from their wild habitat like that..

  17. Omg all these young ladies are so amazing . I love women and how much they love their babies

  18. Great idea looks like the little ones are happy. Looks like the project is working.

  19. So easy to point out the MAGA supporter in the comments

  20. Having their 👶 gives them something to live for. Hope & ambition.

  21. I don't see enough trees in this footage.. its important for the rehabilitation progress..

  22. I believed they should start a program for those moms to have p o r n h u b. account and pay the taxpayers back..

  23. Mass incarceration is destroying our country.
    The United States keeps more people locked up than any other country on earth.
    The land of the free.

  24. Babies born and living in prison. Well, I guess it's better than the child not knowing whom it's mother is.

  25. why not, they'll be behind bars eventually anyway, at least they'll be used to them

  26. What about the fathers in prison ? Women have way more rights than men.

  27. Ok none violent criminal females♀😢 but not violent criminal females, its understanding but really not

  28. Why isn't there a program for fathers that will allow them to keep their kids while they are incarcerated?

  29. Hahahahahahhahahahshahahahahhahahahhahahah hahhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahaha wtf

  30. That ain't right it's like saying I been locked up since birth when they get older

  31. the youth now n days are already mentally twisted as is this is the topping on the cake to disaster .

  32. Put the baby in cuffs too 🤗

  33. Little Tyrone now has a mother he can be proud of.. just before he grows up and turns into a life of crime and animals instincts..


  35. So tax payers are parents to mother and child. Got it

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