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Unknown facts about breathing | Health and Wellness

One of the things all of us take for granted in life is the simple act of breathing. However, just by concentrating on our breathing technique, you can reap exceptional benefits. Here is how…


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  1. Yes, we have to take care of our breathing which improves our quality of life in toto by improving our health, keeps our mind cool and keeps stress out of our life.

  2. Beautiful awesome video.. such subtle but profound facts you had mentioned.. Great keep it up!!

  3. Lord Krishna is the Originator of Yoga, where breathing is the basic! Read Bhagawath Geetha Chapter IV, slokas from 29 to 30 and get enlightened!

  4. Awesome Video thanks +SpeakingTree team

  5. very knowledgeable video…even a small thing like Conscious breathing can affect ones life drastically

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