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UPDATE- The Debrief: Tracking Hurricane Dorian, Texas shooting spree, deadly boat fire l ABC NEWS

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  1. 0:50 Why is someone mentally ill even driving truck❓❓❓❓❓❓

  2. Research HAARP Weather Modification. That storms not even going to hit us✔

  3. Time to ban hurricanes, boat fires and mass shootings

  4. Gio Benitez needs to cool it . You aren’t going to become Jim Cantore no matter how dramatic you try to be

  5. America:fuck the climate
    Climate:fuck you too

  6. 5:35 looks like a good video shoot to me. That's alotta weight on all of them if they are bohemians.

  7. this is whats wroung with the world the people in the water have know respect people our brothers and sisters have lifes been lost and people act like noting happened lord wake up the americas wake up the rest of the world this has noring to do with climate change the place whats happening is exactly what jesus said and the elites know this and i beleave they are expecting much worse this is why they have the fema coffins the world has gone mad brainwashed this is not normal none of it things are happening all around the world

  8. So? Where is everybody moving to not die of the hurricane

  9. FUCK OFF…. I see more fear porn and tropical storm. I see people who lived right on the beach getting wet, nothing more, due to a King Tide. Do you know what causes those? No, you do not have a clue, because you were trained by assholes. As for America, it was nothing but psyops fear porn… FUCK YOU.

  10. As usual they use the hurricane to to be arrogant and condescending toward the President! And use the tragedy in Texas to push gun control. Trump as with anyone else deserves to relax. ESPECIALLY since the man not only works 20 hours daily but has to deal with bashing 24/7. He'll return having to deal with the crisis in the Bahamas and I'm sure with getting HOURLY UPDATES he's hardly able to enjoy himself as these two would hope you believe! Come on people you really can't be that gullable can you???

  11. Love Kimberly's Black Panther Doo……

  12. Prayers for everyone on the east coast what type of storm just hovers for 24 hours?

  13. Prayers for Florida why isn't that storm moving north yet?

  14. Just look at it!!! Just look look at it!!!!! JUST LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!! (1:00)

    Many blinded Asian women's "white prince". (1:10)

  15. That clown suit needs to stay in the theaters how about us moms who would never let our little ones see that nasty Clown…

  16. Let me guess. Category 5 hurricanes are fake news.

  17. Ron Burke, get out of there and away from that water!

  18. This storm won't die. It stays a 2 all the way up there?!

  19. 공부. 운동. Etc ~ 무한 신기해 🇺🇸날씨온도 . ㅋ×무한.

  20. 무한 신기해 🇺🇸날씨온도 . ㅋ×무한.

  21. People the Bahamas that was expected when they decided to slow it down over the island for whatever reason. So this is not GODS work this storm seems to be MAN MADE yes weather modification used as a weoapon wether you belive it or not people. This storm isn't gods work it's owned by an agency that's allowed to do this look it up yourself this is not natural or normal plus it's not really affecting FLORIDA so just wait for some bail out money trail they created for them selfs and we pay for it like dummies. MONEY STORMS

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