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US ambassador to EU to testify in impeachment inquiry l ABC News

Gordon Sondland will comply with a subpoena and is expected to provide key testimony in the House impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

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  1. All Set Up By Nancy And The Lair Schiff…This Is The Biggest Joke In American History And The World Is Laughing.

  2. I M P E A C H – Putin's Puppet – while you can!

  3. Why are we holding impeachment hearings in private…!!!
    American should have the right to see the impeachment process live like we did for Bill Clinton..

  4. Moscow Mitch will enable all future presidents commit treason, break laws, and get away with all of it.
    Moscow Mitch must Resign!
    Traitor Mitch!!!

  5. McConnell wouldn't do anything because his wife Elaine Chao is employed by Trump.
    Throughly Corrupt Republicans.
    They are rotting America.

  6. Can you really take ABC news seriously after they spread false news from a gun range?

  7. Why are they waiting so long to impeach Trump with their mountains of evidence that they have?

  8. Democrats doing more sneaky underhanded closed door interviews they're making themselves look suspicious as hell, trying to hide everything from the public's eye, not letting the gop lawmakers take part, not holding a vote, not allowing due process, gonna backfire on them just give it time.

  9. This is what happens, when ya'll ignore it…hoping it will just go away. It has now become a crisis. Hope they actually take this seriously.

  10. Oh look now we have what or c-spire holyshit what a bunch of freaking assholes

  11. I wouldn't trust anyone very much who deals with the UN….. I know we have to have a UN Ambassador but the UN taints everything it touches

  12. The EU shouldn't have a say in this.

  13. ABC is a joke. Fake news at its best. No credibly left after very obvious fake video they put on few days ago about Syria. No, Trump will not be impeached and will win the with it.

  14. I always watch ABC news when I want the truth.

  15. More crap from the fake news. Still pushing that impeachment boulder up that hill.

  16. Lol, they are just butt hurt cause it's proven anyone could do their jobs

  17. I have heard so much about the president would trust his personnel lawyer when the government agency that have worked against him that what any one with any brains would do

  18. CR-ISIS IN ABC Peace broke out in seria

  19. Isn't the President the PRESIDENT?

  20. Hop on board the Trump train and let's get rid of the circus clowns that get paid under the table and sell are country out!

  21. Shameful embarrassment for you ABC… This ILLEGAL impeachment inquiry is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, the "subpoenas" are NOT enforceable nor backed by any US Court. This sham is ridiculous and your spreading of propaganda is both seditious & atrocious dare I say: Boarding on TREASONOUS. May God have mercy on your soul as your corporation goes down in flames.

  22. Are we supposed to believe this! Closed door with no access to the transcript PLUS being reported by ABC (Ambiguous Broadcast Company)

  23. Clinton and Obama are LUCKY AS ALL HELL that they are shielded from capital punishment. Remember that the Rosenbergs were executed for a FRACTION of the crimes committed here !!

  24. Lol. It's the EU FFS?! Ever heard of the NWO? It's no conspiracy! They will lie, cheat, steal to get Trump out. Period. You are going down liars!! Trump 2020 will be the last nail. Suck it!! Project Veritas. See the truth!!

  25. This is NOTHING MORE than a diversion from the left wing socialists. The TRUTH is that we are in the midst of the BIGGEST political scandal unfolding in our nation's history !!

  26. Y'all like peach TEA also ?

  27. Wonder what chairman cummings has to sa…… Oh, wait….

  28. I need to go to the Porta-Potty take a George and wipe my Steponapolis.

  29. I've long said that there's nothing that defines the megalomania of this generation better then pretend petitions that effect absolutely nothing. Apparently, now the Senate is catching on to the trend. Christ.

  30. Who else enjoying the trolls’ comments?

  31. ABC wants a police state where enemies of the party can be punished. Secret police monitor everyone. News is all party propaganda.
    My father had to go all the way to Europe to fight people like you and now you are here.

  32. EU ambassador my ass…ok, technically yes…he’s a whore

  33. ABC repeating the lies. Why would anyone watch this garbage.

  34. Let me get this straight. The guy who told the ambassador in a text message that there was no quid pro quo is now saying there was a quid pro quo….under oath. Huh!🙄

  35. Isn’t it amazing how everyone caught onto the white helmets and then they just fucking disappeared all of a sudden never to be heard of again

  36. Funny that you people complain about the rich elite while digesting all the news that the rich elite feed to you. Fuckin morons.

  37. So is the ambassador to the European Union going to bring up the fact that they had a deal with Russia for a pipeline through Syria that also America wanted to stop on behalf of Saudi Arabia because of the petrodollar is anyone going to bring up this is the reason for the Syrian war and not Assad attacking his own people

  38. These demons are not very smart and scramble like cockroaches when they think they see an opportunity to ramp up the divide and conquer routine. We The People used to trust the media until it because fake CIA crisis actors also known as the hatefilled arm of the evil cabal. Just keep chanting "demons are dumba$$es"..we feed you rope..and you will hang yourself..have some more rope.🙏💜✌

  39. Communist George 'putin boy' Ateponpoo ABC commy network.

  40. Stop lying to your sheep. This is a partisan hit job. Pathetic and fake news. Corrupt media.

  41. This isn't news, nothing on YouTube's trending news is actually news, been that way for awhile now.. All feelings and president bad, I've resulted to reading the back of the shampoo bottle while on the toilet now..

  42. Let's see. Trump cuts off aid to Ukraine for a week for apparently no reason, then calls their president. Sounds like strong-arm tactics and blackmail to me. "Do what i want or you won't get this anymore."

  43. ABC’s Fake News🇺🇸‼️

  44. Just waiting for Ruth to die….

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