Thursday , July 2 2020
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US, China reach a phase one trade deal: Sources

Sources tell Fox Business that the U.S. and China have reached a phase one trade deal.

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  1. Well, Trump can call it a deal but it looks like the same song and dance to me. I'm tired of China selling their junk over here and sending stuff that's got lead in it and Arsenic and pollutants and dope I'm sick of it. Now we've been very good trade Partners to the Chinese but they're not going to screw us no more and if they don't like it and they don't want to trade with us anymore fine. This is just to make Donald Trump look good I certainly am not going to vote for a Democrat looking how nutty they are and I voted for Trump last time but I won't vote for that dipstick again that a**** is going to get us into a war that we don't need and he's a stitching to push that red but just one time so that he can feel like a man well you know what he can go f*** right off This is no deal I looked at the content of the trade deal and we're getting screwed again.

  2. Without trump’s cooperate welfare … trump economy would fail.

  3. It’s a tRump distraction tack tick.

  4. China wont stand up to its end of the bargain,and theres no way to insure that it does.

  5. Great to have a strong caring President and did so much already for America under being bullied by the corrupt Democratic Party but Godbless President Trump Saint Michael keep evil away from are President Trump 🙏🏻

  6. Where are the reports about Comey conspiring with Obama and Clinton to interfere in the election and overthrow the president???

  7. The Democratic Party is still waiting for the economy to tank, so it hurts President Trump's re-election bid, so any news like this is killing them. WARNING: This comment will cause a Dem to get TDS–>> In Nov., there were 266,000 new jobs, and a record low unemployment rate of 3.5%.

  8. CCP just successfully postpone the tariff again! Can Trump see it? He’s been fooled so many times, still don’t learn?

  9. Ok, can we have details of this deal?

  10. No deal

    China doesn't want to deal period.
    Same bull Sh***t since 2017 , phase 1. 2018 phase 12019 phase bull sh***t again.
    China will not deal until all the tariffs are rolled back.
    Remember, mexico was going to pay for the wall.

  11. Same bull since 2017 , phase 1. 2018 phase 1, 2019 phase bull sh***t again

  12. Surecenvastchgentovarentovastsurecentachelhanitisurecencasttovitsurevmcenvitenenkanhet

  13. How many times has Trump claimed we are about to reach a deal over the years? I'll believe it when I see it. I hope not too many farmers committed suicide. This sounds like stock market malipulation to me.

  14. Will the American working class benefit from a deal?

  15. China media reported the news at around 23:00, Friday(Beijing Time), did mention that only phase 1 has been reached.


    STOP dealing with these COMMUNISTS!

    They will only buy "U.S." products from their own owned facilities!


  17. China will not buy more than pre-trade war amount of farm products if US did not rollback tariffs to pre-trade war figure. It will be no deal.

  18. The Phase1 trade deal with China-US will be put on Legal Lawsuit Paper of USA Whitehouse and USA National Archives.

  19. Trump trying to save himself just a bs deal that won't happen

  20. I will only believe it when Nancy Pelosi holds a USMCA esq press conference saying it was all down to her.

  21. Spineless obama did nothing to correct the trade deficit with china.


  23. China realizes Trump will be Re-elected for 4 more years and China cannot sustain it's economy without a long term deal as China has been used to abusing America one President after another with no repucution except this one named Donald Trump a Lion in the business

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