Saturday , February 27 2021
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US facing 'economic downturn' if Dems spend money like it grows on trees: Cawthorn

Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., warns Democrats’ COVID-19 relief bill is a spending ‘wish list’ that will ‘destroy small businesses.’

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  1. 512,590 deaths 28,826,307 covid cases, 3000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after the WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown.

  2. IT Does Crow on Trees. Because their is nothing to back it up with except our Country and our People.
    So we are being sold to other Country's. Mostly China.

  3. Pelosi, doesn't belong in the House.

  4. Is the money he committed to sending to other countries hidden in one of the topics listed?

  5. Hey this racist, traitor and liar cawthorn is a POS

  6. Faux News and Lindsey want to convince GOP non-believers that without Trump the GOP will never win an election. With Trump, the GOP lost the House, the Senate, and the Presidency but Lindsey will prove that those elections were stolen. Lindsey will also explain how the GOP won so many elections before Trump hijacked it. Yeah, right!

  7. Agree with him! Democrats are disgusting 🤮

  8. Gop never was the party of fiscally responsible every republican president added trillions to our debt since Reagan Bill Clinton and Obama both cut the deficit while they was in office Bill Clinton is the last one to balance the books and pay down our debt and leave office with a surplus no republican president ever did that

  9. Trump added 8 trillion dollars to the debt 4 years. Trump quadrupled the budget deficit in only four years he is the reason why the debt is so high biden only in office for a month

  10. Reagan tripled the debt in 8 years and both bushes double the debt in office and trump added 8 trillion in 4 years why does the gop voters thinks the republican party is so good on the debt

  11. Did the GOP forgot that Donald Trump added 8 trillion dollars in debt in 4 years

  12. The gop only cares about the debt when the democrats are in office but they spend trillions when they are in power

  13. SMH …as usual, dems want to pay for stuff with OTHER folks money…

  14. Why does everything have to do with blue states and red states aren’t we just one America is just one not divided in the blue states and red states where than United States as one not freaking red states and blue states


  16. Did u see the political giveaway in the first stimulus

  17. It's already gone, inflation here we goooo

  18. Biden's daily approval rating, Feb-21-2021.
    Approve 34%, disapprove 39%.

  19. That's what the Dems want our nation to go belly up and become a 3rd world nation with the rich living the good life while the rest of us getting scraps

  20. Democrats are hellbent on destroying America. Now bullying cable networks to stop airing conservative news. Wake up people. They are forcing their agenda on America.

  21. Lou Dobbs and who else reported on the election fraud? So, now they report on this as if this isn't by design by the NWO through the CCP and commies in the US government who are conduits of this chaos here in the states! As if there is going to be something done about it? As if there's going to be any constructive debate to correct this especially from the same Congress who cemented the stolen election on 01/06/2021! I guess the only real comfort I could offer to any informed American (patriot here) is to take comfort in the fact that you didn't actually vote for Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris and therefore tried to save your country and not contribute to it's downfall or tried to slow it at the least.

  22. US facing 'economic downturn' if Reps dont pay tax money

  23. Geez Fox News, you never heard of an evergreen tree

  24. Trump's tax plan cost America 2 trillion dollars. But now you want to whine about spending?

  25. What’s wrong with a $15 minimum wage? It’s actually close to what the minimum wage was in 1968 when you adjust it for inflation, it will bring in more payroll tax which will help social security, and it will cause more people to come off government welfare assistance. Big corporations fight against a higher wage because they expect the government to pay welfare to their employees so they can redirect more of their profits to their shareholders. A low minimum wage is one more piece of corporate socialism that needs to be eliminated.

  26. There should be legislation that unless you prove your compitince by balancing your own states budget, and not running a deficit your financial opinion does not matter. Infact, there should be a prerequisite that your State be debt free in order to vote on these matters… The last thing we need is a bunch of incompetent politicians making policies on matters they are not educated in. Madison is absolutely correct!

  27. All this contributes to hyper inflation! The hyper inflation will reduce the debt..

  28. Dems can do what they want and Republicans can't do a thing about it. Thx Mitch

  29. 🤡🤯😳😡😷😕😠🤡👎

  30. Cawthorn amazes me how he can have a smile on his face but yet still be without any legs. In a environment and current state that we are in , most people including myself that have suffered a major life changing injury that disables you from walking like a human being for a long extended period of time , will find yourself in a state of major depression.

  31. You mean put money 💰 into slush funds now do you understand why none of them stood up to make sure your vote counted not to mention how will you get that garbage out of office

  32. This is is delusional and dumb

  33. Raising the fed min wage to 15 over 10 years wouldn't be catastrophic

  34. It's funny watching Nancy Poo-losi walk in high heels.

  35. You get this stimulus check you're going to end up paying for it in the end believe me it's not for the good of the people

  36. Oh he's worried about the money, and not the people you shouldn't be a congress member. Meanwhile Billionaires are making money off of hard working Americans.

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