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US formally calls out China for currency manipulation

Kaltbaum Capital Management President Gary Kaltbaum, FoxNews.com columnist Liz Peek, River Twice Capital President Zachary Karabell, Layfield Report CEO John Layfield discuss how the U.S. Treasury Department designated China as a currency manipulator.

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  1. When US does it, it's called "Quantitative Easing"
    When China does it, it's called "Currency Manipulation"

  2. Funny how America calls China a currency manipulator…..bc thats exactly what America did few years ago…..

  3. When IMF and other G7 countries all disagree with USA. Stop printing money USA! You are the worst currency manipulator! Thief

  4. I can't help to think about the Great Recession of Japan's economy in 1990 when Japanese Yen was forced to rocket by US. They want China to become another Japan but apparently China is fully prepared for the currency attack and now US is pointing fingers " currency manipulation" what a hypocrite.

  5. US govt play dirty game like Huawei again? Wait and see.

  6. Foxy IMF just said China is not a currency manipulator.

  7. "Trade wars are easy to win"
    -idiot who can only see one move ahead.

  8. More tax 20 % . Do it , just do it. As I’m American, I’m ready. MADE IN USA 🇺🇸.
    Without china, WE CAN . We can buy from Mexico, Malaysia , India , Canada , Korea , Bangladesh , even from Eastern Europe etc .

    So go with more tax

  9. Yeah i would be onboard with the message we're sending if it weren't for us manipulating currency too

  10. Just cut off all trade with China completely and be done with this nonsense.


  12. Nothing matters if they make ate money worthless

  13. Isn't this what happened with japan when they attacked pearl harbor?

  14. Most people don’t know what currency manipulation is so they won’t side with you.

  15. Thx….., just returning manufacturing center back to America …..

  16. America will win because the follow the rules but China thinks they can do anything and follow the rules that’s why China will loose

  17. So the US printing money til the cows come home isn't currency manipulation? The Fed raising and lowing interest rates at their discretion does not constitute currency manipulation? Wasn't the whole point of going off the gold standard in 1971 so that currency could more easily be manipulated? How big is the deficits we are running in the US? 22 Trillion? and we expect foreign governments who are holding huge amounts of our T-Bills to sit idly by and do nothing as their investments get watered down with more and more printing of money? Blame it on China or Russia or anybody you want but when you play the game of printing endless money based on the idea that it will always be accepted as having value. .eventually things go sideways. Just sayn. I mean I'm no fancy economist but wtf.

  18. The real danger arises because the label "currency manipulator" gives Trump the authority to ramp his trade war up into high gear, enacting punitive tariffs and possibly barring the importation of Chinese goods altogether. God only knows what insanity that idiot is going to tweet us into.
    How bad could this get? It could get really, really bad. Freezing up markets with round after round of retaliatory tariffs and tit-for-tat currency devaluation is how you wind up in a recession. Or worse. This is EXACTLY what happened as the Great Depression really got going in the 1930s: Everyone erected high tariff barriers and tried to out-compete their trading partners in devaluing (depreciating) their currencies … A few years of that and world trade ground to a near total halt.

  19. Trump failed to manipulate interest fall by threatening FED, and he is accusIng China manipulated currency when China currency "successfully" fell. Why he has been always negatively thinking and putting on his hat on others? This sounds like psychological unstability and the story of the "fox with the sour grapes" 😰😰😰. Does Trump feel ashame when he threathens FED to lower down the interest rates when the finance experts think that is not neccessary?

  20. People…the Chinese will never do anything that is good for anyone……見不得別人好…眼紅….just as some dirty selfish greedy Americans…..look for themselves individually gain wealthy lifestyles with what ever it takes to gets their goal of……

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