Tuesday , June 22 2021
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US leadership, media and cultural elites have turned on police: Baker

FOX Business’ Gerry Baker discusses the ‘deeply ominous turnaround’ on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’ #FoxBusiness #FoxBusinessTonight

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  1. This is happening because they’re releasing thousands and thousands and thousands of prisoners into society early👎

  2. In the last days will be increased lawlessness, There last days

  3. The reason we don't call 911 around here is simple. If evil shows up at my home, the last thing I'm ever gonna do is call the Devil for help. The police, one and all, are a bunch of idiotic brainwashed thugs and scumbags who believe there is no difference between a mall cop and actual law enforcement which is not present in our nation. Phuc the blue ISIS.

  4. Police are a holes. All they do is cost good citizens money in taxes and fines for minor traffic infractions. Police are a menace to society. They need to fight crime. Real crime. when they get killed, other than costing me money for a damned parade, it save me in tax dollars and fines. I have zero respect for police and wish all ills upon them. They career criminals- liars. Thieves and thugs. When they get killed it's karma for all their bad deeds.

  5. 日本語の字幕を見る事が出来ます――設定―英語― 自動翻訳―――日本語をクリックでOKです。

  6. I find the public behavior terrible. That "teacher" is a disgrace to humanity and to her position.
    She is inappropriate to be in contact with children.
    She is clearly racist.

  7. Just a few dirty Pigs … ya.. keep thinking that..

  8. If trump was president he would be ripped apart and blamed for this. Lefts are a big joke

  9. Sounds like a racist SJW, I meant just a SJW.

  10. Gerry Baker Excellent report.

  11. Jus accept we are racist if they want to That's all to do , What else . what will be will be. It's now or never , stand up now against the wind .

  12. They Don’t Care About “WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE “ They Can Afford To Pay For Private Security with The SALARIES From “WE THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS” . Companies That Makes HUGE PROFITS from “WE THE AMERICAN CONSUMERS”
    Who Buys Their Products.

  13. I hope police turn against escorting these people anywhere, or helping them. Let them pay for protection or get non at all since they want to vilify them.

  14. How about that racism against a Hispanic cop? I hope she gets fired!

  15. scary psycho teacher—she needs to lose her job.

  16. I see the wild west for awhile color against one another once the fall virus gets exposed we start dropping extermination of each other The UN gets call in they will go door to door and will shoot us. New SS
    Have a nice day my fellow Americans.

  17. and then with no police or law and order, the dumb btch will move to our neighbor hood. God help us.

  18. Then the police should not show up to protect these individuals when they contact them. The rest of us respect, and want the police around.

  19. I believe there had to be reform, but it doesn’t mean hate. The education system needs reform but that doesn’t mean hate. The government needs an entire reform from the top to the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc that doesn’t mean hate. It means discussion and compromise.

  20. How many of those cities are run by Democrats? Probably most of them and they have been run into the ground for decades.

  21. Last 20 years Americians have been lied to ,stolen from and we all white and black are left to live in poverty

  22. If she had really said that they wouldn't protect her identity

  23. Owner leaders are cowards they've been teaching this in schools so kids in the cities so they think it's okay 🤔.

  24. I pray that the police abandon the major cities so the corruption can start feeding on itself.Eventually true patriots will purge the nation of the "elitest" like the woman driver.

  25. If you ask the Biden administration or the fake Democratic ran CNN their answer always seems to be it's Trump's fault whatever horrible bad policies they pushed through just blame it on Trump just like the border crisis and clearly happened on biden's watch but it's Trump's fault

  26. I don't feel bad for most police because most of them will continue to be order followers for the politically elite even when it requires breaking their oath to the constitution while simultaneously complaining about all the bad flak that they get.

  27. That teacher thing saying the policeman was a racist, then saying he'll never be white. What?

  28. Turning your backs on police = turning your back on citizens. Starting to make sense yet?

  29. I admire and support our police !!

  30. This lady is totally NUTS !!

  31. Obviously the radical “progressives” ideas DON’T WORK !!

    Didnt Work-THEN WE GOT BIDEN 🙃

  33. That lady was a idiot. The policeman was very calm and quite polite. Lady was opposite of that by far. I give all the credit for putting up with the lady who was a total jerk , idiot.

  34. 95% of police are skills less idiots

  35. Why didn’t you show that b..tch’s face. For all to see that racism is just not white people.

  36. Sad thing is so many outstanding officers, but the cover up the bad apples , the PPA is your issue , they don’t care about any citizens

  37. Releasing the most violent criminals, closing police stations and we wonder why crime has escalated? The illegal 3rd term tyrant king Obama is getting his brown shirt military police! That policeman standing there armed with pencil and pad in hand!

  38. Let police do their jobs defund Biden the clown

  39. It's not gun control we need it's politician control

  40. They curse the police but the police are the ones they call when the SHTF .

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