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US on edge after double massacres in El Paso and Dayton

The USA Today headquarters was evacuated because of reports of a man with a gun but police determined it was a false alarm.




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  1. We should pass a law were a couple of citizens can be armed so we could disarm the shooters

  2. They are only brave with innocents but with the Vietcong they were like a fucking scary barbies!

  3. @ 1:08 that lady on the bench was ready to die

  4. Americans turning into a bunch of pussies!! Lmao. I'm locked loaded and armed I wish to God a crazy motherfucker with a weapon comes to near me. That's the difference between a real man and you betta male Ultra feminized bitches, you fear it I invite it!!

  5. When people start running and screaming, it is difficult no to get spooked! If you don’t live your life, the terrorists win

  6. Are people really this scared like a bitch?

  7. ban all firecrackers first

  8. ..when I walk in The Valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for You are with me..

  9. After the Boxing Day tsunami in Sumatra Indonesia, any rumblings due to truck, helicopter, or plane passing by triggers tsunami-survivor residents to seek shelter, or panic at the least. Parts of US is cleary showing signs of PTSD. I hope the domestic terrors in US de-escalate.

  10. People from the middle East and Latin America are laughing at americans

  11. PTSD is not no joke especially when you get out of prison because all the violence u go through , maybe before u release ex convict send them to get help like mental help. PTSD

  12. DHS staged scripted non event . Didn't happen

  13. When Hodgkinson nearly killed Scalise trying to shoot up the Republican baseball team, not 1 democrat called for gun control.

  14. This is horriblely so sad & what ever happened to peace & love in this world & This hurts everyone & families & children are torn everyday & this is extremely so very sad & no one should have to live like this

  15. lol.  motorcycle backfiring?   what losers.  wow, how ridiculous people are.  Paranoia run amok.

  16. The side effect of terrorism – sad!

  17. fake shooting hysteria! Thanks "WMD" fake news monopoly.

  18. In the past 48hrs, the USA horrifically lost 34 people to mass shootings.
    On average, across any 48hrs, we also lose…
    500 to Medical errors
    300 to the Flu
    250 to Suicide
    200 to Car Accidents
    40 to Homicide via Handgun
    Often our emotions respond more to spectacle than to data.

    -Neil deGrasse Tyson, America's beloved scientist

  19. This is mass panic and people don't understand how dangerous this type of panic is. I've lived in war zones and I'm more scared here in the ”land of the free”.

  20. U.S. is not on edge. Where did you get that, ABC ?

  21. I'm not on edge. The media is a joke.

  22. A couple of years back we were saying the new norm was constant islamic terror attacks. Boy were we wrong.

  23. Sometimes I wonder what people admire about the USA apart from immorality and violence.

  24. Seriously you people need to chill. You are more likely to get killed by a drunk driver then ever be involved in a mass shooting.

  25. It's fault of videogames!! They're so violent, not like the guns we sell to anyone!

  26. Supporters of trump… make sure to be ready to go to HELl

  27. We must love and care for everyone, so that they wil not do any foolish things by killing innocence people.

  28. Americans are cray cray. Just saying

  29. The blood is on YOUR hands MEDIA! For 3 yrs-24/7 its been HATE,RACIST,VIOLENCE! Every hour u have a DEM on yelling racist & blaming Pres. YOU played MAXINE yelling 4 violence NON STOP, your cameras never move off the SQUAD yelling racist,hate. YOU LIE about the BORDER-HOW MANY HAVE TO DIE BEFORE YOU STOP? YOU HV AMER UNDER SEIGE only thing missing in your torture brainwashing is the HOT OVERHEAD LIGHT! You are no longer journalist but activist for Dems. Its a fact YOU are part of the DEEP STATE P Trump is exposing n you need him gone! WHY the media BLACKOUT on Dayton shooter?? Oh yea HE WAS A DEM FAR LEFT supporting COMMIE BERNIE! Avoid that!! YOU & YOUR DEM'S call P TRUMP racist for saying Cumming dist is rat infested. THATS NOT a racist statement and WHERE was you RACIST SLAMMING when 2 yrs ago a documentary was done on HIS dist EXPOSING THE MASSIVE RAT INFESTATION?OH AVOID THAT. ENOUGH MEDIA!!!! Never forget IF ITS NOT TRAGIC ENOUGH CNN WILL STAGE IT-REMEMBER PARKLAND SCHOOL SHOOTING & PARIS TRAGEDY? HOW DISGRACEFUL IT WAS FOR CNN & HATE NEWS IN LESS THAN AN HOUR AFTER SHOOTINGS TO PUT BETO ON TO YELL RACIST, BLAME P TRUMP & USE IT TO GET VOTES WHILE HE SNICKERED! CNN IS A DISGRACE & RATINGS PROVE IT.

  30. Our country is telling itself to stay alert there is Enemies who wish us harm America and Americans need to come together as Family.

  31. Key world Safe ! The nation under fake alarms

  32. Mental health is the issue. Not guns. Never seen a gun get up and start shooting people all by itself.

  33. Oooh you mean this guy Connor Betts who’s obituary has been scrubbed from Google search ? Ooh maybe check out who his parents are too 😂

    All this is is Deep State doing all they can to take away from our President and our President is WINNING on every level. I’ll even bet that FAKE news isn’t reporting the thousands upon thousands that are being arrested for their crimes? How about that ! Now THAT’S a shocker ! NOT 🤣

  34. Safety first.
    I start doing shopping 🛍 early in the morning when all crazy can’t get up from sleep.

  35. so why are guns not banned again?

  36. Too much and someone should sit off some fireworks watch everyone run around crazy

  37. A supra would have done the job

  38. American perspective: these people are crazy how se need to get them help.
    Everybody els: no just make Guns illegal

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