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US reports more than 234,000 COVID-19 deaths | WNT

The U.S. has reported more than 100,000 new virus cases a day for the past two days and hospitalizations are rising in 47 states.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I guess they all were democrats or homosexual or supports abortion, so NOTHING TO FEEL SORRY FOR FOLKS!

  2. Why isn't president BIDEN doing something about it?🤣

  3. My aunt died of lung cancer over three months ago. Death certificate reads cause of death COVID-19. We are trying to get it amended. She had covid antibodies not the virus. These numbers arent entirely accurate. We lose 30,000 to 60,000 people each year during flu season. Since hospitals are incentivised to mark Covid19 on a death certificate, even if its comorbidity, watch the covid19 deaths increase by 30,000 to 60,000 by March 2021.

  4. True story in my family: 1) 2 patients went to govt hospital ER on a weekend (most ran by dems or rhinos) with flu symptoms 2) hospital DID NOT run flu test, blood test, etc .. They are only going to run a covid19 test – period! 3) sent folks home to wait 3 days for results while folks get sicker along with discharge papers noted as "viral infection with testing for covid19" 4) tests returned negative on 3rd day 5) patients, still very sick 103 fever, sees their private physician on 3rd day and doc ran blood test , flu test, and throat culture for strep. 6) one patient had flu and the other patient had strep with a bacterial infection 7) doc treates with antibiotics and patient recovered and the other patient had to wait out flu because Tamiflu med only works in first few days of having flu BUT since hospital didnt test for flu he wasn't treated appropriately in a timely manner 8) hospital bill arrived from ER visits and insurance coded both patients as covid19 as "life and death" coding (which contradicts them sending patients home) AND submitted both patients as a statistic to dept of health and they added to state statistics number which was a lie 9) insurance paid hospital ER for MAX allowable at highest rate 10) govt $$ reimbursements for covid19 care will be sent to hospital in addition to the insurance payment 11) nurses and physicians are not aware of the financial billing and insurance coding that happens on the backend of hospital functions 12) it is sad that the dems are running this show and folks getting sicker because not being tested for flu or anything else! Money dictates and this is nothing but political!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is not a race between Blow Joe and Trump….Its a race between FREEDOM AND SOCIALISM. AND who took billions from china? It wasn't Trump.

  6. The MSM plan was to massively report increasing covid19. How many folks took chinese made flu vaccines pushed on us during Bama administration? Chinese inventory may still be remaining in govt entities (dept of health) etc….especially in Democrat cities. Did the flu vaccine plant c19 to show people positive even though they are asymptomatic IN ORDER for MSM to report rising covid19? It's not too far fetched folks. Why dont we get stats for all that have shown C19 positive have HAD the chinese flu vaccine even as far back as 2015 prior? Remember there were unexplained flu restrains showing up everwhere back then! In other words MANY folks that HAD the chinese flu vaccines and other chinese vaccines were still getting terrible flu symptoms worse than regular flu, tested negative on flu tests, and physicians were boggled about it and told patients they had a restrained flu and worked same way with the viral pneumonia. Both. This started and continued under bamas 2nd term.

  7. America’s death toll from covid -19 is 0.00073 percent of a population of more than 331 million Americans. About 3 million Americans died each year. over 3 million Americans are Born every year. Stop testing the healthy. Just treat those with symptoms

  8. I can't say for sure, but maybe something similar to Mario Volpstein's website exposes the best thing there is to rotating back the hands of time. Maybe try googliing him to see if it could be something that seems reasonable to you personally too.

  9. Well in the bible was written that those were signs that were living at the end of time in Luke 21:11 (says)
    " There will be great earthquakes , and in one place after another food shortages and PESTILENCES;…."
    Pestilences are included different viruses and others deathly diseases….but also we have to be happy because is a sign that soon the Kingdom of Jehovah with his son Jesus are going to replace humans governments to install His righteous one 🙏❣

  10. 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥they already locked DOW EUROPE again they will do it with us SOON is a PLANDEMIC FOR TOTAL CONTROL COMMUNIST SOCIETY.

  11. Don't worry. Sniffy Joe will fix everything.

  12. What are they dying from since the CDC's own documents say they haven't isolated it?

  13. problem is now people are testing positive and not quarantining for 14 days ,they just go on with life cause they have no symptoms .

  14. Psalm 97
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    2 Clouds and darkness are round about him: righteousness and judgment are the habitation of his throne.
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    4 His lightenings enlightened the world: the earth saw, and trembled.
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    12 Rejoice in the Lord, ye righteous; and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.

    5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells
    Find it, understand whats being done to you.

  16. America to Trump: "You're Fired!!!"

  17. These media puppets are begging to die from covid

  18. Can't wait for the media puppets to pay for their crimes

  19. All a bunch of lies. The last two days they said there were 1,000 new infections but no deaths. See, not that serious. Just the international bankers who control the mainstream media trying to finish their setup of the New World Order

  20. 99.7'ers UNITE!
    99.7%'ers UNITE!
    99.7%.. WE ARE LEGION!

  21. Shameful sir just is .
    Nothing else to report?

  22. It's a mild flu , VITAMIN D WILL KILL IT. Wake the f#### UP.

  23. Comuniste envahir amerique et europe =socialiste le tragedie

  24. Si badenelu A merique dechirer par chinois je le dis obliger detruire amerqevpar chinois des truc comuniste jamai aimer Amerique

  25. Lol going crazy over a couple hundred Thousand deaths you people now days are so pathetic

  26. Denmark is going to wipe out all their mink because it muted in them…..So who eats mink?

  27. when are they going to stop spreading lies, lying bastards.

  28. Fake CORONAVIRUS AGENDA stop putting fear into PEOPLE .God in heaven jesus christ is my VACCINE .stop lieing to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Stop LISTENING to these fake media fake doctors .they are all together. Once joe Biden wins the CORONAVIRUS will disappear.

  29. Uh-oh, the virus is getting more scarier

  30. It's just a common cold.stop not visiting the nursing home residents. They are the ones dying , you idiotic gullible mask wearing dupes. Really ? Fukn masks? So dumb. Does nothing to stop a virus. Every eventually gets it. Over half won't even have symptoms. You all act as if something new is going on. And these major news executives are going to jail or will have a lynching

  31. LOL! They keep reporting the increased new cases but no one care anymore. As a matter of fact. I think most at this point are aware that this would happen. The media biases and false reporting has caused as much if not more hatred and lack of trust as for our politicians. I no longer watch this or and other left biased news stations.

  32. Lies. Dying in a car accident comorbid with being diagnosed with covid does not mean you died of covid. I don't know a single person who knows anyone who has died of covid, let alone someone who has died of it. I know a lot of people who have had it, myself included, but not anyone who has actually died. We have been misled. This disease is a political stunt used to drive down the economy and help the establishment regain power, nothing more.

  33. Hope you enjoy ur lockdowns and unemployment biden winners. The US is a new China yayyyyyy. Know you're history or be doomed to repeat it.

  34. 240000 deaths on November 6!

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  37. Why such a low number? I thought this thing was super “deadly” lmao. Not even as bad as the common cold.

  38. Wow that a lot of deaths, I wonder if it will get higher.

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