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US, Russia agree Iran should not have a nuclear weapon

Ebrahim Raisi will most likely be elected as president in Iran’s election on Friday. The majority of Iranians say they won’t vote because moderate candidates were disqualified from the race.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Biden will buy them one.

  2. তরা পাগল

  3. And who decides America and Russia should not have nukes ?

  4. This I can agree on, but Joe Biden is still a joke.

  5. They had no problem with China getting nukes? the US is the only ones that have ever used the bomb, we should not be able to tell anyone what to do.

  6. And yet Burisma Biden is offering Iran a new nuclear deal and wants to send them billions of our tax dollars again just like Obama did…. What a disgrace. Democrats are delusional. Trump was right all along. MAGA!

  7. im as Iranian saying to these fake liberal news,.. the reason we wont vote is not because the moderate candidate are disqualified! we do not have any moderate candidate as US and Britain put these names on them,. the truth is,. THIS BARBARIC REGIME DOESNT REPRESENT IRANIANS democrat party work so hard to keep this regime in power as this regime built by Carter who was democrat too,.. they love Ayatollahs,. but we Iranian people remove this disgusting regime very soon and you democrats will very soon lose your best friends in middle east,…

  8. There are millions who do not want US and Russia to have nuclear weapon so whats the big deal

  9. idk why but i think iran sounds like oran and i say it is iran like i ran a marathon i am being stupid dont mind me lol

  10. So two schmucks that cause a problem can completely ignore the victim of the problem? got It.

  11. The people of Iran are not from Iran but are foreigners that moved on on a power grab and removed many of the native whites or arayans or Iranian.

  12. A little too late for that. Iran would be overrun in a NY minute if the US was sure that Iranians do not possess nuclear weapons.

  13. Hello Soleimani! Remember me?

  14. Eh…judging by the leaked state department emails from a few years ago, this was more about Israel wanting to keep it's nuclear monopoly in the region than anything else.

  15. Ahhhh, DUH! But lets lift sanctions. Seems like a good plan.

  16. It's not our choice what Iran has. Israel has at least 200 warheads and they got them by stealing US tech.

  17. Hmm, this nuclear game is getting stale. Let's just drop one already! (from an unknown country)

  18. زنک کونی…ریدن به پدر شماها اروپاییان و امریکای نجس ،،دزد و بیشرف


  20. if "russia" is the only one who agrees: you're doing it wrong….

  21. Take that hijab off, you are a western woman, presumably a Christian woman, Muslim woman can wear hijabs and burkas in the West, why are westerners the only people that have to be tolerant towards other cultural traditions!

  22. We should build a massive power plant in Africa capable of powering the world essentially

  23. So bejing Biden brokered a deal with premier Putin, to not let the premier's best ally in the region, have weapons that could threaten our allies, in that region. Yea, nobody in the west believes the DNC's bullshit.

  24. Amazing how you can agree on some things! We only have one planet to live on and it must be non-radioactive.

  25. Iran and Russia are two of the countries that attack Israel in the Bible. Pay attention to the times!

  26. They shouldn’t have a government either…

  27. Well Biden is sending them boatloads of tax payer cash so we'll see about that

  28. No,everyone should have weap0ns of mass destruction it's necessary to wipe out the world of people get mad bc I'm a fucking idiot


  30. Sorry Raize..the Iranians don’t get that in 10 minutes they could be leveled to rubble. What keeps them alive is the international community does not want the humanitarian catastrophe of this…it would be horrendous

    But Iran’s strength comes from our mercy, not anyone’s fear..they are not smart enough to know that.

    If they resist the stringency of a full nuclear ☢️ shut down and elimination of their enrichment plants, then rather than the catastrophe, US and Russia should take the Ayatolah out and force a regime change…would be mess and the splinter groups would be everywhere creating chaos

    A coordinated coalition ed nuclear leveling is the only other alternative…

  31. Then neither should they United States or Russia. If Iran shouldn't then nobody should.

  32. Haha you folks don't know how to feel now. Biden agreeing with Putin on something? You're brain short circuits. Go on though, resort to your coping mechanisms "blah blah cant remember blah slow joe" :).

  33. Why is us and russ ions telling someone to "nut". What kind of garbage news is this!

  34. In other news… Israel also believes Iran should not have nuclear weapons…

  35. I'm pretty sure nothing will come of this…….

  36. Any leader that gives your enemies a nuclear weapon is only a friend to those Enemies. the iranians cannot be contained by infidels'' they will use any weapon they obtain and use it against us and Israel they have a religious mandate to kill us why would they listen to us…..

  37. Shouldn’t he be saying that to the Iranians?

  38. "hard-line Muslim cleric" = someone who doesn't tow US line

  39. Only a few people on this planet want to see bombs go off. I hope they that do will find their way off of this planet and leave the rest of us alone. They should be evicted from mother earth for good! They should take their war games to mars.

  40. Who besides Iran disagreed?

  41. Unit they use a nuclear weapon we will not acknowledge they have one

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