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US signs immigration agreement with Guatemala

Acting CBP Mark Morgan on the new U.S. immigration agreement with Guatemala on asylum seekers, immigration reform and the rise in apprehensions at the border and immigration reform.

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  1. Seriously? You people are supposed to have high IQs? You idiots don't even truly know how many are here. Are you blind? And they spread like mustard. Welcome to your new 3rd World. Plus your economy is about to crash.

    Now lets be real about your drug problem. Who supplies your dope?

    This is better than game of thrones.

  2. Send them all back if even if they claimed asylum. Asylum seekers who have been given a court date shout go through the port of entry with some paperwork or fingerprint or wait for a call from the U.S. Aslyum seekers should be jailed if illegal entry occurs to U.S (when they were deported due to claiming aslyum) with a record showing a court date was given.

  3. This is why if I voted it would've voted for Trump before I ever voted for H. Clinton. He's a businessman she's a feministwoman. He's actually smart idk why they call him dumb

  4. This used car salesman forgot his sunglasses. Anybody who believes that Mexico is going to help the United States is either lying or stupid or pandering. They only appear to be helping in the interim because of pressure from the Trump Administration.

  5. Fox out of touch as usual. Migrants aren't taking your jobs, robots are. You have ten years before automation takes 80% of US jobs. Brown people taking your contracting gig is the least of your worries. Time to wake up.

  6. R these the relatives of the native Americans that the europeans forced out after they taught the europeans how to survive in the land they just coming back to claim the land that was theirs before the evil Europeans took it from them and forced them into south America. Evil evil wicked europeans took land from native Americans and killed a lot of Africans. europeans need to go back to to europe.

  7. 18 dislikes obviously don't understand

  8. Thank you TRUMP. Poverty is not, has never been, and never will be grounds for asylum.
    No more catch and release, no more birthright citizenship, no more sanctuary cities.

  9. The United nations is responsible for supporting the caravan to the American border and abandoning the illegal immigrants at the u.s. border.
    Is there an international laws using people as ponds to migrate to a country illegally?

  10. Guatemala needs to build a wall

  11. This is Trumps4 cloud to let people think he did anything good for the country. Nothing but lying to american people to get back there jobs here in the U.S. Good way to make Americans think you elected for the right president. Where the jobs coming back here. Deception

  12. Those water rafts between Guatemala & Mexico are still transporting 'migrants' across the river. Migrants are still paying coyotees, bribes to agents, Mexico's Guard Army, police & bus drivers. The Associated Press getting all these interviews with 'migrants' in the Mexico shelters tell about all the bribes. Stop all that & 2,000+ a day that we knew about will go down even more.

  13. Hate to say it but we should have kept going south after the American Mexico war all the way to Argentina

  14. If people want to come to the U.S. they can do so legally. We need to do a background check and give them a SSN, so they can pay taxes like the rest of us.

  15. The LEFT wants open borders, now just imagine one billion people running towards our borders people. We would be bankrupt, in chaos and run out of jobs and money within no time. BETWEEN AFRICA, S. AMERICA and MEXICO there are over 2 BILLION people. GUESS were they will be running to if the USA had open borders!!!! THIS is the new LEFT, NO COMMON SENSE!

  16. IN the LEFT debates you can truly see the LEFT eating their own, it is hilarious! President Trump is unbelievable how he gets things done with almost everyone going against him day after day!

  17. Give smugglers 3 thousand to 10,000 dollars wow they have more money than most American can come up with!!!

  18. Jesus, this was such a scripted conversation. Absurd.

  19. Why do they come in the first place? Maybe solve that problem.

  20. They need to stay out and we need to send the ones that are here back

  21. Why would they show up no penalty

  22. Dirty Democrats say our country is falling apart because of Trump, so they take a 6 week vacation. The only thing Democrats are really good at is getting their weak minded people to hate.

  23. Don't need any more, thanks for stopping by but america is at capacity. Come back another day.

  24. Let's just give California to Mexico. Problem solved.

  25. Hes mocking the libs trying to get the waves of illegals here! Ha hes like they dont have to travel as far and its safer to just seek asylum there, totally defeating the whole point of flooding this country with democratic votes, the party of the globalist takeover of America!!!

  26. I have a easy solution..just relocate all central Americans into United States..just that you solve the problems..

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