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US, UK to protect shipping through Strait of Hormuz

Fox News’ Rich Edson reports that the U.S. and the U.K. are working together to protect ships that go through the Strait of Hormuz. Brookings Institution’s Michael O’Hanlon on how the U.S. should react to Iran’s recent provocations.

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  1. I'm indonesian …. please dont bother the iranian …. and dont cross their lines !!!

  2. Did she say that a joint "U.S and Britain" naval coalition is isnt good enough? Is she taking bath salts? Improperly? The world's 2 most powerful navys not good enough? Combined their unstoppable, add the French Navy they're certainly invincible. Blow all the Iranians little patrol boats out of the water. Finally a live fire excercise worth watching.

  3. We Don't need anything from the UK. They will never get over the fact that we KICKED THEIR ARSES OUT OF THE U.S. ( The Brookings Institute is totally Corrupt )

  4. Since Germany was invited to Protecting their Oil Tanker's in the safe passage Through the Straits of Hormuz Coalition , Which Germany and France Has Refused ,Why Should Our Own Countries America and Great Britain use our Military To Protect France and Germany Oil Tanker's ?

    Germany and France can Protect their own Oil Tanker's and Assets.

    Once Germany and France lose a few Oil Tanker's to Iran's Regime , Maybe then they will join us in the coalition to give Oil Tanker's Safe Passage in The Straits of Hormuz.

  5. Let Iran continue the pirating of international shipping and US will continue to hold the sanctions. If they actually pirate another British or US merchant ship… retaliation will be appropriate. at that point. No one cares about a bunker barge being seized.

  6. What i dont understand is why all this is happening. Iram is part of the u.n shouldnt wel be on the same team?

  7. UK is as usual under estimating the capacity of Iran. UK should be ready to know that every single ship with UK flag will be seized from Hormuz because UK has crossed the red line first. There is no alternative for Iran.

  8. It’s an act! Trying to lure the Iranian theocratic frauds into making an error in judgement that will mean suicide to their leadership!
    The US ain’t Iraq and you barely survived that
    Primitive event. Now your looking at complete precision
    Attacks on your strategic assets in a way that starves you
    No matter the chaos
    You can create, the long term setback to your bases your oil
    Hardware and your nuclear program will cost you hundreds of years….

  9. Hmmm did you Forget that Israel is with us also do you really think that Israel will back out because Iran is threatening them like usual LMAO.

  10. Typical kraut cowardice, centuries of this crap.

  11. Only protect British and American ships, let the EU protect their own crap.

  12. "So far its just these two guys." Look lady, the US naval force is larger than any 5 countries combined and the Brits have hundreds of years maritime experience before the US even existed. Id say thats a pretty good coalition.

  13. Let England take care of theirs. Forget them.

  14. And T he fox news of full of lies and most they shame for all fake News some punch of stupid try support Trump they don't no what they looking for just following the lies.

  15. Stop this dirty. political game , Because all is about financial. No one care who die or live. All is just game to get control

  16. The United States sold Iraq over $200 million in helicopters, which were used by the Iraqimilitary in the war. … The CIA directed non-U.S. origin hardware to Saddam Hussein'sarmed forces, "to ensure that Iraq had sufficient military weapons, ammunition and vehicles to avoid losing the Iran-Iraq war

  17. The US is the Father of all wars

  18. Anything to keep the rich from paying their own way.
    ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Valero, and Marathon, combined, they earned more than $80 billion in 2007 profits. BP alone earned nearly $20.8 Billion in profit in 2007.
    They need to reimburse the U.S. and British taxpayer for every salary, every meal, every and all costs incurred to protect their fuel of the last century, carried in their super tankers.

  19. I love Pompeo, America Sank a few British ships back in the day.

  20. Can you imagine buttigieg or Harris or a pedophile handling this situation.

  21. What happened to EU partnership coming to each member's aid? Can rely on US as usual.

  22. If Iran starts war with the US I would put all my doubts aside for joining the Marines and join the next hour. I already want to join and have some legal stuff I need to clear up first. But I’m not standing-by while another terrorist group tries to make an uprising.

  23. The 2 countries who ENDED piracey and slavery….V the champion of slavery and piracy..

  24. Coalition lmao ….somebody forgot to tell U.K. this isn’t 19th century British empire

  25. Guess Iran and Pakistan should protect shipping through Boston harbor or Chinese should stop their annual war games near the Golden Gate Bridge …..

  26. Sad am Hussein was keeping this Evil under control believe it or not!!!…

  27. 0:04 The look on pompeos face screams "Look at that I can do my job! Yay for white people!"

  28. Bernie Sanders and Medicare for All in 2020. Before the UK joins Iran in ensuring stability in the Middle East (because Trump just can't do that).

  29. We need to start picking off iran's ships at every opportunity.

  30. Iran was on their heels due to sanctions when B.H.O. lifted those sanctions and gave them tons of cash. SHAME ON HIM. Now the Trump administration is having to recover from another Obama/Biden foreign policy screw up!



  33. lol usa to UK yous have to look after your own ships 1 week after the uk usa are alis hahahhaha

  34. they wouldn't stand a chance.
    we wouldn't even have to put troops on the ground.

  35. Let's send Trump over there. He can stand in a boat hugging an American flag.

  36. If they do defeat Irans regime I hope they can then team up with them and do something about the Iranian government.

  37. $$ must be Charged to Every Vessel that is Escorted > US, UK to protect shipping through Strait of Hormuz

  38. Damnit no more expensive proxy conflicts can the USA just keep our big fat pelvis out of the legs of the world, save the money for building public housing shelters with mental health and physiologic health facilities built in, to clean up the homeless population of our American brother and sister, who should not have ever had to live in the uncompassionate condition that they do, it's a national disgrace.

  39. And there is Putin again supporting the terror of slavery, communism visiting Islam, N Korea, China, and the tyrannical Meduro in Venezuela…1:27 Yet the idiot Democrats are still attempting to tie Trump to the communist dictator Putin.

  40. ummm… THERE HAS ALWAYS BEEN SECURITY IN THE STRAIT OF HORMUZ… nothing new… headline should read "continued"

  41. I’ll keep posting comments even though YouTube shadowbanned me. Goggle is a tyrannical company and deserves to go bankrupt.

  42. Well Russia announced they will join the fray and China will probably follow suit. Can't have The American and British "Buccaneers" rule the oil highway roost. Where is captain Jack Sparrow when we need him? To upset the apple cart of the game of world domination.

  43. As long as my ROMs are safe the world is a little better 🙌

  44. Arrrrrrrr! No one gets me Crabby Patty formular!!!

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