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VALENTINES DATE NIGHT OUTFIT IDEAS // #SpeedStyling // Fashion Mumblr

I try my hand at Speed Styling to show you 6 Valentines Date Night Outfit Ideas!
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❤ FEATURED in this video

Worn Throughout;

White Bra –
Moon Necklace –
Gold Bracelet –

– Look One
Navy Skirt –
White Blouse –
White Pearl Mules –
White Lion Bag –

– Look Two
Pink Suede Skirt –
Brown OTK Boots –
Pink Fur Collar Coat –
Pearl Bag – (sold out, similar - )

– Look Three
White Wool Skirt –
Pink Blouse –
Bow Flat Shoes –
Pale Pink Wrap Coat – sold out but similar –
Mini Pink Bag –

– Look Four
Cream Trousers –
Pink Jumper –
Grey Mules –
Pink Coat –
Grey Chloe Bag –
Pearl Hair –

– Look Five
– Satin Slip Dress –
– WhiteJumper –
– Gold Shoes –
– Heart Strathberry Bag –
– Biscuit Wool Coat –

– Look Six
Red Dress –

IGTV hair tutorial –

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❤ I use this camera for the *pro* looking shots –


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  1. is the quality of that French Connection dress?

  2. I was hoping she wore that slip dress by itself. I was like, yesssss Josie get sexy!

  3. I absolutely love the music in this video !!! All the usual blogger video music I find really annoying…

  4. I loved it! This was very classy, very stylish, very elegant! Thank You! PS I know I’m late to the party lol! Still trying to catch up on videos/vlogs.

  5. Don't care that she changes in front of the camera. It's normalised these days. However her style always bewilders me. After finding out she's younger than expected I don't understand why she dresses like a middle aged woman. I bet she starts dressing like she's in her 20s when she gets to her 40s. She also seems like a really annoying person to know. This type of brit accent gives me a headache.

  6. The red looked beautiful on you! Color brings out your blond.

  7. I love your video the red dress is beautiful I live in Jamaica and would wear it now and the white pants wow prefect.

  8. Josie I love them all .You look so beautiful in every outfit . You wear them so well. I love the bra let I must look into buying one of these. have a lovely day! ( Judy )

  9. Josie you and Freddy my love could pass as sisters! ❤️

  10. What happened to the word “privacy”? This video was wrong on so many levels ! I have no words for it . It would have been appropriate for your fiancé . In this social media era people really have lost touch with reality .

  11. You always put gorgeous outfits together 😉

  12. I love this form of video—- too, too cute! These outfits are super romantic. Your hair looks amazing, love the “blow dry” look. I’m always afraid to put cream and white together. You pull it off so effortlessly! Thanks for the outfit inspiration! ❤️

  13. Love this way to show the outfit ideas, so practical, so forward!! Please do more videos like that, you have a wonderful taste for dressing!!

  14. My favorite looks are 1, 4 (maybe because the shoes)☺️ also the burgundy dress looks amazing on you! 🥰

  15. It's ridiculous that people are accusing Josie of doing an exact copy of Niki Sky's Valentine video. Was Josie inspired by that video? Maybe? Did she record and upload exactly what Niki Sky did? Absolutely not. Not even close!

    I think some people need to go back to preschool and play the picture game where you have to compare two pictures and figure out what the differences are between them. Also they could go back to preschool and learn some basic manners? An example being, don't accuse people of plagiarism when you don't understand the definition of plagiarism?

  16. I really loved this ! Please do more videos like this ; )

  17. I have to say, I’m a little put off by all of the people commenting on the fact that Josie showed her underwear and telling her to “keep it classy.” I thought this video was as lovely and classy as any of her others. First of all, nothing about her underwear was offensive or terribly revealing, and it was actually quite a beautiful set. Second, she clearly wasn’t doing it to be showy or sexy (although if she had, she would have every right to). She kept herself mostly covered a lot of the time, but the point of speed styling is to watch the process of her actually changing and styling all of the pieces, how she layers them, etc. I enjoyed this video a ton, and I truly don’t think she should be criticized for the way she chose to put it together. It’s 2019, shaming women for showing their bodies is no longer okay in my opinion. These silly things will only bother you if you let them. 🙂

    Lots of love Josie, continue doing what you’re doing! Wonderful video as always💖

  18. Hello Josie, super cute lookbook but I was unable to find the trousers I believe of look 3. Please repost.

  19. That Red dress looked amazing on you!!!

  20. WOW I love this 😘 thank u..

  21. Thank you very inspiring. Love the fashion.

  22. Spectacular! Being my MUSE, has changed my life in a very positive way. There is nothing you have done or could do at this point to make me think anyway but…You are perfection! Thanks Josie.

  23. Would wear look number 4 sans the coat because it is forever summer here in the Philippines and a pair of white sneakers would be nice. 😍

  24. Love your videos! What is the music in the beginning of this video?

  25. Ooooh and the bralette is so so pretty. Is it Victoria’s Secret?

  26. Ich liebe deine Videos. Dein Style ist so inspirierend, elegant und feminin. Eine der besten Fashionyoutuber. ❤

  27. I don't see what the big deal about her showing us her underwear is. It helps me to know which bras she is wearing with what shirts/dresses/tops actually, so these passive aggressive comments under the guise of "not wanting to offend" and "being polite" which still find a way then to air their unsolicited opinions are just annoying. It's like saying, "No offence BUT…" – let's be real, everything after the "but" WILL be offensive. And deep down you know it will be offensive, hence the preface. So let's leave her alone to do her thing, and the people who don't like it can get over it.

  28. Your hair is beyond amazing. Cut, Color and that blow dry on point, best ever

  29. Have enjoyed your videos for sometime because of the class. Sorry to see you turning yourself into another panty girl😥 Unsubscribing.

  30. Josie, thank you for the inspiration! I like this style of video!

  31. Great video! Can I have the name of this song?

  32. Look no 4 is Mu favourit…😍😍

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