Wednesday , June 23 2021
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Varney: 2020 Dems are running against prosperity

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney’s take on President Trump’s economy and how Democrats can’t run against this success.

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  1. The Democrats I mean the lizards you're not going to win nothing.

  2. The Millenials are going to be the core of votes in 10-20 years….ouch!

  3. What a Sorry Bunch Going against the USA and the People !!!!!

  4. I noticed democrats never stand on an issue. They just talk negative about President Donald Trump. People who vote against the republicans are for a socialist government. It’s way to serious of an issue to achieve enjoyment from an I told you so.

  5. They'll be running for cover when barr's statement comes out.. lol. 😜👍

  6. The Do Nothing Democrats hate people who do something (e.g., workers, business owners, risk takers, the evil private sector, etc).

  7. Donald Trump 2020 ! But do not believe the liberal far-left Democrat BS

  8. Democrats are so hypocritical. They want to keep the poor poor. If you vote Democrat you need a brain implant

  9. Rag tag lunatic fringe, they have no plan no solution, they just hate the Republicans.

  10. Your take is also my take 👌

  11. The Federal Reserve Bank is crushing Trump's economy with high interest rates.

  12. As always, how do you argue with Varney? oh, yes, ask o'crazio cortez to cry with FAKE tears AGAIN. keep it coming Stu. Love your show.

  13. The socialist agenda to destroyed prosperity started with the Hussain administration, Hussain did work hard to take down Mr D.J.T

  14. show us the people with the money !!

  15. The Dems will do every thing that they can to damage the economy before the election. Casting doubt on Trump and holding back the economy is their agenda now.

  16. I doubt they mention the lowest ever black unemployment rate ever
    I doubt they mention the lowest ever
    Hispanic unemployment rate ever
    I doubt they mention the lowest ever
    Women unemployment rate ever

  17. I’m dying to see what’s gonna look like after Election Day!!No matter who becomes president of USA!!More and more tensions from both sides of peoples .This is not good at all for this country!!Both parties becomes so racial on their point of politics and No solutions or trying to agree on something!!What about him/her?what about this and that and Why didn’t or why don’t you??Questions and Questions.,,

  18. You stamp your feet and Oh I just can't stand him. Mister ya nearly had me fall out of my chair laughing 😂. And perfect description of the Dems too!

  19. Take your guns, increase your taxes, incorporate a “carbon tax” and make the cost of beef too expensive for the working class to afford. Bologna sandwiches and bath-tub Gin for all, except for those in congress …!

    Cheers – to the fools that support communist democrats !

  20. Does anyone know a link to watch last nights full debate i had to work and i want to watch it… Plz and thank you

  21. The Democrats aren't speaking for Americans when it comes to income inequality. They're referring to pandering for their illegal immigrants to prosper so that they can gain more votes.

  22. The corrupt Democrats are running against America because they sold out to China years ago, Trumps chopping down their corrupt money tree. They love the smell of the all mighty Renminbi.

  23. If Democrats are going to vote vote for Abby gibber if I am saying her name right.

  24. Still trump,the bests of the best in USA. The best in the whole world,CCP is losers.

  25. It’s past the damnacraps time, they’re history, face it-the dams day is way past over, its time they were put to rest and a new better second party rose to the forefront. Illegal unAmerican damnacratic treasonous selfish lucre ridden traitors belong in Gitmo.

  26. Yes, the dems have a better replacement for prosperity and they want your vote. Who wants prosperity? To hell with that!

  27. Yang will give middle class people $1000 every month that will help the local economies tremendously & help people with their day to day lives, the rest of the democrats do indeed suck. Yang 2020

  28. I’m betting the 2020 presidential election will have the biggest voter turn out in history and Trump will win his 2nd term!! 👍🏼🇺🇸

  29. I can see it now; the Left wing media, spouting doom and gloom the economy on CNN, MSMBC and the like for the next few month.

  30. My service dog has a greater intellect than every single one of these Socialists begging for the nomination. I am still holding out hope that Howard Schultz runs as an independent candidate.

  31. The Demon's no longer recognize Our American Flag— Not a Flag in Sight with the Commie-Demons.

  32. I guess it is time to short the market.

  33. Their power grab attempt will not be tolerated.

  34. Mr. Varney – thank you for telling the truth – American's need to know. If only the MSM would do the same.


  36. In a nutshell, Democrats thriving in going against prosperity to all Americans but only going for prosperity in their own pockets.

  37. Very remarkable. Now I can buy a new car.

  38. heres how it goes..trump loses the election even though everyone votes for him..the corrupt left rigs the election and the republicans talk about it for 2 weeks n u never hear about it again..then…the world goes to hell!! all because noone would stand up!

  39. The last thing they want is for us to be prosperous,free and armed ! This is obvious ! So in their failed attempts to steal the presidency and our tax dollars they will start a war of biblical proportions !

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