Thursday , November 26 2020
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Varney: Alec Baldwin identifies the American dream stood on its head

Stuart Varney agrees with actor Alec Baldwin on the demonization of wealth. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Hey I thought I was the leader on impeachment the idiot in chief

  2. The “Do Nothing Democrats” persistently resist Making America Great Again. Why do they want America to fail?

  3. BREAKING NEWS: Blind squirrel finds nut!

  4. Ok, Fox News is an agent of the war of the rich against the poor! The poor are poor because they trust Fox News!

  5. Funny how you have Alac who's clearly a Fredo Follower and his Smart Bother Billy Supports Trump!!!!

  6. Baldwin is sleaze ..always has been . Just like dinero. Any other country and they would be the one on the streets.

  7. I have so much respect for a man who blows up at his daughter and calls her a pig.

  8. Alec is an enemy of the American people. He was a smart guy years ago but he got rich and arrogant and lazy minded.

  9. Shocking Alec could make an intelligent statement! Usually he just rants stupidly!

  10. Alec has bad record. He was booked and charged in NY for beating a guy because of parking lot. He has bad temper. Wish someone can act out his character and see how he feel to be make fun, joke. He is big jerk.

  11. Just another hollywood punk flapping his yap…
    I stopped watching any movie or tv with him and his ilk in it..
    Boycotted chinese products..

  12. Abuse of that money needs jailing, those that pander to Chinese dictators to make more money they need to go to jail

  13. Varney, the rules are WRONG! The mixture of banking with speculation have caused the massive wealth inequality!

  14. Alex who thought that up for you

  15. If your no relevent anymore yeah the simplest thing to do is reflecting upon others like alec baldwin and so many other soja hollywoke clowns!

  16. Alex Bladwin is the last person in line to give advice


  18. There is not much time left – EAT THE RICH!

  19. Baldwin is hilarious at playing Trump.


  21. There was never an American dream, it was always a delusion.

  22. He and his kind are constantly waving their Affirmative Action degrees at Americans ,calling us every manner of vile things ,claiming to be our Moral and Intellectual Superiors.,Now we know the Truth…Theyve Earned NOTHING ,but our Scorn and Contempt….I hope they ALL Rot in Jail or Hell…

  23. Screw the UnAmerican ,self serving POS…Hope his liver bursts from too much Alcohol…..

  24. You are the most disgusting of the Hollywood disgustings. I think you are the one that should be doing time.

  25. But Trumps wealthy has Alec no compassion for his fellow rich men?

  26. Baldwin is an idiot, and a coward. He doesn't like it, who cares.

  27. That’s liberal logic for you..

  28. What a bunch of Fox News swallowing morons.
    PENCE (and Mother) 2020!!

  29. Hey Alec shut up, you wife beater goof!

  30. alec, practice You're own dream, use You're own money and assets for the "takers" in Society. President Trump ain't stopping You

  31. those lunatic candidates are turning off more than rich people. No one over 40 with a brain in their head s going to vote for a socialist.

  32. We all know Alec Baldwin spent a lot of time at the Epstein property

  33. No middleclass pay 15 % why cant rich pay the same? Why fool your viewers? No difference you make 100 thousand or a million pay same percent in taxes. Whats the problem?

  34. The top one percent of the usual income distribution holds over $25 trillion in wealth, which exceeds the wealth of the bottom 80 percent. That is more than all the goods and services produced in the U.S. economy in 2018.

  35. im not even joking….
    send all of these out of touch extremists to California. send the homeless refugees to Minneapolis Divide California nto 5 provinces and fence them in appoint 5 legally unregistered seudo citizens to Governorship. bring the train to DC (a gift for Trump) stop federal funding. send in FBI to enforce every federal law on the books.
    my family left San Louis a beautiful place in 1989 even as a child I knew it was doomed. THANK YOU GRANDPA ❤️

  36. He is a wealthy person who's opinion means absolutely nothing.

  37. Baldwin is a douch bag🤮💩

  38. The simple fact is most Americans just want the Trump nightmare to end

  39. Why isnt Fox talking about El Chappo Guzsman son being caught by Mexican gov, Well they did and then the cartel killed 15 police officers then the Gov let Chappos son go. Mexico needs to call Trump to come in and clean the garbage out here in Mexico

  40. Baldwin the name was an ancient defender of the holy a different time on earth. What happened..was it the coins

  41. Hey Alec, it's your Dems and liberals that feel this way and yet that's whose butt you suck on.

  42. The race to the bottom is accelerating

  43. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.
    Baldwin and DeNiro are the two most rank leftist Marxist hacks in Hollywood. I refuse to watch any movies they are in anymore. And they are in some of my all time favorites, The Hunt for Red October, The Godfather II, Taxi Driver and more but I have given them up. I won’t support their careers anymore.

  44. The irony is that Baldwin and others are millionaires living the best life possible while criticizing millionaires.

  45. The Left are communists. Very dangerous.

  46. I've disliked this guy all along, from the day he threatened a free lance photographer waiting outside his home right up to the time he called his pre-adolescent daughter a little pig on her voice mail because she wasn't returning his calls.

  47. If il Donny wips it out Dobbs, Hannity and Carlson would all fight over it ! The Evangelical Christian Republican that has 5 kids with 3 different women is our Moral leader ? The Reality TV star is the chosen one !! (just ask him)

  48. Perfect examples of Trump cultists

  49. I love seeing the left eat itself, they have created this monster.

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