Saturday , November 28 2020
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Varney: Anxiety mounts among 2020 Democratic candidates

Stuart Varney’s take on Joe Biden and the other 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls.

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  1. Dems are a mess because they have committed CRIMES of office against Every Single AMERICAN CITIZEN. You can't violate your oaths of office and then expect the People to VOTE for you!!
    Only ONE Candidate stands by the American People: DONALD JOHN TRUMP!!

  2. all the dems our awfull get ride of them all

  3. The Whole Lying Wolf Pack are still Do Nothing Democrats Not a Chance

  4. There was a report saying, Bon Jovi raised a million for Biden.

  5. Does Elizabeth Warren only have one pair of black pants and one black T-shirt?

  6. To be honest we would never vote for anyone of the demorats . We will keep our great President.

  7. Bernie has one foot in the grave, Joe Biden shaking down countries for millions for his crack head son, Warren socialist…good luck.


  9. Monday Morning DUMDEM MESS?? HOw about TUESDAY, WED, THURS, FRI etc and 2019, 2018, 2017…etc. ALWAYS HAVE BEEN A MESS!

  10. Very possibly Biden will remain as a front-runner and will take warren or harris as a VP nom

  11. Biden do not keep all that cash in the family share it with your fiends don’t be chip give to the homeless

  12. God Bless President Trump!!❤😇 President Trump 2020!!❤😇🇵🇾

  13. The only Thing that they can do is try to Impeachment ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  14. By design so HRC can swoop in to save the day! Without primary campaigning because Bernie is still healthier than her after his heart attack.

  15. The Democrats have NOTHING to offer this country. All they have done is attack Trump since POTUS won the presidency . They are like rabid animals. They disgust me. They are the reason I left the Democrat party . They accuse Trump and his base of racism when they are the racist. I have never seen so much hate come from the democrat left. The Media has been So biased and hell bent on portraying Trump as evil and crooked and against him from day one. This president never stood a chance from the moment he announced he was running for president. They've been on a mission to get rid of him from day one creating LIE after LIE !!! There has always been an agenda against this man and whoever can't see it must be blind.These democrats of today want open borders and Socialism and WE WON"T stand for that EVER !!!!!!

  16. I'm from Australia & I'm fascinated just what goes on in the USA when you guys finally get the President you want & indeed deserve. The Democrats, like Labor here in Oz, are an absolutely lost cause & I'm wondering just what a landslide the 2020 election will be & what happens with the media when Trump wins again.

  17. Andrew Yang will win the nomination.

  18. Not one can beat Trump especially the fool booker

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