Varney: Hillary Clinton 'personally approved' the Russia hoax

‘Varney & Co.’ host Stuart Varney discusses the Russia hoax in his latest ‘My Take.’

STUART VARNEY: “It took six years, but now we know the truth about the Russia hoax.
Don’t be confused with all the names, and who said what to who. Enough with the evasions.

The truth came out in Federal court Friday: Hillary Clinton personally approved the plan to spread the totally fake news of the Trump/Russia/Alpha Bank collusion. The campaign knew it was fake. But they slimed Trump anyway because they hated him. And so did the media. To this day, the media runs full tilt with anything that can be construed as negative for Trump.
Hillary’s disinformation campaign, and that’s exactly what it was, distracted the country for years. Think how much time and energy were wasted by Democrats who couldn’t accept that Trump won and Hillary lost. What’s the rest of the world supposed to think, seeing America turn on itself? A Presidential candidate who thinks tens of millions of Americans are ‘deplorables!’

Within hours of the truth emerging in Federal court, Donald Trump responded.

He said it’s ‘one of the greatest scandals in political history.’ He’s right.

He also said:

‘Where do I get my reputation back?’

Another good question.”

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  1. Prison for THE PANTSUIT PIG!!!!

  2. School shooting distraction from this

  3. So when does she get jail time?

  4. This is the true face of democracy. This is when objectionable people and entire countries brazenly pour lies. Dear US citizens, do you want to live in such a country? You do not want? And you have to, because nothing will change in this regard for you. They lied to you, they lie and they will lie to you completely turning you into weak-willed and silent sheep.

  5. Big nothing burger folks,the democRATS WILL SEE TO IT THAT SHE WILL NOT SEE JAIL TIME .

  6. Everything they told us Trump was doing, Hillary was the one doing it. The Russian disinformation was from Hillary.

  7. He could file a defamation lawsuit, right? Or something along those lines?

  8. Jail time is my vote and put trump back in office. Jail for all of them Nancy and. Chuck and Adam .Biden and his son

  9. Hillary was a great admirer and believer Saul Alinsky


  11. And she should go to Jail for it.

  12. Lying and promoting falsehoods is nothing new for people in power regardless of party affiliation.

  13. Global socialists hated the loss.

  14. Six years…to prove what we allready knew.

  15. Why hasn't national security advisor jake sullivan been removed from his post yet?
    He also tweeted the same information that hillary did, he was in on it.
    where is chucky schumer and how come he hasn't demanded that he be fired?

  16. Another False News suckass

  17. The American people will remember this in 2024. If there is one thing that miss most American people do well is to make wrongs into rights.

  18. I once have believed the US election fair and square!! But now it is not better than China or Cuba elections at all.. Shame on you USA!!

  19. dems are always denying and blaming…what are we waiting for…until the U.S. is destroyed…then it's too late…enough with lip service.

  20. Of course she did it, everyone has known it for years, including FBI/DOJ. Nothing will happen because the only people that can do something were in on the whole thing! 😢. If anyone was going to be held accountable , it would have happened a long time ago.

  21. Well, who is going to do anything about it? Nobody . Just a joke court system. Money being payed to everyone to brush it all away

  22. finally ,media catching up …
    When will Justice be served ?
    The FBI should be dismantled …
    Hillary should be prosecuted to the fullest extent…
    The reason everyone wanted Trump out is he was
    Hip to the corruption that for some reason you are just now seeing .

  23. I find it funny that the republican terrorist cult is still trying to get out from under their own problems by blaming Hillary. If memory serves me, there wasn't a single democrat in charge of anything during the Mueller investigation and yet 34 people were indicted and/or sent to prison for their parts in the russia election meddling issue. Sessions, Mueller, Wray, Comey and Rosenstein were all republicans and what they found told a different story than what you see on right wing propaganda news today. One more time, the GOP shoots itself in the head and then blames democrats for loading the gun.

  24. When you tell trump not to focus on 2020 you are either an idiot, controlled opposition, or you're in on the theft. Either way you aren't to be trusted and you're not a friend of this republic.

  25. We, Americans, LIVED this nightmare over these last 6 years and agonized over the deceit and vitriol. God bless all who are bringing these characters to justice.

    VARNEY!!!! You are a commie useful idiot!!!!

  27. ⚠️ 2000 MULES ⚠️

  28. hey numbnuts, don't lecture Trump on what the people want. He is very well aware.

  29. Of course we knew from the start
    it was completely fake.

  30. Still searching the NYT to see any references to this trial!! It must not exist. Maybe they will acknowledge it in another 6 years

  31. Ok, but who will get charged and jailed really? The Fed's were compliant. We have the most hideous corrupt creatures in DC that absolutely hate anyone remotely republican. So who exactly is going to pay? The media? nope, The Clintons nope, the Feds nope. I wish we literally could sue them all for their lies and corruption to the American people. Take their wealth. But honestly, probably nothing will happen.

  32. Poor America, into what hands you have fallen…

  33. Same thing she did to Gabbard