Thursday , August 11 2022

Varney: July 4th travel weekend not looking good

FOX Business host Stuart Varney discusses chaos at the airports during his ‘My Take.’

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  1. The government yelling at the airline industry. You don't think their problems are mostly caused by your policies.

  2. When they go bankrupt no bailouts for any Corporations

  3. now they are screwing with Americas Independence

  4. The dizzy country commonly work because sister-in-law ironically perform like a cluttered queen. cloudy, lowly staircase

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  6. When i was so down financially i thought i won't be able to settle my debt and bills all thanks to this link named above ✌️✌️✌️ he generated 3btc into my wallet without any complaint or errors

  7. Secretary of transportation Pete Bootyplug 😂😂🤣😅👎

  8. Increase retirement age for pilots to 70. We need their skills and knowledge.

  9. oh most of us are not vaccinated any way! Stay safe.

  10. amazing, a pilot flying a plane with a few hundred passengers can't pilot the plane after 65, but we can have a senile 80 year old in control of one of the world most powerful military's on the planet

  11. They don't care about the plebes Stu.

  12. As Pres. Bill Clinton famously said, "It's the economy, stupid!" Too bad this Administration has forgotten his words!

  13. The credit cards are getting maxed out..

  14. Happy days are here again

  15. Going to plan, climate wokists are winning

  16. Oreo milks favorite cookie

  17. He nailed it about the vaccine, that's a big reason for all the air traffic problems.

  18. Can't fly a plane after 65 but can run a country till 100

  19. Time to renew the backyard BBQ, no need to travel, COVID proved that, make a neighborhood party

  20. Pete buttygig just sucking,,,,,, uh air

  21. What I hear is watch out from June 30th to July 6th, not going to be pretty .

  22. I find this hilarious. I have not set foot inside an airport since 1988. Yet I have been able to travel anywhere I want my car to take me. The rest of the world is not appealing to me. And I am not at the mercy of others.

  23. Go woke go broke fly Southwest the rest of the airlines are a bunch of idiots

  24. Sounds like a poor man's Russia in the 80's… The most popular president in history really delivered for you. Good luck climatising to the socialist state. Mandatory copies of "Das Capital" will be like mandatory vaccines… most will comply in homes everywhere so you don't get fired.

  25. Hypocrisy abounds. “My body my choice” was ignored and abandoned with vaccines but now that Roe is at stake, all these same people who were fine with deciding my medical decisions are now screaming foul play.
    I hope their flights are canceled.

  26. Maybe you can use the 16 cents Brandon saved you last 4th of july. What a joke we are to the world now.

  27. Problem with TSA hiring process is how long it takes from application, to test, to interview. I applied and six months later I got invite to sit for test. I took test and never heard back. Thought that I might have failed it. A year later I got email for invite to interview for position. I couldn't believe it. I decided they must not be hurting so bad if it takes year and half to get interview. Thankfully I had other job and decided to stick with other job since got to see how slow things process in TSA. And as former post office employee I thought nothing would be as bad as post office. They need to just fire everyone and start over.

  28. Thanks Biden. Is there ANYTHING you haven't screwed up? How can ANY President take a country down as fast as Biden is doing. HOW?

  29. Stay home. Grill some burgers. Play with the dog.