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Varney rips Ben & Jerry’s over Israel boycott: 'What a cheap shot!'

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney reacts to the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company’s boycott of Israel. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Fk Israel and AIPAC… the enemy within !

  2. Hallelujah 🇺🇸 🇮🇱❤️

  3. I have never tried Ben & Jerry's. Sounds like a religious cult!

  4. Ben and Jerry's is too expensive anyhow- not worth it even more now that they pulled this stunt!! They lost my business and I really loved their Cherry Garcia. I stand with Israel !! FU Ben and Jerry!! I hope your business loses $$.

  5. Well, guess I will not buy Ben's and Jerry's ice cream, have been buying when can not find my flavor in another brand. Guess I could make my own. I believe they should just sale ice cream and shut up.

  6. If you eat Ben & Jerry's you support Palestinian genocide

  7. You see that guy filmed in a drug store in NYC injecting with a syringe human faecal matter into a cardboard punnet of B&Js Ice cream. How disgusting is that ! not buying that again.

  8. Ben & Jerry ice Cream is nothing but a guilty pleasure for most people. Their products are some of the most unhealthiest things in the supermarket, full of sugar and fat. I am surprised a company that sells frozen diabetes and heart disease suddenly care about its customers. One more brand onto my list of never-buy. I don' know what they are teaching at MBA schools but why can't business just stay out of politics and focus on delivering products.

  9. Great product, will taste better now I know this.

  10. Shouldn't you be focusing on isreali Spying Tools used on Americans?


  12. Huh
    That’s it I’m not buying Ben & Gerry’s
    As the matter of fact I’ll go throw their ice cream in the garbage now!!


  14. Would rather eat crap than buy Ben and Jerrys ice cream,dont buy it dont support these socalists dogs.

  15. Vermonter here. Used to be so proud of them. Went too far long ago. PS: Now owned by Unilever.

  16. love the whataboutisms. Nothing controversial about this. These are illegal settlements under United States law. They are still selling their ice cream in Israel, just not the illegally occupied territories. BTW did you also cover project pegasus this week Stuart? You know, that story that Israel was caught red handed selling spyware to dictators all around the world and infecting phones all over the world gaining complete access to peoples phones? Turning your camera and microphone on to spy on you. Biggest scandal since the NSA spying and probably worse. I bet you forgot to tell your viewers about that conveniently. Strange.

  17. Oh yes Israel the only democracy in the Middle East that loves killing innocent children.

  18. Don't need Ben and Jerry's liberal flavored ice cream in my freezer.

  19. Boycott Ben and Jerry's

  20. Great job Ben n Jerrys Sales are going to boom!
    Stocking up on Ben n Jerrys. Tastes even better without the illegal occupation taste!

  21. Hopefully with all the billions we give them each year they will be able to make their own ice cream. You guys really need to look up the words israel and racist on sites that are not controlled by certain ppl. Try Bit chute out. Lets just say if you are not one of them you will have a hard time over there no matter what color you are but more so if you are of different complexion. I think they have to trace your heritage back a thousand years just to marry over there.

  22. no more ice cream from them ,idealism straight from hell, just what the devil order, all Israel wants is to be left alone

  23. I have boycotted that ice cream for many years and so have around 20 people in my family…. We do not buy stuff made by commies !!

  24. B&J has been inedible and disgusting for years. 3 years ago, while in Israel, I enjoyed Pistachio MAGNUM bars. Sorry we don't have them in the states.

  25. Boycott Israel let's goooooo 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

  26. Boycott Selling ice cream to Israel. Well done Ben and Jerry ❤️

  27. Excellent!! Spot on! Boycott Ben & Jerry’s

  28. hypocritical, self-righteous, virtue signaling -In April 2011, Unilever was fined €104 million by the European Commission for establishing a price-fixing cartel for washing powder in Europe, along with Procter & Gamble and Henkel.

  29. We switched to Prairie Farms. Ben and Jerry's is too left.

  30. Let’s spend those billions on a free two year North Korean vacation for the ‘disgruntled’ types.

  31. "If I don't eat your ice cream. Someone else is going to eat it."
    -Yakub the Israeli settler.

  32. Cancelling Ben and Jerry's? Right Wing hypocrisy. But keep giving Israel our tax money.

  33. Won't be buying their ice cream ever again Also i will be telling everyone i no about this.


  35. NOT happy with b&j. Will boyvott them.😤

  36. Crappy Ice Cream anyway. I doubt the Israelis care.


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